Non-PC Speech Not on the List

NotAuthenticallyBlackby David Norris6/15/15
For years I posted essays, ideas, responses to a variety of posts on Craigslist. I thought it was a good way to get in touch with what masses of people thought or felt about any particular issue. It was also an opportunity to practice writing, collecting my thoughts in an organized manner.

On occasion I would post for both sides of an issue so that I might gain more insight by trying to place myself ‘in an others shoes’.

After a while I began to notice an interesting phenomenon; many post that were filled with vitriol and hate (from ‘both sides of the fence’), many times mostly unreadable, were left to sit out on the site for days and weeks unchallenged, while posts that were intelligently written, asked reasonable questions, and brought up fact-based salient points often times would quickly disappear…especially if they were addressing those ‘left of the aisle’.

I found this happening to my posts regularly when I brought up questions regarding the ‘new status quo’. Whether they are labeled left, progressive, socialist, Marxist-Leninist, or communist; the one thing they often held in common was a violent reaction to anyone questioning their positions about an issue. When I say violent I mean threatening verbiage, profanity laced tirades, name-calling, and character assassination.

Very insensitive and intolerant of these folks I thought.

I became used to having my posts flagged and then deleted regularly. “No problem”, I thought, I would give the site a few hours or a couple of days before reposting. Sometimes I would amend the title to the post, or even re-write portions of it in order to fall under a more favorable politically correct position, which would allow the post return to the cyberverse.

This trend I observed over the last five years, was growing worse as time progressed.

Then, this week, I attempted to post a piece about the woman, a card carrying progressive, in Washington state who had been lying about her ethnicity for years in order to obtain material benefits – education, job, and status amongst her ‘peer group’.

Here is what I posted :

Following the dictates of progressivism, a white woman succumbs to the brainwashing of the political left, not only rejecting her white birth parents, but pretending and promoting herself as an ‘African- American’.

At least Obama, who did much the same thing in erasing his identity and re-writing a fictionalized account of who he was and where he came from (“Dreams From My Father”) was half black. Perhaps his audacious lies were an inspiration for this disturbed woman.

This is also a text-book example of the lefts’ on-going experiments with social engineering (social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups.), where, for example, men can become women, same sex coupling can be recognized as ‘marriage’, truth is relative, there is no God (unless you are Muslim), and whites and Christians are evil oppressors.

Within an hour of posting, my piece was not only flagged and deleted, but for the first time ever, my I.P. address was blocked from the Craigslist site. I received from Craigslist an e-mail address I could refer to for further clarification. I immediately wrote back asking whether I needed to contact an attorney and the news media about this obvious1st amendment issue.

I never received a reply but within 24 hours I was again allowed access to the site.

Why was I surprised at this turn of events? It seems like the natural evolution (revolution, de-evolution) of things in America.

Already I am seeing the left coming to this ‘poor woman’s’ aid, she is another victim. Excusing and apologizing for her, at the same time to trying to sweep it away as quickly as possible (“move along folks nothing to see here”) so as not to alarm the public about any disturbing behavior coming from their camp.

One defender, while acknowledging that she has ‘problems’, said that it was still her “right to self-identify”. What? What does that even mean? So lying is not the issue her but rather being able to choose ones identity is?

So, in upside-down America, now things will play out like this:

“Sir, you are accused of embezzling funds from your company and then lying about it in order to avoid the consequences, what say you”?

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12 Responses to Non-PC Speech Not on the List

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    There is no lie so outrageous, no abuse of language so heinous that the Left will not defend as long as it pushes their narrative of the moment. They are like a combination of zombies, lemmings and piranhas whose primary mode of political interaction is frenzy.

    As to the disgusting Dolezal person, I wonder how much of her whole shtck was actually an act to enable her to take advantage of affirmative action? Would she have been hired had she not been black and a woman?

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I find real parallels between this stuff and Nazi Germany. Okay, if one were to take the view that Craiglist is not the place for politics, then fine. But what the screwball and vicious Left instills in people is that forwarding clearly Leftist/Progressives views isn’t considered political at all. They just see their views as normal and transparent as they air they breath. Such views would not be scrubbed from a list (or a forum) where “political views” are deemed inappropriate. I’ve encountered this many times.

