Ode To The Giant Pumpkin

by Gibblet10/1/16

it was sure to be humongous
the biggest ever grown
that giant pumpkin nursing
upon the fertile loam

more massive each day it became
with weeks left ’till the fall
you watered and we watched
knowing it would top them all

then one hot late summer day
the measuring we did
it had grown more massive
our excitement not well hid

we measured and you figured
a record it would hit!
the celebration lasted
just until you found the split

it started out just tiny
down by the blossom end
but spread we knew it’d do it
to the compost pumpkin send

so chop it up we did that day
what else was left to do?
each chunk was weighed with laden heart
and calculated too

a winner it was sure to be
that pumpkin far from lean
with weeks left ’till the harvest
its weight: 917!

(Gibblet, Sept. 2012)

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11 Responses to Ode To The Giant Pumpkin

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, as Scorpio said to Dirty Harry when he saw the latter’s gun for the first time, “Wow! That’s a big one.”

  2. Anniel says:

    Gasp! A tragedy of gigantic proportions.

    • Gibblet says:

      There was a lot of effort, passion, and experience put into that pumpkin by the grower. I considered it an impressive accomplishment for him to have successfully grown a 917 pound pumpkin by mid-September! Pale orange and unblemished, it (and the large plot of dark green foliage which fed it) was beautiful, too, in a giant pumpkin kind of way. It must have been a great disappointment to not be able to share it with the public. I hope by publishing this poetic tribute to honor both the pumpkin, and the grower.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I saw on the news a couple nights ago that they set a record for the largest pumpkin. Cleaning out some of my father papers, I found a thank you letter from Joel Holland, regional pumpkin expert. It was thanking my father for emceeing the weigh-off event. Joel Holland is a wonderful Seinfeldesque character. He’s friendly, knowledgable, and just a character. Maybe more of a Cheers-esque character, reminiscent of Cliff Claven…but with real knowledge.

    There once was a pumpkin of eminence
    Whose orange was of minimal relevance
    Grown entirely from seed
    You’d think “What was the need,
    To make it the Fat Man’s nemesis?”

  4. Rosalys says:

    What does one do with a giant pumpkin? I’ve heard that they are not very good eating. It is a testament to the American spirit that we grow big stuff, just for the sake of big stuff! Still it’s a shame that a champion was cut down in it’s prime. 🙁

    I grew some Black Krim tomatoes this summer. I’m sure on the package it said they should grow to a nice size, about five to six inches. Mine didn’t do so well. Mostly they grew to a large cherry tomato size. Can I have a prize for the smallest? Small though they be, they were excellent in flavor! I’ll grow them – at least try to – again next year.

    • Gibblet says:

      Tomatoes, themselves, they are the prize!
      It matters not their color or size;
      red ones or black; yellow or green;
      a bumper crop or harvest that’s lean.

      If they’re small, you just pop them into your mouth.
      The bigger ones, too, but you’d better look out!
      Your lips you must seal before you bite on them,
      lest you become a tomatoe juice fountain.

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