Sticks and Stones

by Pat Tarzwell  •  Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones

2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

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2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA 2016 Pledge Drive for FRAXA

It Doesn’t Take a Saint

by Kung Fu Zu • Sometimes saints wear bowling shoes

It Doesn’t Take a Saint It Doesn’t Take a Saint

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The Ministry of Grievances

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The Ministry of Grievances The Ministry of Grievances

The Schizophrenic’s Recitation

FalseProphetby Glenn Fairman
Fourteen centuries past, in a cramped 12 x 5 foot cave known as Hira on a mountain called Jabar-al-Nour on the outskirts of Mecca, it is said that a young illiterate orphan prone to epileptic fits from his youth beheld an angel named Gabril hovering over his paralyzed body. It was here that the young man received the beginnings of the “recitation:” the Qur’an. More » • (2009 views)

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Movie Review: Gravity

GravityThumbby Faba Calculo
Some years ago, I had the personal misfortune to decide to walk into a film that people had been raving about with no real information concerning it of my own, under the theory that “I just wanted to be surprised.” Well, I was, because the movie was Synecdoche, New York, and if nothing else in the universe can convince you that existence is meaningless, that movie just might do the trick. More » • (1388 views)

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Concerning Shutdowns and Government Glitches

ShutdownThumb3by Timothy Lane
The government partial shutdown is a consequence of the conservative determination to block Obamacare to whatever extent they can, and the liberal determination to maintain it in full (no matter what problems they themselves admit there are). More » • (867 views)

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We really don’t care “whose shirt you wear”

ShutdownThumb3by Geoph2
I wish more Conservatives, or even Republicans, would make a bigger issue out of the sequester. More » • (854 views)

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Book Review: The Agony Column

AgonyColumnby Brad Nelson
This is between a long short story and a short novella. Nevertheless, The Agony Column is a satisfying read. As in Earl Derr Biggers’ “Chan” novel, The House without a Key, Biggers describes, with affectionate care, the details of the place, in this case, London. More » • (1494 views)

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Book Review: Dune

DuneThumbby Faba Calculo
There are two major awards in Science Fiction literature: the Hugo and the Nebula awards. Sixty-two novels have won the former (plus three who have retroactively given the award), and 49 have won the latter. More » • (2493 views)

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Why “Equality” Must Die

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke
A look at the impoverished and dubious “virtue” of equality-of-outcome as espoused by the Left More » • (928 views)

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TV Series Review: The Twilight Zone

TwilightZoneThumbby Timothy Lane
In 1959, the occasionally distinguished TV writer Rod Serling came up with an anthologyTV series (such shows were popular in that era) that combined elements of science fiction and fantasy More » • (1831 views)

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The Foggy Message of HIV Awareness Day

AIDSthumbby Linda Harvey
Once again this year (2013),the federal government agency that tracks disease in our country held an annual National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to raise awareness about the HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States. More » • (1335 views)

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Book Review: The House Without a Key (Charlie Chan series)

HouseWithoutKeyby Brad Nelson
The is the first in the series of novels by Earl Derr Biggers, and generally considered the best Chan novel. Forget about some of the goofy movies. As they say, the books are usually better. And this one is. More » • (1094 views)

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Dark Times

DarkTimesThumbby Glenn Fairman
Dark times have fallen upon the republic. Bleak times when men must furtively glance back over their shoulders before speaking their minds in laconic candor. Evil times of midnight votes and treacherous mandates contrived in embittered back-chambered councils that forcibly pit men against their brethren. More » • (1024 views)

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Movie Review: Me and You and Everyone We Know

MeYouThumbby Brad Nelson
This is a movie that is not quite as good as the dozen or so scenes in it that show an originality of thought I haven’t seen in a while. This movie is, I think, about making connections. And although this need is so great that it may drive us to do some kooky and even perverse things, the human-to-human connection remains ultimately good and wholesome. More » • (756 views)

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