    That’s the power of indoctrinating people into a cult. And this is a most illiberal cult, quite despite the Left’s pretentious and delusions that they are the guardians of liberty.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This is why liberals are incapable of recognizing liberal news bias. To them, liberalism is just the simple truth; bias can only be the presence of some other viewpoint. I think they really think this way.

      When the lunatics take over the asylum, woe betide the sane.

      • Steve Lancaster says:

        In an insane society the only place for a sane person is in an asylum.
        Progressives are not the new Nazis but what the father and mother of the Nazi philosophy.

  3. Billiam says:

    While I agree with most of what you’ve written, I have to ask: How is this a 1st Amendment issue. Craigslist is not a government entity and they are under no obligation to put forth your writings. They, in my opinion, are wrong, but this has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      A valid point. A lot of people fail to see the difference between the moral issue of censorship, and the legal issue of state censorship. Brad Nelson has limits on what he allows on this site, and that certainly isn’t a legal matter.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      That’s a good point, Billiam, although I don’t think that David framed this as a free speech issue. Rather, it seems to me it’s a “liberal fascism” issue where we see another point in the culture where monolithic thinking is enforced.

    • David Norris says:

      Billiam – Thanks for your response. Technically you are probably correct. What if the enforcement of their policies are inconsistent and unequal though? I’m sure if I was a different shade of pale or gender (or ‘identity’) I could call the media to make a stink, and surely their would be some attorney willing to hit the airwaves and make some noise about it. Imagine the headline… “Craiglist on trial for unequal treatment”.


  4. Rosalys says:

    My brother posts comments on a lot of sites, many of them leftist. He has noticed the same phenomenon, lately. Anything that could qualify as a rant or snarky stays put, but “…posts that were intelligently written, asked reasonable questions, and brought up fact-based salient points…” get scrubbed. I suppose the reasoning is that it’s okay to reveal those on the right to be the low life that they are, but never allow them the opportunity to appear intelligent.

    The left is fundamentally dishonest. Don’t confuse anyone with the facts; just get with the state approved program!

    Craig’s List has a blog section? I thought it was an online classified ad site. Sheesh! EVERYTHING is political now-a-days!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I have often suspected something similar in the Curious Journal letters. They never seem to have a coherent conservative letter. Do they never get them — or just never print them?

  5. David Norris says:

    Brad – Here is what I am posting on Craiglist (rants&raves section) this morning. We’ll see what happens this time.

    Matt Lauer and the Today Show Gang –

    Progressive mainstream media collaborators at their best.

    Regarding the Rachel Dolezal interview this morning. Here was an opportunity for the Today Show gang to display some serious journalistic integrity, by pulling back the curtain and revealing how the progressive left really conducts their business.

    What was I thinking?

    After all they are not called reporters or journalists but rather ‘cast members’.

    The progressive left owns mainstream media and made sure that the interview and commentaries would be tightly controlled no matter what. So instead of talking about a card-carrying member of the left caught in a web of lies, the word ‘lying’ was never spoken, and the interview was carefully steered in the direction of “perhaps this was her plan all along, to get caught, thereby bringing a discussion to the forefront, and raising awareness for the cause”.

    Matt Lauer mixed in a couple of serious-sounding, seemingly penetrating questions, so as to appear that he was trying to get to the truth of all this, but the truth never arrived (because it wasn’t really invited in the first place), and each answer she gave vaguely turned round and round until we forgot what the original question was.

    The three diversity monkeys (hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil) that followed the interview, sputtered, hemmed & hawed, and bent over backwards not to judge, or offend, or show themselves to be lacking in compassion. You could tell they wanted to say the word ‘liar’, but clearly that type of discrimination (discrimination in the original sense and definition of the word; to discern, to weigh, to think and identify a thing for what it is) is verbotten in todays Amerika.

    All we were left with (pun intended), was the sense that Ms. Dolezal now had her coming out party on national TV, and because she is dedicated to keep working for the cause, she probably has a bright future ahead of her as the next celebrity/opportunist/politician.

    Cue emotionally stirring music, balloons, and confetti.

    ‘Bizarre’ does not do the whole scenario justice.

    Tonight when Matt Lauer and the gang go home to their families, they can pause to look at themselves in front of the mirror and tell themselves, “I am proud of the work I did today as a professional journalist. I acted with integrity and followed the dictates and rules as laid down by our supreme and wise bureaucrats. I am a true collaborator in every sense. Government bless Amerika.”

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