Steynmied by NRO

NR-RINOlogo2by RobL
Facts are a stubborn thing my friends and I’ll offer you a new one for today. National Review used to be a conservative institution. It is now a liberal-enabling collection of bed-wetters with the occasional seemingly randomly permissible-due-to-NRO-Editorial-somnolence conservative article.

Anyway, in response to the ever-conservative Steyn, I posted the following, got good reviews, and within twelve hours the post was unceremoniously dumped by NRO. Here at StubbornThings we do not censor conservative thought or humor. Enjoy:

(In response to An Accidental War by Mark Steyn)

This accident will be long forgotten in a few weeks, heck it will be forgotten by the media while its happening. But I can imagine what the headlines will be in a few years…

In a brief ½ decade the nation’s greatest traitor since the Rosenberg’s will walk out of prison a free man (or in 2019 NYT approved lingo, a self identified GANP Gender Neutral Autonomous Personage).

8 JULY 2019


Leavenworth: A Love Story, Chelsea and Nidal

The tragic tale of cosmic souls forced by man’s intolerance to lives desolate, apart and unrequited. This is their story.

We know it’s coming, we just have to sit back, be patient, and wait.


This is not a story of treason but of a broken heart, the views care not about the demise of their nation but of a jilted man. Yes poor Nidal was jilted by Chelsea as she moved on to bigger and better genitals from the Hollywoody set.

Yes victim of Christian intolerance Nidal did his best to advance the cause of NASA and assuage insecurities from 500 years of Islamic Caliphate failure. The media praised his efforts for they know all too well eggs must be broken to make omelets, especially halal ones.
All were saddened by Nidals guilty verdict but took solace in happenstance of a mystical nature that put fellow traitors in the same prison.

It was love a first sight,

Nidal was getting quite inpatient waiting his 72 virgins but Allah threw him a bone ( so to speak) here on terra firma.

You see Nidal never expected to wait longer than it took his nation to defeat German and Japan for him to just get a trial. Now he has to wait longer than it took for his nation to win the cold war before he can get them virgins.

Praised be Allah.

That variable beauty and heavenly body Chelsea Womanning walked in the cell.

Far be it for our military to keep these two apart, the gods of political correctness must be fed. After all the praised Nidal just weeks before sending his fellow soldiers to heaven for his exquisite leadership I interfaith communication. They promoted tramp vamp to top secret status because gender bending must be rewarded to ensure equal opportunity prevision diversity is maintained within the ranks.

And just consider the bad press the 4 Stars would get if they condoned patriotism and denied fundamental RIGHTs of Americans to be un-American and restrict their free access to betrayal, subversion, treachery and disloyalty.

Therefore the relationship was to not only be condoned but blessed. We will be the first pro prison enhancing LGBTQ-Islamophilc relationship building military in the world. The special some are more equal than others One Week Bonus Leave provided to SSM Service members and denied to straight Service members will not apply. These two will get the Grievance Recompensation Two Week Bonus Leave (the LGBTQs will comply and they will quietly get the bonus extended to 2 weeks too).

Unfortunately for Nidal, being the more religious of the two, he demurred from consummating the relationship as he is old fashioned and prefers to be married first. Thus jilted Chelsea was forced to seek gratification elsewhere and when his 5 years of soft labor was up, he left Nidal searching for the hardcore. A stunned Nidal could only look on as Chelsea traipsed to the gloryholes pagan Hollywood had to offer.

Because liberals love Nidal so much and will ensure his death sentence is appealed to long after I leave the planet Nidal must muster up the courage to be patient and wait for a very long time until he finally gets the remaining 71 virgins.

Chelsea lived happily ever after on the fortune she made playing herself in the sequel, CHELSEA SKIS FOR SNOWDEN, traitors from a racist country are redeemed and return as heroes in the new United Socialist States of America.

In the meantime don’t miss ABC next week as our Chelsea month continues.

