An open letter to Chelsea Clinton’s unborn child

by Brad Nelson   4/23/14

Kyle Smith pens a hilarious post regarding the bizarre press announcement that Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. (Will we be getting alerts when the baby kicks? When its diapers are full?) An open letter to Chelsea Clinton’s unborn child:

Although you will at all times pretend to be a normal baby, you actually already have your very own career, like doctor or fireman or lobbyist! Can you say “Campaign Asset”? Good, now let’s learn about skill sets! You only need one talent. Ready? It’s “Soften the Candidate”! Sort of like human bubble bath.

Now, even though you have a busy life, sleeping 18 hours a day, nursing and learning to roll over, all of this comes second to being a stage prop to the grandma they call “Hillary” or “Madame President” or “Lady Pantsuit.” When big, scary men with huge, glowing boxes on their shoulders come around, don’t be afraid! They’re only here to shine blinding lights into your widdle eyes. Kind of like a dozen suns shining at the same time! Just think of them as the Sunshine Men. They will be accompanied by nice pretend journalists who are actually castle-outreach people named Katie or Oprah or Diane, whose job it is to make you and Grandma look good, so don’t cry so much, and only on cue! (Example: When Grandma Hillary says, “That ol’ John Boehner sure gets upset when he doesn’t get what he wants,” start wailing!)

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Brad Nelson

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I like books, nature, politics, old movies, Ronald Reagan (you get sort of a three-fer with that one), and the founding ideals of this country. We are the Shining City on the Hill — or ought to be. However, our land has been poisoned by Utopian aspirations and feel-good bromides. Both have replaced wisdom and facts.
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3 Responses to An open letter to Chelsea Clinton’s unborn child

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    It looks like the Clintons and Bushes intend to join the Kennedys as royal dynasties. But only the Clintons have the endorsement of the synoptic media in their cause. As a priest for the Kennedys might have said decades ago, sic transit gloria mundi.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I thought that Latin phrase you used might have something to do with the Left’s fetish for mass transit. But then I looked it up: Thus passes the glory of this world.

      Same thing. 😀

  2. Leigh Bravo says:

    As usual, the Liberal Media has to do something to make Hillary appear Human. Having a baby and then her baby having a baby…..awww she’s a grandma! It is all just a smoke screen to pave the way for Hillary to run for President as an actual Human….which we all know is impossible. By the way, with all the intelligent folks we have in the world, are Clinton and Bush the only viable candidates?

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