Our Dishonest Amnesty

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During and after passing S.744 in the Senate, members of the “Gang of Eight” (including McCain, Graham and Schumer) made numerous claims about the bill, such as it “secures the borders,” “adds thousands of border agents,” “is not amnesty,” and “it will take ten years before illegals can become citizens.” The dishonesty of these and other claims are rebutted below.

After going through these points, I believe most readers will be outraged at the duplicity of those involved with this legislation. More importantly, Americans need to wake up to the contempt in which many of our elected representatives hold us. The proliferation of 1000+ page bills, which are passed before anyone can read and analyze them, clearly shows our federal laws are written for special interests and not for the American people. The list is long, but there is so much wrong with this bill that it takes many lines to expose the complete corruption of those who voted for it.


Current illegals are granted the right to stay in the USA once the Secretary of DHS gives notice that he or she has begun to implement a strategy to secure the border. This will take place within 6 months of passing the law, not after border is “secured”.

The bill immediately authorizes illegal aliens to work in the USA and obtain a social security number, driver’s license, and travel outside the USA.

The bill authorizes class action lawsuits against the government by illegal aliens suing to obtain amnesty or prevent border security measures from taking place.

The bill requires illegals to pay only US$2,000 in fines, which can paid in installments and a processing fee which is to be determined by the Secretary of DHS and can be waived. Compare this to the present costs of obtaining a legal green card which can range from US$8,300 to over US$30,000 for an employment-based immigrant and an additional US$6-12,000 in legal fees.

Allows 2.5 to 3 million illegals to become citizens within 5 years and many millions more to become citizens only three years after receiving green cards.

Creates a loophole allowing some people who have been here on a work-authorized non-immigration visa for 10 years or more and overstayed their visa to obtain a green card without returning to their country.

It creates de facto affirmative action for illegals. They will be eligible to work, but not eligible for Obamacare subsidies. As such, amnestied illegal workers will not trigger a US$3,000 penalty which most employers will be required to pay for employees that receive a healthcare exchange subsidy. This will incentivize employers to hire amnestied illegals over Americans.

The government will pay for lawyers’ fees of illegals fighting deportation.

Unelected executive branch immigration judges can exercise discretion and allow illegals to stay in the country if they decide it “is against the public interest or would result in hardship to the alien’s U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident parent, spouse or child.”

The Secretary of DHS has the same power as the judges mentioned in point 9 above.

The bill requires the Secretary of DHS along with entities he or she approves, to advertise and promote the amnesty program in various languages on TV, print, radio and social media. Thus using taxpayer dollars to encourage illegals to seek amnesty.

Border Security

Secretary of DHS is to submit a “plan” to Congress on how to achieve and maintain “effective control” of nine border sectors. The determination that all metrics used to measure success — so-called triggers — in controlling the border are left to the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security, i.e. to the President who has shown himself willing to break laws.

Various triggers which are to insure border control include phrases such as “deemed necessary by the Secretary”. Again, do you trust any politician or bureaucrat with such latitude?

A previous bill in 2006 required 700 miles of double-layered fencing to be constructed on the southern border. It is still not completed. Under S.744 the original bill requiring 700 miles of double-layered fence is watered down and the Secretary of DHS only has to build a second layer if “he or she deems it necessary and appropriate.” Additionally, the Corker-Hoeven amendment to S.744 says that “nothing in the bill should be construed to require the Secretary to build fencing in any particular location.”

The bill states the Secretary of DHS must have “implemented” the new employment verification system. It does not say that all employers are in fact using the system.

Not a single new border agent will be hired before amnesty is granted. The Secretary of DHS has until 2021 to implement these new hirings and McCain is already speaking out against them. The increase may never happen.

Border and security enforcement triggers can be ignored if in 10 years after enactment, litigation, or an act of God has prevented just one of the triggers from being implemented. The rest go by the wayside.

The new technologies which are supposedly going to be used at the border will all be implemented at the discretion of the Secretary of DHS.

The deal is also full of pork which has nothing to do with immigration.

A new federal agency is created. The Office of Legal Access Programs will provide illegals various services including legal services in deportation hearings.

Non profits will be paid by the government to implement amnesty. “Initial Entry, Adjustment, and Citizenship Assistance” grants will be given to non profits to help illegals get through the amnesty process. The first five years are funded at US$100 million p.a. and this can grow thereafter.  Can you say La Raza and the American Immigration Lawyers Association?

There are numerous other grants and agencies created to help illegals learn how to use the system and become citizens.

Alaska (only) gets cheaper foreign labor for seafood processors. Unlimited foreign workers for that industry.

Bernie Sanders got a Youth Jobs Fund to provide summer and year round employment opportunities to low income youth.

Orin Hatch got a rule which appears to preclude SS credits for unauthorized work, but in fact allows illegals to attest that they authorized to work even if they have no records to prove it.

Schumer gets provison which allows public universities the right to hire H-1B visas without trying to hire Americans first.

Leahy got provision which grants special treatment to Hollywood by waiving fees for artist visas if not processed within 14 days.

Kirk got a provision that allows someone who has served for at least one year in military and honorably discharged to become citizen without meeting English language, knowledge and fundamentals of history or good moral character requirements. How did someone serve in US military without speaking English?

US$46 billion blank check to the Obama administration with no strings attached. Not for immigration or border security.

If the above information doesn’t inspire you to get more involved and take a closer look at your government, then nothing will. People need to contact their House Representatives and let them know that they should do nothing on immigration. In no case should they pass any bill/s in the House and then go to conference with the Senate. If they do, any law they pass will likely be as bad as S.744.

We the People are being spit on by the Washington D.C. crowd and too many of us think it’s a shower. • (980 views)

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5 Responses to Our Dishonest Amnesty

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    That settles it. No more campaign contributions for John McCain. 😉 Yikes, what a corrupted mess we have in Washington DC. Rush Limbaugh was hawking Mark Levin’s new book. Apparently that book is comprised of a list of new Constitutional amendments that we, the people, need to pass. But first, WE the PEOPLE need to wake up out of our Kumbaya dreams.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I am happy to report that, with the demise of the most recent congress, this bill has died a truly deserved death.

    Once the new congress is sworn in, everyone who is interested in expanding jobs for Americans and maintaining our language and culture must harass their Representatives and Senators relentlessly. We must keep up the pressure on a weekly basis. This is particularly true in the first 100 days of the new congress.

    Join NUMBERSUSA and other organizations which fight for American jobs and higher wages.

    When far Left-wing political and Right-wing business interests work together you know it is the American people they are trying to screw. Fight back!!!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The bill is dead for now, and good riddance, but the liberals will be back to use the same fraudulent format of combining legalization with a pretense of border security. Notice how the bill’s defenders kept advertising its security features as if they could be taken at face value. It’s sort of like how they take at face value the spending “cuts” that are supposed to accompany tax increases in budget deals.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    As is often the case, the truth about a particular situation comes to us from a British source. Like this peer, our elites think regular Americans are stupid.


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