Next Friday a very special movie we are honored to declare is sponsored by the Democrat National Committee:


Learn the harrowing tale of Chelsea Clinton born into political brilliance comes of age under the tutelage of gifted tweeter Mr. Weiner. We are so excited to present to you this honest portrayal of one of our finest and most accomplished citizens for all of America to see so they can truly know her greatness before she seeks the2020 Democrat nomination for President. • (4735 views)

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51 Responses to Steynmied by NRO

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Unfortunately I had to censor the rest of Rob’s post (there was another four whole paragraphs to it) because I have the official post-evaluator thingie that Disqus sent me as a part of their standard kit. It’s sort of like one of those black Magic Eight Balls. I know you think there is some sort of grand editorial board that decides what gets posted and what gets deleted. But I have the actual user guide here from Disqus in front of me and I know it’s the same guide that NRO has.

    For example, let me quote from page 3 of the user guide:

    “If there is some doubt about the propriety of a user post, take the official Disqus Dialoguer Decision orb and give it a vigorous shake. Depending upon if you are a premium or standard subscriber to our service, you will most likely see these choices come up in the little plastic window on your Disqus Dialoguer Decision orb:

    + Delete post
    + Let post stay for one hour, and then delete
    + Keep post but delete the ones above it and below it
    + Ask again later

    The management apologizes for any….

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      [Sorry, the above post was edited due to official Disqus policies. We apologize for any convenience.]

    • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

      To be honest I hold NRO fully accountable, not DISQUS. DISQUS is either doing what they are told or NRO is dong the deleting. I’ve had no other comment an any other DISQUS using site ever deleted.

      NRO is responsible and I will hold them accountable, they have lost my business and likely that of others as well.

      So sad, they once were a formidable institution.

      Its only a matter of times before they publish Dr. Michael Mann friendly piece encouraging a carbon tax to reduce global warming…

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Disqus seems more like a virus than a good piece of software. NRO used to use something that worked great. I don’t know what the inducement for using Disqus is but it just seems like a bloated piece of crap.

  2. Kung Fu Zu says:

    Ich habe kein Wort verstanden. (this must be deleted as it is in a foreign language and may not live up to the high standards imposed by NRO and Disqus)

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    I know what you mean about strange deletions. I responded to one post today on the same Steyn article, and when I completed it discovered that the post I was responding to was deleted. Another post I responded to last night by NastyPelNazi had several up-arrows but was deleted when I checked this morning (though my response was still there). Occasionally things simply disappear as well, such as one that I had responded to (leaving me with a response to nothing), and sometimes they will later reappear.

    • CCWriter CCWriter says:

      Timothy! Is this your first visit?

      UPDATE: Yes, I saw by your reply to me on NRO that it is. Yes, absolutely article submissions are welcome. There should be a button on the home page that takes you to the submissions e-mail. Brad welcomes anything he feels is publishable. Or just mention it to him on a comment thread.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      My guess, Timothy, is that NRO has completely farmed-out the moderation of its user comments to Disqus.

      Kudos to Kevin Williamson, Andy McCarthy (on a rare occasion), Deroy Murdock, and possible another that doesn’t come to mind, for actually responding to user comments.

      And as NRO Comments becomes more and more a fever swamp of illogic and trolled opinions, I can’t blame any of these writers for not responding more, or at all.

      I assume the comments are there at all simply to increase their hit count not because they care what anyone else has to say. I’ve never seen Rich Lowry or Jonah Goldberg make mention of the sentiments of their readers, even if to disagree with them.

      I believe the route (the one we have chosen here) is to stop being a part of a pointless peanut gallery and join some kind of rational voice that is not a part of the monied establishment. I have nothing against money or establishments, per se. But, good gracious, even Mark Steyn becomes tiresome as he does little more than describe a situation — adding a little dismissive satire, for sure — but usually giving no opinion as to where he stands.

      Yes, point a camera at the world and it is indeed crazy. But it can only be made less so by clearly standing for good ideas and principles. NRO fails at this regularly. It is a useless publication that lacks soul or direction.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Back in the 1970s, I read a book by Barry Malzberg that looked like it might be promising. Unfortunately, it’s sole point seemed to be that life was a bunch of excrement and that’s all there is to it. I’ve occasionally read stories by Malzberg since and seen the same sort of thing. My thought was that while I might agree with him about life, I read partly to hope for something better, and haven’t tried to read anything by Malzberg in a long time — probably at least a couple of decades.

