One Half Hour in the Loony Bin

by Pat Tarzwell   2/3/17
This week end my wife and I attended a Republican conference here in Washington State, (I know, Republicans in The People’s Republic of Washington, who knew?).  Well, all was going the way these things normally go, some leftwing Republicans, some in the middle and some so far on the right that they enter the Lib zone, (Libertarian that is). But then some fun appeared, protesters;  about a dozen women of both sexes were out and carrying signs with catchy slogans like; Stop the GOP War on Women; If you think Education is expensive try ignorance, Save the country, Deport Trump; and other such slogans which compelled you to think, or not.

So being one that can get bored hearing the same thing from the same people easily, I decided to go and talk to these fine citizens and see what they had to say besides what their signs said.  So off I go trailing several people that wanted to see what happens when mixing gasoline and fire.  Within less than a minute I spot a leftist little troll-like creature charging out of the corner of my eye. She/He/It was rearing back to take a swing at me with their sign when I turned to face Her/Him/It.  It became apparent that this may have been a female and she backed off immediately.  They have been trained never to attack someone facing you.

I commented that the sign which read Stop the GOP War on women would be more accurate if it had said Stop this Women’s war on the GOP. Which I must say did not calm her down in any way, but one of her fellow victims pulled her away proclaiming that I was not worth it, so off they went, 10 to 15 yards down the road.

At some point my mini crowd of supporters decided to go back inside, (it was raining after all). Next up, Try ignorance-sign-gal.  Again, I just asked a question.  (I choose not to ask the one that came to mind; just how expensive has ignorance been for you?) And I went with; How expensive would ignorance be if your side stopped subsidizing and promoting it?  I was again shocked that this did not seem to calm her down either, so time to change tactics, look for common ground.

Let’s try the Deport Trump sign gal. Well this one came over in force, a pack of five circled me thinking that I would finally get the hint, I was not welcome.  But they do not know just how stupid I can be, and I did not go out there to make friends or to make them mad, even though I was doing a good job of that so far. So I started with the idea that maybe we could find some common ground on this.  I told them I worked very hard to keep Trump from being the GOP nominee and I failed, but he is our president and just like when Obama won, I had to swallow hard and just accept it, no matter how much I disagreed with his policies, so should they.  I don’t think you be too surprised at just how well that went over.

Change tactics again.  Last group out there, about four of them; I do not remember their signs, (just as creative I am sure), but I thought maybe we could get an agreement on too much spending? Ah ha, a chink in their armor, (racist comment I know but too bad), “We spend too much on the military killing innocent people” they said, (but we don’t spend enough killing innocent babies in the womb, I thought to myself, but, remember new tactics), There it is, “We spend too much…” stop the presses I have found it.  So I went to work on that first part and ignored the last part of the statement.

Alright, we agree on this first part, “We spend too much…” Let’s build on this.  Not so fast bucko, its those 1%’ers that are the problem, they are just too greedy and they just take all the money, if we would just take all their money the problem is gone. (Right?).  My response;  Ok since I have seen estimates that the US has debt and unfunded long term liabilities is approaching 200 trillion dollars, if we were to take all of the money generated by our GDP, roughly 17 trillion dollars and put it towards the debt and liabilities we could pay that all off in about 12 years, all spending would have to stop as well and of course we could not survive as a nation even one year of that, so maybe that is not a great idea; but since you and I agree that “We spend too much…” maybe we could work on that, we don’t agree on where “We spend too much…” so how about just living within our means and not having deficits, let’s try having a surplus for a few years until we get used to it then make that part of our governmental culture.  Can we agree that we cannot all get what we want all the time, that that is just not possible?  Yeah but you forgot about those evil 1%’ers….  OK you win, you just can’t fix stupid. Just remember this phrase, “Do you want fries with that?” and you’ll do just fine.

Did I make a dent? I am sure I did not, but in a sick and twisted way, I fun.  So that is my little story about a half hour I will never get back, but still enjoyed.

Pat Tarzwell was born conservative, runs a successful hi-tech business, and lives a red-state life in a deep blue one. • (1321 views)

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41 Responses to One Half Hour in the Loony Bin

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    As long as you enjoyed it, the time wasn’t wasted.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Your own personal experience, if any was needed, that any attempt at discussion with these loons is a waste of breath. They can only be defeated.

    I admire your getting down in the trenches with these vermin. We will need to take up a collection for a power-washer if you keep this up.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Well-adjusted people do not act like this. Their sense of importance is based on being angry. Who gave them that great gift of self-destruction?

