Obama And HIs Minions Have Lost Their Politically Correct Minds

Insaneby Leigh Bravo12/4/15
In a White House press conference after the shooting in Bernardino California, an conversation occurred between a reporter, Peter Doocy and Josh Earnest, the president’s spokesman. A conversation that everyone needs to hear.

Peter Doocy: “President Obama jumped to say that this mass shooting means it is time for common sense gun laws. Does the president really think that common sense gun laws will  deter terrorists now that he has admitted these two might be terrorists?”

Josh: “Yes”

Peter Doocy: “The president thinks that when the terrorists are sitting around planning a mass murder they may call it off because President Obama has put in place common sense gun laws?”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department spoke to a Muslim advocacy event after the San Bernadino attack and asked participants to contact the Department of Justice or the Department of Education if any Muslim children are bullied in school. She referred to Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old who took a clock to school that resembled a bomb who is now suing the school for $15 million for Islamaphobia.

“Everything need not result in a lawsuit, but some things do have to go to that area. We have, as you may know, opened an investigation into the case of the young man in Irving, Texas. We will see where that investigation goes,” 

Outside of President Obama’s opinion that global warming has caused terrorism and that climate change, not ISIS, is the biggest threat to our national security, these are the next most nonsensical statements that have come out of the Administration.  President Obama is so determined to pass gun control that he is willing to come to his own conclusions about the massive attack in San Bernadino before the investigation is complete.  He has announced that the attack might be terrorism but could be work place violence, reminding us of misguided decision by the White House that the massive shooting at Fort Hood in Texas was the same.  Nidal Hasan fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others while yelling “Allahu Akbar” on the base in Texas but was still classified as “work place violence.”

The FBI continues to investigate the couple that instigated the attack in California. The two suspects had traveled out of the country several times to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The  handguns used in the attack were legally purchased by Farook, and investigators are looking into who purchased the 2 AR 15’s used in the attack. Back at the suspect’s apartment investigators found 12 IEC pipe-bombs, 2300 assault rounds and 2000 9 millimeter rounds. The estimated cost of their weaponry was over $30,000, all while Fayood only made $50,000 per year and his wife, was unemployed. Investigators are looking into who might have financed the weaponry.

Because four of the weapons were purchased legally in the U.S., Obama believes that passing strict gun control laws will  stop terrorists from committing jihad in the United States. He wants to stop law-abiding citizens from having the ability to defend themselves against terrorism while our government refuses to even admit it is here on our shores.

Meanwhile Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department is determined to stop free speech if it offends Muslims while assuring their advocacy groups that they will investigate, sue and prosecute anyone who bullies Muslim children in schools. However, did the Department of Justice offer up the same power of the White House on bullying after other school shootings involving non muslim students?

Meanwhile back in California, Farook’s neighbors refused to call police to report the suspicious activity  by the suspects in fear of being accused of racial profiling. We have witnessed  the White House and the liberal media ruthlessly attack anyone who dares speak in a politically incorrect manner, resulting in lost jobs, ruined reputations and even arrest. These actions are now resulting in the silence of anyone taking note of activity that should be immediately reported to authorities. As we saw in the case of Ahmed Mohamed,  the teacher reporting the obviously disturbing home-made clock at school was mercilessly accused of hate speech and the school is now being sued by Ahmed’s family. Meanwhile the Justice Department is actually considering this incident Islamaphobia, discouraging anyone from daring to report a potential clock bomb in a school next time.  If a bomb in an educational facility does go off, those fearful of reporting it will also be chastised.  It has already proven, as in the California attack, to be a deadly premise. Political correctness is a “lose-lose” situation for all Americans.

For those who claim racial profiling is wrong, we have to look at the reality of the situation. Although most Americans do not believe that all Muslims are terrorists, we do know that the majority of individuals who have committed jihad are, in fact, Middle Eastern Muslims. At what point does common sense trump political correctness? In a time of war, should we allow political correctness or fear of offending Muslims result in the slaughter of millions of innocent Americans before we realize our mistake?

The United States appears to be in a choke hold placed upon it by the very administration who has taken an oath to protect it. While radical Islamist Terrorists are determined to see all of Western civilization destroyed,  the president continues to bind our hands, shut our mouths and disarm the citizenry. Who will protect us?  We are on our own!

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15 Responses to Obama And HIs Minions Have Lost Their Politically Correct Minds

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    There was an incident many years ago in which a group of mullahs got on a flight in full Islamic garb and started acting in a manner designed to create suspicion. Naturally they were kicked off, and proceeded to complain of “islamophobia” and threaten to sue (I don’t know if they actually did, or what the result was). Such incidents are intended partly as tests, to see what they can get away with, and partly to create the sort of attitude demonstrated by that Redland neighbor. Obviously, Clock Boy was doing the same thing; the next time a Muslim brings something that looks like it might be a bomb to a school, there will probably be a considerable loss of life. And our rulers, with their unlimited sympathy for Muslims as a racial minority and their resentment of ordinary Americans, eagerly side with the jihadists.