  4. CCWriter CCWriter says:

    Hee hee.

    Steyn’s weekend articles are usually good reads, but the comments section rapidly turns into a troll-fest. There are some good comments and good exchanges but it’s impossible to catch all of the worthwhile stuff, and as time passes much of it falls into sinkholes. It just pains me to think of the time and thought people put into it going to waste. We started StubbornThings partly as an attempt to give it a better home. The only trick is passing the word.

    • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

      I can tolerate the troll to some degree because its so easy to smash their insectoid brains into the metaphoric pavement. But that NRO allows its blatant anti-Semite trolls to vomit vitriol relentlessly while deleting our well thought out rebuttals is a disgrace.

  5. David Ray says:

    This is evil right-wing conspirator No. 486 . . . checking in. I was hunting the president, but Sir Edmund Hillary foiled my evil plan. She also bravely dodged sniper fire in Kosovo .
    Rumor has it they’re making a mini-series & movie about that charming lady.

  6. David Ray says:

    The “NRO post-deletion counter” is a hoot!

    • CCWriter CCWriter says:

      Yeah. Take it as a signal that you’re among peers here. We built this for you.

      Also FYI if you want to add an avatar to your profile, you may do so. And you may change it if you want.

      And if you’re on Twitter please follow us. Right now we’re sending tweets to nobody.

  7. CCWriter CCWriter says:

    Timothy, David, and other newcomers, especially if you came from the NRO comments: Don’t be shy about contributing to StubbornThings, whether through comments, participation in the Forums (discussion topics), or even article submissions. This place was built for you and you have some standing here. So make yourselves at home, and if you have anything interesting to say, even suggestions for other web sites to take a look at, feel free.

    And we will deal very effectively with trolls if it ever becomes necessary, but don’t worry about tripping the wires if you aren’t one.

    • David Ray says:

      Will do.
      I’m usually known as Dray11. I hope this doesn’t have me sound like a liberal dumbass, but I have no clue how to do this “avatar” thing.

      (I didn’t bother to see the movie. Nice touch the way it slandered Marines and corporations.)

      • CCWriter CCWriter says:

        Well, one of my beliefs is that use of any techy-type tool or bell or whistle should be a matter of utility and purely optional for the user, not a matter for peer pressure or pronouncing the person cool or uncool.

        However, just to explain what I mean: If you created a username and login for yourself, and if at the top of the page it says “Hi David Ray” then there should be a link to your profile right by it. If you go there you can add what you want to add…or not. And if you should want to provide a little thumbnail image for yourself in lieu of the generic silhouette, you may add one. (That’s what an avatar is.) Notice mine is Lady Liberty on the telephone. I found it with some websurfing and thought it would be fun to use and sort of say something about where I’m coming from. But this is a completely optional feature.

  8. David Ray says:

    Call it a hunch, but I’m certain Ann Coulter isn’t too happy with NRO these days. Her and Goldberg aren’t exactly beer-drinking buddies anymore.

    I remember when Reagan was quoting Adams line of how facts are stubborn things but made a small gaff by saying “stupid things, err stubborn things I should say”. Some publications printed that Reagan meant to say “stupid” things. Hat tip to Miss Coulter & her book Slander for setting the record straight.

    • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

      Coulter is hit or miss with me, she’s bright and witty but tends towards the shrill, she lost me for a long while when she was touting Christie. Hopefully she left that dog up a tree??

      • Kung Fu Zu says:

        She ran away from Christie a few months back. Appears to be completely reformed now.

        • David Ray says:

          I just recently finished her book “Demonic”. It’s top notch material. I may write a review of it on Amazon, as unlike the one star reviews, I’ve actually read it.

