TV Series Review: Cadfael

Abbey Normal? Not in the Middle Ages. But Cadfael can find the villain.

TV Series Review: Cadfael TV Series Review: Cadfael

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An Open Letter to the NFL

Kick the habit of whiny millionaires and ESPN PC weenies

An Open Letter to the NFL An Open Letter to the NFL

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Check out our movie review archives Check out our movie review archives

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Great reading ideas from our library of reviews Great reading ideas from our library of reviews

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Bloody Good Ideas for Binge-Watching Bloody Good Ideas for Binge-Watching

“Racist” L.A. Police Dogs Think Whites Taste Bad

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke
Will the slights and salt-in-wound exacerbations ever end? It’s not enough that white people are cast as the source of all the world’s woes as people find that we, increasingly, leave a bad taste in their mouths. Now we hear that even man’s best friend doesn’t find us very palatable. More » • (748 views)

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A 12-step Program to American Recovery — Part I

TwelveStepsThumb2by Deana Chadwell
Part I – Calling a Spade • “In the beginning was the Word…” The Apostle John begins his gospel with this phrase and in so doing places language in a pre-eminent position. After all, our universe was spoken into existence, so it is not surprising that our national salvation depends also on words. More » • (1259 views)

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Throwing a Fit for Fairness

Fairnessby Deana Chadwell
Picture this: a 3-year-old throwing a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming and rolling on the floor. His lower lip is pooched out in a prize-winning pout, his fists clenched. What does he say? “It’s not FAIR!” More » • (972 views)

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The “Blessing” of an Aborted Child

UnbornChildThumbby Glenn Fairman
It requires a certain quality of moral opacity for our Dear Mr. Obama, who stands in the breach as tribune for all things weak and powerless, to pronounce God’s Blessing on a room filled to the brim with those mighty champions of nascent selective infanticide. More » • (1050 views)

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TV Series Review: Lie to Me

LieToMeThumbby Brad Nelson
I wouldn’t want you to totally mistake me for one of those hermits whose life is joyless because he has insulated himself from vapid pop culture. I like my amusement as much as the next guy. I just ask that it not be a wasteland. More » • (884 views)

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Hunkers and Clubbers and Barnburners, Oh, My!

GOPThumbby Timothy Lane
Many people have been working up lists of the disparate groups making up the Republican Party and its voters. Many of them especially see the great divide between Establishment and anti-Establishment types (which is one very reasonable way to divide them). Over the past couple of years, my own analyses have been based on a division into four general groups. More » • (1735 views)

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The Monkey’s Parable

MonkeyBananaby Glenn Fairman
I have always been astonished by the tale of how certain Asian tribes catch monkeys. Upon placing a piece of fruit into a hole carved in a tree trunk that the monkey can easily reach his hand in and grab, he soon alarmingly learns that he cannot extract his closed fist from the trap once he has taken hold of his prize. More » • (962 views)

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Jonah, Inc. and Other Thoughts

RandomThoughtsThumb2by Brad Nelson
I am a freak, a fool, and just sometimes plain naive. But I have this strange thought that there is more to life than marketing, self-interest, self-promotion, and the accumulation of “hits” or “likes.” More » • (2600 views)

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The Space Between

MosesThumbDeana Chadwell
Here we are, thoroughly into the 21st century and America finds herself up against the greatest dilemma of her 237 years – what do we believe? All of the problems we now face swirl around that question and the corollary storms that spin off from it. More » • (955 views)

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Mission: Take the GOP

NoRINOsThumbby N. A. Halkides
I think most Conservatives would agree that we need a Conservative Party, not a weak-kneed imitation of one such as the current GOP (or the Tories in the U.K., to take another obvious example). More » • (2706 views)

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Nurse Ratched and the Therapeutic State

NurseRatchedby Glenn Fairman
In the history of American cinema, few characterizations of female villains have been so artfully played as Louise Fletcher’s “Nurse Ratched” from One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. More » • (2253 views)

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We are the Exception

WeThePeopleThumbby Deana Chadwell
[T]his last month Vladimir Putin wrote in the New York Times an op-ed that, in part, chastised America for her insistence that she is exceptional. Well, Vlad, America is absolutely unique, whether you, or Obama, think so or not. More » • (1160 views)

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