    Incidentally, I thought the title might refer to the recent embarrassment in which President Screwtape claimed that mass shootings only happen in America — speaking in Paris just a couple of weeks after one there. A similar idiocy occurred yesterday when Senator Barbara Boxer (F-California) proudly boasted of how well her state’s “common sense” gun control laws work.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Since variations on Slick Barry’s claim are prevalent among liberals, I will note that patriotpost.us has an item today which notes the death rate per million people in mass killings for several European nations that are higher than ours. (Norway is first, no doubt due to Anders Breivik. France didn’t make the list, but I don’t know what period is covered; John Lott is quoted that they suffered more in 2015 than the US has suffered during the entire Obama reign.) The link is:


    • David Ray says:

      Those trash were known as “the flying Imans” (6 of them).
      The pricks did sue and the airline knuckled under and settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        David French has a nice article on NRO today about Muslim attitudes worldwide (based on polls). He notes, for example, that 61% of Muslim Malaysians are anti-Semites (even though Israel and the Jews should be irrelevant to them) compared to 13% of Buddhist Thais. He also points out how extensive their support is worldwide for the harsher aspects of Shariah law (such as death for apostates) and sympathy for jihadism. I discussed this in reason.online in response to an article by Brian Doherty (who was complaining about The Donald’s sensible call for halting all Muslim immigration). The link is:


        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Aka, Islam = Sharia. And there is nothing moderate about Sharia. This is a point Andy McCarthy and others (Robert Spencer) have bravely and forthrightly made.

        • David Ray says:

          Thx for the NRO link. (Lemme guess; you didn’t bother to waste time posting there.)

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Oh, I still post there, though not as much as when I started blogging. I do more on Town Hall these days, and of course here. I also do comments at the Reason and Washington Post (they get linked on Hot Air) web sites, and the Daily Caller. Occasionally I do other sites as well.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    John Hawkins has a superb piece on Town Hall today which analyzes the mental state (such as it is) of liberals and why they act as they do. He points to their tribalism, their desire to act at others’ expense, and their sense of self-congratulation, which will already be familiar with readers here. But he also nicely observes that liberals say what they think open-minded, smart, and virtuous people would say — without possessing those traits. The link is:


  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Insane is a good word for what is going on. And yet his pro-Islam blinkered view is not without reasons. You can get people to at least say they believe anything, especially if there is a price for outwardly believing otherwise. (2 + 2 = 5 if you have a rat poised to eat your face)

    Coercion is part of it. Straight indoctrination via lies and misinformation is another part of it. There are strict politics involved as well. Muslims apparently vote overwhelming Democrat.

    Coercion. Indoctrination. Practical partisan politics. There are many reasons people will tell you that 2 + 2 = 5.

    But I think another major reasons is atheism/materialism. The people who say that religion is just bullshit cannot therefore say that one religion is truer than another…and thus one should be privileged over another. I’m not sure myself about Christianity. But Christianity, when authentically practiced, produces saints. Islam, when authentically practiced, produces beasts.

    Now imagine, if you can go out on this limb with me, that there is evil in this world, whether personified in a Devil or is just the overall effect of separation from what is good. All the strangeness we see, the lies, the half-truths, the bad-being-called-good, the deception, the bizarre twisting of reality — all of this could be explained as the intrusion of existential evil into our culture.

    Things have become so bizarre, to me it is looking like the best overall explanation.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The irony is that the anti-religionists blame Christianity, but rarely Islam, even though far more harm is done in the name of the latter. It’s a good indicator of what their real priority is. (There are exceptions, such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens — but not, so far as I’ve seen, Mikey Weinstein.)

      Incidentally, Mother of 4 Original had a nice blog posting on NRO today after Jonah Goldberg’s weekly newsletter with a link to a song about the Demagogues and their favorite issue, gun control. (It’s done as a parody of Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young”, so I could do this elsewhere.) The link is:


      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        The irony is that the anti-religionists blame Christianity, but rarely Islam, even though far more harm is done in the name of the latter.

        This is true. I would call this a product of indoctrination. Many people have unwittingly learned the Leftist narrative. You can see how deep this indoctrination goes because it’s become reflexive to deflect criticism of Islam. You’ll get something like “But what about the Crusades or the Inquisition?”

        Basically the Left has turned people against their own culture. We see this fully playing out as Angela Merkel willingly takes in hordes of Muslims into her country, not to mention the attitude and actions of our own president.

  4. Timothy Lane says:

    The New York Daily News has continued its insane war on America in a pair of articles by Linda Stasi and Black Shakedowns Matter activist Shaun King. Stasi (in an article I read by way of a Hot Air link as well as a commentary on it on the Blaze) chose to compare one of Farook’s victims (Nicholas Thalasinos) to the murderous thug. She sees them as peas in a pod, each bigoted against the other. Naturally, as a liberal, she’s incapable of grasping that Farook hates us for disagreeing with him (as in fact liberals generally do), while Thalasinos (whom she hates as much for disagreeing with her as for his disdain for Islam) hated Islam for the murderers currently operating in its name and with the assent of a large fraction of Muslims.

    King’s article, which was also discussed on the Blaze, was a simple rant against gun owners. He apparently didn’t bother with any actual issues, merely spewing hate against them as white men with small penises (I wonder when he measured them) and low sperm counts (which should be confidential information, so I wonder where he got hold of it for every gun owner). King was so egregious that one respondent to Stasi noted that King was even stupider than she was. Note that whereas Stasi (whose name is rather apt, since the sort of gun controls liberals — probably including her — really want would require a strong police state) at least made a case, however weak and silly, King had nothing but personal insults for people he’s never met. And yet the Daily News considered the “editorial” worth publishing.

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