          What’s hilarious is that “Arming America” still gets rave reviews from liberals who seem to be unaware that the book is a proven fraud.
          Gary Bellesiles had his Bancroft award rescinded and got fired from Emory University as a result.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            If you want to submit that review her, David, send it to

            I’ve read part of that book. I may be getting my Coulter books confused, but it seems to me there was a fantastic section on the French Revolution. I never did finish the book though.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              Yes, she compares the French and American revolutions to the great disfavor of the former. I was planning to get Mugged soon now that it’s come out in trade paperback, and was thinking of doing a review of it here.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Yeah, that disturbed me a bit. She acted like a twenty-year-old dope-smoking Paulbot who had an infatuation with His Paulness. I’m glad she walked it back, but that was a hell of a blind spot.

          I don’t at all mind her shrillness. That’s part of her charm! But the love affair with Christie really put me off Coulter. I mean, there are just so many other books and people out there to read and listen to. You have to filter. She got filtered.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Coulter basically writes prosecutor’s briefs against liberalism. I find them quite enjoyable, partly because I often have similar inclinations myself. (I mentioned on NRO a piece today on Town Hall by John Hawkins on the 12 unspoken rules of liberalism that I think many here would find very interesting.) But one does have to realize that she’s there to present a case, not to present both sides. Remember, though, that she also did a favorable obituary for JFK, Jr. — who had the courage to publish her column in George (unlike National Review).

  9. LibertyMark says:

    Been posting on the site a little, mainly due to recommendation from a friend. Seems to be some big time animus toward NRO, which is fine, but it’s a little like inside baseball, of which I am not a part. I had to LOL, because this post was not a little like metablogging (I.e. blogging about blogging)!

    I do appreciate the lack of trolls, but more, I appreciate the lack of ad hominem attacks (ahem). May the site live long and prosper.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Thanks, Mark. We’ll handle the trolls as needed. Various opinions will be tolerated. But it’s clear that there are people, and many at NRO, who post as a form of primal scream therapy and/or whose posts are little more than like writing graffiti on the Mona Lisa.

      One thing I’ve certainly learned watching NRO is what happens when there is no sense of direction or guardrails. I’m a free speech advocate, but anarchy is not a pretty thing to watch, and that’s what NRO has infecting their comments (and their editorial staff, to put it bluntly).

      I like NRO. William Buckley was a huge part of the conservative revolution. It’s just that an entire generation of yutes has now gone through the education system. Yeah, it’s great that some of these guys have read Russell Kirk or Milton Friedman. But they have yet to unlearn a bunch of junk.

      And besides that, NRO lacks soul. They seem to be a site whose main interest is selling books, not saving America from Leftism via advocating a clear message of conservatism.

      And that’s a shame. But the culture right now is a mess, top to bottom, from authors at the top to the commenters at the bottom. There is confusion and ignorance that is exacerbated by frustration and anger. It all tends to blend together into pointlessness and static noise.

      It’s very easy to just take off on a self-centered, narcissistic rant. I often found myself doing it at NRO and I didn’t like it either. Sometimes it just seemed you had to scream to be heard above the noise of the poisonous trolls and others….not to mention some of the NRO authors who are completely out of touch and you wonder why they even bother publishing some of that crap.

      But just sitting at the keyboard hammering away doing the equivalent of a primal scream is not what I want to do and is not what this site is about.

      Those who simply want to rant and scream as a way to AVOID doing anything in regards to standing up to the Left, we don’t want you. Or to put it another way, we want you (not you, LibertyMark, just people in general) to take your game up a notch. Share the best of who you are. Share what you have learned, either from your work or the other parts of your life.

      But StubbornThings is not, and will never be, just another place to mindlessly rant. (Eloquent rants, however, are more than welcome.) We are so blessed to have this nation. Now, let’s go save it from the Communists and other “Progressive” plunderers and naive Utopianists.

      • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

        ‘…not saving America from Leftism via advocating a clear message of conservatism.’

        Great summation of not only NRO but mainstream conservatism today. Hate to quote a leftist but conservatism is in the streets and if we don’t hit the streets the OWSers will be hitting us… with bats!.

      • CCWriter CCWriter says:

        Agree. We’ve got at least one guy here who I consider the guest opposition. He’s far from a troll. He backs up what he has to say, and even if he’s quite forthright, he doesn’t exhibit those narcissistic behaviors that characterize the worst of the NRO trolls. He’s here to discuss, not call people names or disrupt.