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Or maybe he needs delousing powder. But in view of recent events, he’s also lucky that he didn’t need medical care. Still, if one keeps confronting them civilly and rationally, there’s always the possibility of finding one whose mind hasn’t been totally switched off yet.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    It’s interesting that Jesus did not say the angry, the self-righteous, the eternally and professionally aggrieved shall inherent the earth.

  4. Rosalys says:

    You are a brave man, Mr. Tarzwell! As pointless as this endeavor may appear, it needs to be done. These people are too used to getting their way, and they need to be confronted. And as you said, one can have fun while doing it.

    It is amazing just how stupid these people are. This is a volitional stupidity. At some point they must have made a decision to turn off their brains and refuse to even try to understand another point of view. Mobs are made up of stupid people. They are not merely harmless, and misguided. They are vicious, and dangerous. The Soviet Union was swarming with such people; the enormous truth that hit me when I read “I Speak For the Silent Prisoners” (recommended by Anniel) was just how incredibly stupid were these lemming like followers of Lenin. Never turn your back on these lunatics.

    I especially like your phrase, “women of both sexes.” Gotta remember and use that one!

  5. oldguy says:

    A repeat of Kent State is the only thing that will stop this.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Sadly, I believe it will take more than what happened at Kent State. In fact, the deaths at Kent State only helped the left move forward. “Four dead in Ohio”, became a musical theme and was effectively used by the commies to dupe the dummies.

      The left does not give up so easily. They make the Ever Ready Bunny look like a sloth. It will take concentrated, continuous and concerted effort to defeat them.

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    David Limbaugh has an excellent column worth a read: Let’s Hope the Loony Left Keeps Exposing Itself.

    One absolutely crucial thing left out of Limbaugh’s column (although I’m sure he’s of like mind) is this: Many on the right (or in the Establishment GOP) have waited passively for the public to get fed up with the excesses of the left. This never happened because there wasn’t anyone to rally around. What was always lacking was leadership to galvanize this distaste for the loony left.

    This is the secret, such as it is, for Donald Trump. He is battling instead of apologizing or passively waiting for that supposed “tipping point” where so many people are fed up that we just (somehow) automatically reject the Left. But this is wrong and always has been wrong. The Left needs a push. They must be confronted and battled.

    I commend Pat’s excursion amongst the loonies, if only as the equivalent of an anthropologist visiting some primitive aboriginal tribe in the jungle. You can observe them but you’re not likely going to change their culture by simply presenting different ideas or reasoning with him. Headhunters aren’t easily talked out of their profession.

    What we need is active opposition. This is what we have always needed. The irony is that Trump is closer to Hillary on the “social issues” than any Republican has ever been. Trump easily could have run as a Democrat. But at the moment, Trump has all the right enemies. And in this case, their excesses completely blot out any of Trump’s rough edges.

    I certainly agree with Limbaugh that I hope the loony left keeps this up. But one must remember that their tactics have been, and continue to be, highly effective because they were rarely opposed. Now they are going opposed to some extent. There’s not magic in this. You just have to oppose them and be willing to ride out the shit storm. Trump is. The red diaper doper babies, much like Reagan when he was governor of California, have met their match.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      How did Sean Connery’s character put it in “The Untouchables?”

      “They bring a knife and we bring a gun.”

      That is how the left must be fought.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This pushback serves many purposes. For one thing, it helps make people more aware of what’s happening. After all, during the campaign the synoptic media did their best to blame the violence on Trump and his deplorable supporters, not on the leftist mob and their backers. It also enrages the mob even further, and thus exposes their lunacy more clearly. Now all we need to do is find people who will challenge liberals to forthrightly condemn the rioters and their backers — and to do something to stop them. I don’t think they ever will.

  7. Maddox says:

    I agree, we must challenge them but have found it impossible to converse with those who will not discuss anything with intellectual honesty. That is too often the case and I have stopped talking politics with some friends and family for that reason. Logic does not compute with them and they revert to the same tired talking points you mentioned.

  8. pst4usa says:

    Thank you all that have commented. I will try to do this more often, we may have to put them down in the end, but that remains to be seen. It seems that these leftist have never seen the other side, they live in a leftist bubble where every Republican is SIXHIRB, (Prager’s Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist and Bigoted), and can no more imagine a reasonable Republican than a loving God. Well they won’t get that image from Hollywood or the MSM, so I think I will try in my own little way to make a dent.

