Obama’s House of Cards

HouseOfCards(US)by Leigh Bravo   7/15/14
Are you a fan of the Netflix Show, House of Cards? I began watching the show last year. Because of my interest in Politics, the show drew me in from the start. While you are watching, you can truly imagine the reality this must represent on the Hill. You can almost substitute characters on the show for their very real counterparts in DC. I have to say that the show absolutely makes me sick, so why do I watch? On some level I guess it is entertainment, but fantasy always imitates real life and I can only hope those who watch will finally come to see the lies, self interest, back room deals, deception and manipulation that really goes on in Washington.

I believe the current immigration situation in the US is a real life manipulation and massive deception on the American people. It would make a great theme to consider on “House of Cards.”

This “surge” at our borders has been going on for months right under President Obama’s nose. As a matter of fact, the White House actually advertised for “babysitters” to care for the expected flood of illegal children at our borders back in January, so this was obviously no surprise. The border has been easily penetrated for years and years, under Democratic and Republican presidents. As a matter of fact, amnesty has been granted 7 times, but Republican Presidents, Regan and Bush instituted the two largest, granting amnesty to 7-15 million illegals.

I do have to give President Obama the overall “Care Less” award. Why? Because he says he is a huge supporter of Immigration Reform, yet every decision he makes, every time he ignores our laws, he is pushing the public’s hand at denying ANY form of immigration reform. Every time he defies Congress he pushes them further and further from considering reform because Obama refuses to follow the rule of law. He demonizes anyone who refuses to give him a free reign over immigration while he continuously refuses to protect our borders.

Obama claims the United States is more secure now than ever in our history. Is this true? Currently, only 36.1 miles of the 700-mile double-tiered fence promised by the Democrats and President Obama, has been completed. Thousands of miles of border are not even patrolled due to under staffing. Does they really believe our borders are safe? Does he really think leaving the American people vulnerable to terrorists and drug cartels is keeping us safe? Does he care that parents, under the assumption that once in the states their children will be able to remain, are vulnerable to sexual attacks and trafficking as well as abuse and gang violence and recruitment? Are they being honest about the children currently crossing the borders? Would you feel any differently if you knew that the majority of the “children” that have come into our country are males between the ages of 14 and 18? How would you feel if you knew that a percentage of these “children” were MS-13 gang members? Did you know that they are still housed with the younger children and have been instructed to recruit more gang members? Are these really the “children” he is releasing in our towns and communities? Do we know whom we are handing these children over to? These so-called “foster parents,” are also illegal and have no background information. So do we really know what is happening to these children once they are turned over? Are they really safer here than at home with their real parents?

He has successfully angered the American public because of his inaction on our borders. Illegals are entering the country with communicable diseases, including but not limited to tuberculosis, and being integrated into our communities and schools. Funds to support them are being taken from American taxpayers and budgets in local communities are being stretched beyond their limits. The White House refuses to notify state government leaders of the arrival of hundreds and hundreds of illegals requiring housing and care with taxpayer dollars. Those responsible for keeping our borders secure are spending their time changing diapers and babysitting. Is this keeping our borders safe?

President Obama has refused to deport even the worst criminals that have entered our country illegally. In 2013 alone, he ordered the DHS to release 68,000 illegals with criminal convictions back into our communities. These were persons convicted of murder, rape, sexual abuse and pedophilia as well as robberies and gang violence. Why would he do that? How does that serve the American public?

Hispanics around the country point at Obama as the “savior” for their cause, but do they understand that he is actually the “Devil” in the details personally destroying their cause with the American public instead of doing everything possible to encourage immigration reform? Why?

How do legal immigrants feel about the surge at the border? They are angry. They have gone through the system legally and are now being pushed to the back of the line while illegals are granted green cards, driver’s licenses and now a possible vote? Are we rewarding illegal behavior? Will granting amnesty encourage others to cross our borders without going through the proper channels?

What is Mexico and Guatemala doing about this? Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina held a press conference to announce an agreement to make it easier for those making the illegal journey to the United States from Central America to cross into Mexico. They are offering a 72-hour free pass to travel through their countries to get to the border of the United States. What is President Obama doing about this? Has he expressed his outrage at this policy? Has he told them that we will stop aid to their country if they continue this behavior? Has he told them that will even deduct the expenses we are suffering from their aid until this is stopped Why not?

Increasingly, illegals are staging protests in Washington, D.C. and around the country demanding immigration reform and rights. Are they becoming too bold considering they are actually breaking the law by even being here? And now they protest making demands?

In New York, Senator Gustavo Rivera, a Democrat, introduced a bill to allow illegals to vote. He is supported on this bill by Representative, Karim Camara also a Democrat. Mayor John DeStefano, Democrat for New Haven Connecticut, is also fighting to give the vote to Illegals and is supported by Representative Juan Candelaria, Democrat. They are determined to make this a reality along with driver’s licenses, free education, instate tuition, SNAP cards, healthcare and welfare. All supplied courtesy of the American taxpayer. How much more can we be expected to give? Why are they determined to go against even their own constituents to make this happen?

If we look at the last presidential election, Obama and Democrats received over 93% of the Hispanic vote. What does this mean for the next election?

I think we can all put together the puzzle pieces…this is all about politics as usual in Washington. If Democrats get 93% of the Hispanic vote, and they continue to demonize all other political parties or views, then who is guaranteed the Hispanic vote in the next election? Is this scheme best for the United States and its citizens or just the Democrats?

How can we convince the American people to agree to immigration reform?

Get our economy back on track. Force Harry Reid in the Senate to put the 42 job creation bills passed by Congress up for a vote. Stop releasing dangerous illegal criminals into our communities. Deport those who break our laws by entering our borders illegally. Stop offering taxpayer dollars to support those who have broken our laws. Shorten the waiting period for those who go through the system the proper way. But most importantly….stop lying to the American public and SECURE OUR BORDERS NOW!!!

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3 Responses to Obama’s House of Cards

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    You’re a bit off on the Hispanic vote; Romney got about 27% in 2012 (slightly less than amnesty fan McCain got in 2008). The basic point is still accurate, of course. As for Slick Barry, there’s an easy way to extract the truth from what he says: invert it. Whatever he says is almost invariably the exact opposite of the truth, to a degree that is not merely pathological but possibly even compulsive.

    • David Ray says:

      The “invert it” witticism was a hoot . . . if not profound.

      Sorry Tim, but we both know the “compulsive liar” award firmly falls in the hands of Al Gore. (“Sir Edmund” Hillary claimed the “congenital liar” award.) Remember the debate when Gore just couldn’t help himself and blurted that he was also here during a Texas fire storm? (The stunned look on G. W. Bush’s face was priceless.)
      Need more? Sooooo many, but I’ll end with this one. When Erich Segal was first told that Al Gore claimed “Love Story” was based on himself, Erich literally laughed out loud. (All those over-time hours logged by Gore’s defenders/clean-up-crew musta been taxing.)

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Pathological dishonesty is clearly a requirement today for any Democratic presidential candidate. Prior to Slick Willie, they were no more dishonest than other politicians. Anyone who recalls the results of the 1980s presidential races will understand why they’ve decided to vote for liars since then. As to whether Slick Hilly, Slick Willie, the Goracle, or Slick Barry is the more pathologically dishonest — let’s just say the only complaint the Father of Lies would have with any of them is the possibility that any of them could claim his title.

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