The Obama ABCedarian

by Anniel   8/25/14

(with just a little help from George W. Bush, of course)

An Obama ABCedarian seemed like a light-hearted task to spend a few hours on. It turned out more grim than I ever expected. There are always some letters of the alphabet that are problematic, like that pesky X, and maybe Z. But I soldiered on and soon found there are so many debacles in this feckless administration that whole pages were filled. After much thought I have decided to use just the ONE thing I feel is most crucial for each letter. Please, feel free to disagree with my reasoning, add your own favorites if you’d like.

A. ABORTION. I chose this one even over Arab Spring and Afghanistan because abortion continues to support the culture of death and legal murder within our own borders.

B. BENGHAZI. Even more than Bo Bergdahl and the Budget Battles, important as they are, the Benghazi Scandal throws such a blazing light on the heartless nature of so many people associated with Obama and Hillary Clinton. Their flippant lies to the families and then ignoring them should still astound us, even after all this time.

C. CONSTITUTIONAL DESTABILIZATION. This one is so important it won hands down over Clinton, Hillary and Corporate Welfare. We simply must preserve and honor our founding documents.

D. DRUG LEGALIZATION. I had a struggle between this and the DREAM Act, but the drug cartel flood coming over our southern border is such a clear and present danger we simply cannot let it continue. Boycott Mexico!

E. EXTRALEGAL LAW. There were so many choices here. Then it became clear that such things as over reach by the EPA (and all other bureaucratic infractions), illegal Executive Orders and Entitlement Expansion are all occurring “under color of law”, and not by legitimate Legislative Action. We need to pay more attention to this matter.

F. FORT HOOD MASSACRES. Hmmm– Fast and Furious, Ferguson, Jim Foley, Fund Raising. I finally decided that there is so much lying that has gone on about the Ft. Hood shootings any sane person can spot what’s wrong in two seconds, max. And now the perpetual ignoring of the victim’s needs is a bigger travesty. To say nothing of not allowing the military to be armed on military bases.

G. GUN CONTROL. I guess this could have been left covered under Constitutional Destabilization, but Gun Control is fundamental. One can hope that Global Warming, Government Shutdowns, Gay Marriage, and even Golf will fail eventually and truth will prevail.


I. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Another clear and present danger choice, although the betrayal of Israel or our failure in Iraq may eventually be even more dangerous on the world stage.

J. JARRETT, VALERIE. The Power Behind the Throne???

KERRY, JOHN. His idiocy embarrasses the whole world. But the situation of the Kurds was a strong contender.


M. MEDICARE AND MEDICAID FRAUD. At the highest private and government levels.

N. NATIONAL DEBT. Happy Birthday presents to succeeding generations. NSA Spying a not-quite-close runner-up. Is there a Nobel Nonpeace Prize?

OBAMACARE.. Do we need a category of her own for Obama, Michelle?

P. PUTIN, VLADIMIR. I’m not sure of the French spelling here, however my reared-in-France-but-from-Russia friend tells me Putin’s last name means “whore” in French. The big O did have a lot of time for him “after the election.”

Q. QUANTITATIVE EASING. The Fed is “independent” and doesn’t ever need auditing, and the members never listen to the administration. We all know that.

R. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. the disrespect for the military and lack of concern for the welfare of military men and women is on display by the “rules” promulgated by the commander-in-chief.

S. SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD. After all, he did bring us
Sibelius, Kathleen; Sotomayor, Sonia; and Spring, Arab.

T. TAX HIKES AND CHEATS. This is a catch-all for the big O and his Democrat friends. Did Timothy Geitner or Al Sharpton pay all of their back taxes? What about the delinquent IRS employees?

U. UKRAINE CRISIS. Our treaty didn’t mean we’d really HELP them, did it?

V. VACATIONS AND VETERANS AFFAIRS. ANOTHER TWO-WAY. Who knew that vacations were a way of life? And the VA – don’t they just need more money?

W. WALL STREET NOW. The Administration’s answer to the rabid Tea Party Terrorists.

X. X-RAY SCANNERS FOR DHS SCREENING. No airport safety can be assured without the porn machines, and it’s distracting with them. But your privacy is strictly enforced.

Y. YAZIDIS. Just another group getting starved and killed. Nothing to do with us.


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3 Responses to The Obama ABCedarian

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Most impressive. One can disagree here and there, but you already cover the best alternatives pretty well. Certainly Lying and Obamacare define the worst criminal gang in our nation’s history. But I would suggest that the Black Queen could also be handled by her abbreviation, FLATUS (First Lady Anti The United States).

  2. Anniel says:

    Timothy, I needed a good name for the FLATUS. Thank you, I agree most heartily.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I was hoping you’d use “Q” for “queer.” But I suppose one can’t have everything. 😀

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