        I would say that we still have a connection with NRO in that we wanted this site to be a haven for people who felt themselves part of a very special community there (which is what we really liked about NRO, and for my part I still do) yet are frustrated at the growing problems. So IMHO we do need to not only help them find their way here but also realize on arrival that they’re already somewhat connected and not strangers.

    • RobL_V2 RobL_V2 says:

      Thanks for strolling by (and not trolling in) Liberty. Yea we all started this site out our frustration with NRO so that formative kernel will likely remain with us for a while.

      I do agree we need to move beyond NRO and achieve confidence in our own merit.

      I’d refer you to some of the earlier articles to get a sense of what we want to do with the site.

      My piece entitled Light, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hemlock will give you my broad perspective.

    • Kung Fu Zu says:


      Confucius say, you very perceptive man. Keep up.

  10. jc says:

    i have wondered for some time who is really running NRO … as in editing, sourcing, guiding, shaping, etc. I suspect the answer is: no one. Very sad. The formerly robust stable of thoughtful writers and essayists has dwindled to an obvious few, but there seems to be no one in charge. Food for thought in carrying forward here: not to become that.

    More philosophically: to everything there is a season.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      i have wondered for some time who is really running NRO … as in editing, sourcing, guiding, shaping, etc.

      Probably the guy who is organizing the cruises.

      And I don’t want to play the class warfare card. But it wouldn’t hurt these guys instead of doing a stupid cruise to hold a good, old-fashioned American picnic somewhere and actually rub elbows with the great unwashed (and I would promise to wash my elbows).

      The Beltway Disease is a known pathogen, even if you take that beltway with you on a ship.

  11. jc says:

    WFB would be a tremendously hard act for anyone to follow, and when things are run by committee, as they seem to be now, a unified presence and direction is very hard to accomplish. Then there is also Buckley’s dictum not to speak ill of a fellow conservative …..

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I’m not sure right now, JC, that conservatism isn’t a hollow-out shell. If you look at NRO, most of the writers simply report on what is happening without taking a stand one way or another, without offering a clear prescription. Now, admittedly, Mark Steyn does so and is quite entertaining in his own way. But I’m getting a little tired of reading his articles. You get done with them and you realize he hasn’t actually taken a stand one way or another.

      That’s why I suspect that much of conservatism is just a hollowed-out shell. Where is that feisty attitude of “Cancel your own damn subscription”?

      I think conservatism has simply turned into an industry to sell books. It’s little more than an entertainment-based industry with no real goal to change the world for the better.

      And at NRO, this certainly shows as many of the writers are speak as if from on high. There isn’t the sense of many of them being a real person.

      Perhaps one shouldn’t criticize fellow conservatives. But I’ve never felt bound by the rule. I mean, what does one do when a guy such as Mitt Romney announces to the world that he is “very conservative”? What I did was laugh. He’s not a conservative. So do I not criticize him because he calls himself a conservative? Is there no cause larger in this country than making sure that fellow conservatives are free from necessary criticism?

      But the reality is we are becoming property of the Federal government. I was reading a little more of “Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times” by H. W. Brand and in the early 1800’s there was a great Shawnee Indian leader named “Tecumseh.” By all accounts the man possessed an extraordinary physical bearing as well as a gift for oratory. From the Indians’ point of view, all the tribes on the frontier had legitimate reasons for grievance against the U.S. And Tecumseh did an extraordinary job of uniting those tribes. But he had problems with one faction or type of Indian tribe. And it was those who had become accustomed to the hand-outs by the Federal government and the advantages incurred from mingling with the technologically superior settlers.

      And I just had to laugh. Here it was in the 1810’s and Big Government was already powerful enough to pacify at least some of these Indians, many of whom had real reasons to be aggrieved. What chance have the rest of us?

      This is the secret time bomb of Obamacare. It is like a virus inside the body of liberty. Once people depend upon the Federal government for the very care of their bodies, it’s all over. All we can do is do pretty much what we do now. Talk amongst ourselves and pretend that conservatism is something that can make a comeback.

