Obama: King of Mars?

KingOfMarsby Leigh Bravo   6/3/14
Just this morning, the Obama Administration announced new EPA, carbon emission restrictions and regulations that take further aim at the coal industry, based on false reports on the climate by environmental zealots. He has demanded a 30% decrease in fossil fuel carbon emissions by coal plants. The new regulations will cost the United States a quarter of a million jobs and will force the closure of coal plants across the country, regardless that they currently supply the U.S. with over 40% of its energy. Again, these changes have gone through with NO Congressional approval. President Obama has made a decision and despite what the American people want, what the U.S. economy needs and what the Constitution allows, he has decided and we will comply or else!!

If you currently live in any of the coal-producing states, a state that depends on coal for their very existence, what are your democratic representatives doing for you? Nothing! But wait, I spoke too soon. The democratic representatives in coal-producing states are writing President Obama and asking that he DELAY these new overreaching regulations until AFTER the November elections. They are not asking him to stop them, or reconsider them, just to delay until they can get their butts back in their cushy government jobs. They are basically asking Obama to lie to the public again, so they can continue to lie about supporting their constituents, so they can lie their way back into office, all the while making you believe they really care about your livelihood! This is all about politics folks! Your representatives do not care that your coal-producing state will now suffer higher unemployment and economic woes….they don’t care that all Americans will suffer potentially 80% increases in their energy costs, they just want their seats to be confirmed so they are assured of their big salaries, taken off your backs!

President Obama along with his Democratic followers on the Hill, and environmental extremists, continue to make so-called “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” “Global Cooling,” whatever the newest name may be, the primary “FOCUS,” of this Administration.

Interestingly enough, new reports are showing that electricity prices are skyrocketing in the largest wind power states. In fact, electricity prices are rising more than four times the national average in 9 of the 11 states with the most wind power consumption. Texas, is the only one with declining electricity prices because de-regulation rather than wind power is driving down the cost to consumers.

Germany has given up carbon gas taxes because it destroyed their economy and it was unable to supply the needed electricity to its citizens with solar or wind power. They have turned to coal.

Australia has also given up carbon emission regulations and taxes as well. Their economy has been on the same path as ours due to “green initiatives.” They have suffered so badly, that they have elected the conservative political party in after 15 years and are supporting the dissolution of the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Health and Human Resources, along with countless other government agencies and for good measure restructuring Medicare so it won’t go broke. Australia’s news leader, Tony Abbott had a bit of advice for the citizens of the United States,

“The best transformation America could undergo is not Obama’s version, but a return to the limits set forth in the Constitution. Australia is way ahead of the US as they have learned from the errors of environmental laws and the expansion of its government into areas of health and education.”

Gas prices have doubled under Obama, yet he refuses to sign off on the Keystone pipeline. The Keystone would reduce the price of gas significantly as well as offering hundreds of thousands of jobs to Americans and take us out from under the control of the very people who want to see us dead. A recent poll showed between 70-75% of Americans want the Keystone pipeline, but President Obama doesn’t care. The environmentalists have offered up too much cash for them to ignore so regardless of what is best for the US economy, and the American people, they have chosen to follow the money!

What happened to creating new jobs? What happened to getting the economy back on track? What the hell is going on in America? What has happened to plain old common sense?

At a recent speech for commencement at West Point Academy, Obama said,

“By most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world. those who argue otherwise – who suggest that America is in decline or has seen its global leadership slip away— are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics.”

I’m sorry, but I am totally confused? What planet is he living on? Mars???

Lets look at some facts:

* If you add in the 2.5 million Americans who have simply walked out on the American economy, have stopped looking for jobs, the true unemployment rate is actually at approximately 8.2% – 10%.
* The Center for College Affordability reports that 8 out of every 10 college graduates move back home with their parents.
*17 million college graduates are working jobs that did not require a degree and still carry huge student loan debts.
*10.5 million college graduates are officially unemployed.
* 37 million Americans are carrying student loan debt and 5.4 million were past due on payments.
*The labor force participation rate began dropping in 2008 and has remained on the decline. and is at its lowest level in over 30 years.
*United States GDP, the output of good and services produced in the U.S., has only grown this year by .1%
*Gas prices have doubled under Obama
*Grocery prices have skyrocketed
*Obama has proposed 442 NEW tax hikes since taking office and the majority of the tax hikes will hit the middle class.
*Of the jobs lost, 60% were middle class, and only 19% of jobs added by the so-called recovery , were middle class jobs.
*The median US household income has dropped by almost $4000 since Obama took office.
*Food Stamp participation has increased over 50% since Obama took office.
*Health care costs per family have risen almost $3000
*The penalty for average Americans for not carrying insurance will be $4700 in new fines (sorry, taxes)
*In 2018, a 40% tax will be levied against the value of all health insurance benefits exceeding certain thresholds. So if you did get to keep your plan because you liked it, you will be taxed 40% for keeping it!
And the list continues…..