    I am not the most eloquent nor the most reasoned representative of Republicans, but we cannot eat this elephant in one bite, so I figure I might as well take a tiny nibble. To all my SIXHIRB brethren out there, have a great weekend.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Thank YOU, Mr. Tarzwell, for a report from the front lines.

      A good man will listen to an opponent with an open mind and in good faith. That describes you. And you’re certainly an anomaly to the mob. You’re not the mean, intolerant, sexist, racist, SIXHIRB kind of guy that they expect everyone but their anointed selves to be. In fact, you don’t make much sense to their worldview and, even more vitally, are of no value. You do not help to prop of their teeming sense of self-righteousness and importance.

      The fact is, if there was some grand injustice being committed, you’d think we would have known about it. We would even join people in the streets. These are people filled with an unhealthy religious fervor. In fact, a case can be made (and was made by G. Shane Morris) that Leftism is a Christian heresy.

      One could say the mobs of people are generally motivated to stamp out injustice. The problem is, they are coming at things only from an Utopian perspective. Morris writes:

      In “Bad Religion,” Ross Douthat goes so far as to classify liberalism as a Christian heresy. “I describe heresy as a form of belief that tends to emphasize certain elements of the Christian synthesis while downgrading or dismissing other aspects of that whole,” he writes in Slate. “And it isn’t surprising that liberalism, which after all developed in a Christian civilization, does exactly that, drawing implicitly on the Christian intellectual inheritance to ground its liberty-equality-fraternity ideals. Indeed, it’s completely obvious that absent the Christian faith, there would be no liberalism at all. No ideal of universal human rights without Jesus’ radical upending of social hierarchies (including his death alongside common criminals on the cross). No separation of church and state without the gospels’ ‘render unto Caesar’ and St. Augustine’s two cities. No liberal confidence about the march of historical progress without the Judeo-Christian interpretation of history as an unfolding story rather than an endlessly repeating wheel.”

      Modern liberalism is deracinated Christianity. Its beliefs in tolerance, equality, freedom, and altruism are borrowed beliefs. The irreligious liberal has no idea why he cherishes these values. But not only do they not make sense without the foundation of their mother-worldview; they become excuses for new varieties of coercion, deception, and perversion—even, in the case of abortion, murder.

      The missing “other aspects of that whole” include the idea of sin (or self-responsibility), human nature, objective reality, as well as self-reflection. To, in essence, march in the streets with a vagina hat on your head is (as others have said) simply a march against men as well as a denial that women and men are different even if of equal value overall. And to loot and advocate blowing up the White House shows a decided lack of self-reflection from the supposed “nice” people.

      Utopianism (a lack of the “other aspects of the whole”) fuels Leftism. What you or I call reality they regularly call an injustice. If something doesn’t ascribe to their perfect vision, it’s a sign that someone somewhere is up to no good.

      And, of course, we cannot discount parasitism as a motivating factor. At the end of the day, usually what the mob wants is something they have not earned or worked for.

      • pst4usa says:

        Thanks Brad, but I just did what I thought was right. I have another story of something that happened today. I hope to get it to you soon. I went to testify at a hearing down in Olympia today, spring time for the lefties

  9. Steve Lancaster says:

    What these tender thugs fail to comprehend is that their “revolution” although seemingly violent is not much more than a temper tantrum generated by 50 years of raising children according to Dr. Spock. Should it ever become serious, and there is a good chance of that, they will suddenly realize that we have all the weapons, and the skills necessary to use them. Toddler tantrums are all they have and once we decide to push back, something we should have done over 20 years ago, its all over.

    Pat, not all Libertarians are the wimps you encountered. We stand for free trade, open discussion, equal rights as defined by the Constitution, and we are armed. i. e. classic liberal values.

    • pst4usa says:

      Steve, I consider myself to be a Libertarian in most issues, I just cannot call myself one, if that means buying into the anarchist portion of their ideals.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        That sounds a lot like me. I agree with libertarians quite frequently, but can’t quite go along with their ideology. If liberals say government is always the answer (which inevitably leads to the Big Government Behemoth), libertarians say government is never the answer. I think it rarely is, but rarely isn’t the same things as never.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:


        At the risk of repeating myself, here are two pieces which show why it is difficult to be a libertarian.

        • pst4usa says:

          Both very good articles KFZ, thank you. I do not think I would or could argue with any portion of them. I just happen to be much less eloquent. I have struggled to be able to read my whole life, so I do audiobooks all the time, for the most part, articles leave me in the dust.

          The way that Timothy said it was fairly close to they way I think, but your second article took it even farther; save one issue, I am not someone who puts the Constitution on a pedestal. I prefer the Declaration of Independence and the founding principles, more emphasis on the Creator less the courts or rights coming from government.

