On This Night of Nights

by Glenn Fairman   6/24/14

I could not have known that on this night of nights, Venus would hang in the Western sky, and on her left shoulder the distant Jupiter would stand watch while Mars regaled us from the East. As the Moon gave chase to the ebbing rain, an owl bore witness as the thousands of valley lights sparkled before my trembling hands. On this night of nights, I know that every scintilla of the universe is woven together and strings plucked on my balcony and in the Sudan form a chord that resonates its way throughout the earth, vibrating with the frequency that moves Heart and Mind towards Him.

If you would but close your eyes and attend to this unmistakable song that saturates all Creation; where every star bears witness and everything that crawls or swims in the sea will attest to–you will encounter a Presence that will sweep aside every care and doubt that has ever beset your wavering resolve. Along that sacred chord that extends between heaven and earth-travelling that span of time between the first and last breaths of life, a hand that was pierced before the foundations of the world is reaching out. It is there now on this night of nights, if you would but see it for what it truly is.
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