So, America, if you think the United States is worse off than it was before Obama took office, you are either stupid, a Republican or you live in the United States and not on Mars!
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9 Responses to Obama: King of Mars?

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Obama doesn’t care about the harm to American, a country he’s always resented for various reasons. To be sure, the facts are on our side, but rich eco-fanatics like Tom Steyer are on the other side, and they have a lot more money than the facts (not to mention the connivance of the synoptic media and the rest of the Unholy Trinity of liberalism).

    • David Ray says:

      Good point about the “various reasons” in that it’s quite plural>>

      If the demented ravings of that fool Jeremiah Wright weren’t enough to convince us, that fact that B. Hussein cites Frantz Fanon in his narcissistic auto-biography raises an eyebrow.

      Frantz Fanon was the one who formed the concept “Oppression Theory”. It’s the lame, cry-baby notion that America/Western culture didn’t excel due to Christianity and capitalism; rather that we “oppressed” the rest of the globe, and owe recompense – mainly to Africa.

      (His auto-bio was written in ’96 when he was just 35 . . . think about that.)

  2. Paul B says:

    We, the “little people” cannot compete with the likes of Steyer from the cash perspective. But we can throw the bums out of office in November IF we turn out in waves.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I haven’t missed an election since 1991, I think. I certainly don’t intend to miss this one.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        We must turn out, not only for November elections, but must tear the diseased organ out by its roots. That means getting involved in local elections, including those for school board members, county commissioners and city council spots, before the primaries. It means supporting conservative candidates against RINOs and those who have become cronies of big business at the cost of free markets and the man in the street. It means staying involved and keeping tabs on what your representatives are actually doing.

        To reverse the country’s direction, we must take over the political system at the local level, including the local party which will effect the quality of people running for national office.

        I suspect you are pretty well involved already, but most aren’t.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I am in agreement with the import of your piece, but would like to make a couple of observations on some points you made.

    Texas, is the only one with declining electricity prices because de-regulation rather than wind power is driving down the cost to consumers.

    I don’t know how this is calculated, but I renew my contract every year and am very price conscious. Over the last two years, my electricity prices have gone up about 15%. And I live in a part of Texas where delivery charges are the lowest in the state.

    It is difficult to give the exact percentage costs have risen because of the formulas the electricity providers use will cause the invoiced prices to vary depending on the amount of kilowatt hours consumed. The formulas are designed in a way to encourage more energy consumption. For example, if one uses 999 kilowatt hours in a month there is a surcharge of about $7, but if one uses 1001 kilowatt hours there is no surcharge. Furthermore, the transmission companies’ prices are not subject to the contract one signs with the provider. These have gone up in the last year. It is much the same with natural gas as the transmission companies apply for price increases pretty regularly. They are generally granted these requested increases.s

    The Keystone would reduce the price of gas significantly

    I don’t know what you consider to be significant, but in a country using abut 18.5 million barrels a day of crude oil, an additional half million of heavy crude and perhaps the same amount of lighter crude (and I am talking about theoretical maxs.) would not likely push prices down in a large way. Particularly when the question of refining capacity comes into question. What the Keystone would do, is to push out a significant amount of crude presently being imported from Venezuela, which exports a fair amount of heavy crude, similar to Canadian tar sands material. And cut the transport price on crude from the Bakken, which is presently being railed.

    In the end, I think the main argument for the Keystone XL section is energy security, not price, although the completion of the XL portion of the pipeline would probably help lower prices somewhat.


      Apart from energy security, we should not forget about the wealth generated, part of which would take the form of more jobs. Even if Keystone can’t drive the price of oil down by itself, better the money from the oil accrue to Americans than to the Venezuelan government.

  4. Leigh Bravo says:

    I do agree that we have to all turn out for the elections and do what we can to promote the candidates of our choice. However, with the amount of voter fraud, even though Dems claim otherwise, is getting out of control. My husband had his vote changed 3 times in the Virginia governors race by the EDGE machine. When he told the powers at be about it, they claimed the machine just needed to be re-calibrated. Evidently, this was happening all over the state. I wrote letters to the FEC and the State Board. The FEC pushed me off to the State and I did exchange several emails back and forth with the State Board. It seems VA is trying to clean up registrations, etc, but still have unwarranted faith in the EDGE machines. My research shows they are consistently fallible and are easily hacked. Now VA is showing over 308,000 double registered voters. When you add in the amount people voting who should not be voting, it becomes overwhelming. If we cannot fix the fraud in the voting booth, nothing we do prior to an election is going to change anything.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I’ve said for some time that any voting machine must provide a hard copy for the voter. Without that, you have no way of knowing if your vote is being cast as you intended. Of course, those who favor vote fraud as a normal political tactic have no objection to any form of vote finagling as long as they anticipate that they’ll benefit more from it than their opponents will.

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