          I see this nation as having been turned upside down. It was God, Individual, States and a limited Federal Government, now it is Federal Government, States, individuals and if you keep him to yourself, hidden, then you can have God. This is the recipe for our destruction from where I sit.
          Thanks for your patients.

          • Gibblet says:

            PST, I like your writing style and I am always interested in what you have to say. Thank you for all you do.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Our rights don’t come from government, nor does the Constitution say they do. It’s quite clear that these are natural rights. This is why it says in the first two amendments that certainly rights can’t be infringed. The rights are pre-existing.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:


            I have enjoyed every piece you have written. More importantly, I have generally learned something from them.

            As to the discussion between the Declaration and Constitution:

            The first couple of paragraphs of the Declaration are what most people think of when they talk about it. The balance reads like a “Bill of Particulars”, i.e. a legal document. So while the broad rights implicit under natural laws are important, if one wishes to rebel against one’s rulers, one must be specific in one’s complaints as to where one’s ruler has broken natural law.

            I find the Constitution to be a document which tries to codify natural law, to some degree. But it is also a guidebook as to how to run a functioning government. So it is more important for the day-to-day life of Americans. The Declaration should only be fallen back on in times of extreme trouble.

            • pst4usa says:

              Thank you KFZ. No doubt about the Constitution being a guide or how to book. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Constitution, but without the principles behind it, we will always find our selves redefining the meaning of things like General Welfare, Commerce between the several states, or necessary and proper clauses to fit the current crop of near-do-wells. I think that we have lost the ideals of the DOI, (not so much the 27 grievances although we don’t understand those either), but the core principles in the sections before and after those grievances, that is where I have placed a slightly higher emphasis.

              • Timothy Lane says:

                I suspect we could do the same thing with “the pursuit of happiness” in te DOI. Note that it was cribbed from John Locke, who had referenced “life, liberty, and property” as the basic rights. Of course, Jefferson allowed that there could be other rights; he considered life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to be “among” the inalienable rights with which all men were “endowed by their Creator”.

              • pst4usa says:

                Timothy, I saw a post on facebook from back in 1776 where they claimed that Jefferson just cut and pasted every line from someone else. It was confirmed by a tweet from John Adams, so it must be true.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              And Adams was there, so he oughta know. Just consult the musical 1776 if you want proof.

  10. Lucia says:

    I think the ringleaders should be rounded up and forcefully punished. There is a perfectly good newly built prison in Eastern Oregon that has been empty for years that could house them. That would take the wind out of the sails for their followers and useful idiots. I think many would go home once they find out there is a price to pay for their shenanigans. Not to say that all resistance would disappear because the Big Fish has deep pockets and a deep hatred of our country but a cleaning up of the anarchists and subversives would be a good start.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      At a minimum, violent rioters should face felony charges, and go to prison for a long time. Those who organize them and knowingly pay for them can also face charges — but the moneymen (such as George Soros, who donates to a charity that supports the “anti-fascist” movement) will have expensive lawyers to help them et off. But at least that would be money spent on legal fees rather than rioters.

    • pst4usa says:

      You know, we used water cannons on peaceful protesters, (for the most part), in the sixties, why can we not use the same on these violent rioters? I most of the country, it is a bit chilly to be hit with a water cannon blast.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Of course, this was in Berlin, but I suspect we’d get similar results in America — perhaps even if we excluded college students.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        The percentages may be slightly different, because Germany has a long tradition of the “professional student” i.e. males who take a decade or so to finish a university degree and have plenty of time on their hands. It seems to take them a long time to grow up.

        But I think the left is pretty similar the world over.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      No surprise.

    • pst4usa says:

      I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!

  11. Timothy Lane says:

    There’s an interesting American Spectator article (linked to on Hot Air, which is how I came across it), on “pussycons”. Basically, these are the people who don’t want to fight effectively because it isn’t nice. In essence (this is not the example used), they seek to fight by Marquess of Queensberry rules against an armed street fighter, and we can guess how that will work out. However, I did disagree with the author’s comments on my favorite Western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (a review of which was one of my first pieces here). The link is:

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Yeah, I read that. Started well but pulled down by thoughtlessness. No need to besmirch The Good Citizen just because we also need the good champion. So much ill-considered garbage out there these days. Trumpism will likely continue the decline of citizen I.Q.

  12. pst4usa says:

    Way too young and I am not sure about the numbers on the police photo, but I think she is too tall as well. She did have the same hair design though.

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