      And you don’t read this at NRO. I don’t remember ever reading thoughts like this (other than perhaps Steyn in one of his book). But the sheer power of entitlements is under-rated by the right. One thing Mark Steyn does excel at is noting how our society tends to get lost in petty squabbles even as we are literally spending ourselves to oblivion. It’s another factor few talk about.

      So NRO itself becomes kind of a Steve Jobs-like “reality distortion field” (if you’re familiar with Apple lore), a playground for conservatism, but with little more substance than that…assuming, of course, the you can find any conservatism.

  12. faba calculo says:

    Yeah, I think I’m pretty much done with NRO as long as the censorship remains. I’ll glance there to see if there’s something interesting, but it’s time to move onto greener pastures.

    I mean, I guess my productive time was coming to an end anyways. How many more times do I want to post something justifying the inflation numbers BLS puts out to people positing conspiracy theories?

    Frankly, I went to in response to the ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) I started to see rising in the party after he was elected. But the derangement of the Disqus censorship there, where posts are deleted almost at random, is what finally drove me over the edge.

    The breaking point was my conversation with Bill Denim Dan Daniels.

    I can see having an open comment board where someone wanted to label the Somalis in Minnesota as filth because of how the Somalis in Somalia run their country. Personally, I think that bigotry should be freely expressed. But I could also see not allowing such posts. Everyone has their limits of tolerance. And I could see eliminating posts where someone who is an actual racist/national-origin bigot gets called exactly that. But repeated leaving up the places where the Minnesota Somalis are labeled as “filth” for no action of their own and removing the accusations of racism is so utterly beyond my understanding that I just can’t take it anymore.

    I’m actually a pretty moderate conservative, so I doubt that the read meat eaters there will particularly miss me, and, like I said, I’d pretty much said most of what I had to say. So maybe it was time to move on anyways. I just wish I didn’t have to do it shaking my head.

    • faba calculo says:

      Btw, where’s the blog roll around here? I saw it a few days ago and was planning on using it as a starting point for looking for greener pastures. Also, any suggestions along those lines would be appreciated.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I’ve been playing with some enhancements and have had to make some stuff disappear for short periods. But the Blogroll is under the “Link” tab on the right.

        • faba calculo says:


          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            Let me know what you think about the user interface/usability of things. I’ve had some experience in this regard, but I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants. Any comments or criticisms are welcome. Some feedback would be nice. Also, any suggestions any of you guys have for stuff you’ve seen elsewhere that you think would be of use here, let me know. I want picky picky picky people. 😀

            • faba calculo says:

              Brad, I’m not just saying this to be nice: you’ve done a super job.

              How long did it take you to learn to put something like this together?

              As for critique, I really can’t come up with much. You’ve got the right amount of stuff going on in the side areas but with all the main articles stacked on top of each other.

     could take a lesson from you. Their new “look” leaves me stumbling over the same story multiple times while I scroll around, wondering where the hell everything went.

              Outstanding job!

              • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

                How long did it take you to learn to put something like this together?

                Thanks, Faba. Well, it’s an ongoing process. I started at WordPress from scratch when I started this in late July. I’ve done my share of working with software, some web design and programming, so I had a bit of a head start.

                It’s taken lots and lots of time, which I don’t begrudge. And one reason that it has taken so much time is that this WordPress software has proven to be generally stable and customizable, thus it does tend to reward your efforts for working at it. So I keep finding more stuff I can do.

                Oh, geez, you’re right. Slate is a mess. It looks like a rectangle truck blew up in front of their offices and hurled its bricks all over their front page. Not only is it an intuitive mess to try to navigate, but it’s ugly. And what one needs to keep in mind is that a first-time visitor be able to, within reason, get an overall mental picture of what your site is and how it works.

                But I look at Slate and I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what’s most important. It’s definitely the shotgun approach to design.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I can understand what you mean. So often I find an article in NRO that I want to comment on, but then wonder what I can say that I haven’t said before. At least I seem to have been luckier on the deletion lottery, perhaps because I mostly just ignore the racist comments. I will continue to contribute there and on the Daily Caller (and occasionally other sites), but it is nice to have a place where lengthy contributions (and articles) are appreciated.

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