Nice to be Hated by Both Sides

by Steve Lancaster    3/12/14

Final results from FL 13th:

Republican, David Jolly — 48.52%
Democrat, Alex Sink — 46.64%
Libertarian, Lucas Overby — 4.84%

The talking heads all over the net, television and radio are astounded that a Republican won in the special election in FL 13th district. One headline on Drudge even suggests the first wave of a tidal election. That might be true but please, don’t blame Libertarians or give us credit. Conservatives and Republicans are wiping their brow and saying, “Those damn Libertarians almost lost us this election. It’s a good thing Obama is so unpopular”. On the other hand, Progressives and Democrats are saying, “Those damn Libertarians lost us this election with their talk of individual freedom and Obamacare.” It’s great to be accused by both sides of being the spoiler even if it is nothing but bloviating.

Some on these pages have accused Libertarians of limiting the opportunity for a Republican to win a closely contested race. Some progressive sites have made the same accusation. If the Republican is such a weak candidate that he requires the lock-step support of Libertarians to win, then perhaps the problem is the candidate and not who supports him. By the same token, if a Democrat candidate is so pathetic that he needs the support of every Libertarian to win than there is more wrong with him than just being a Democrat.

Living in the South that was at one time solidly Democratic and in my home state of Arkansas that still may elect a Democrat Governor in November. I freely admit that almost anyone is better than Asa Hutchinson and I will not vote for him unless I am certain that the alternative is really the Beast. Mike Ross is just another loser Democrat and will have to deal with a legislature completely controlled by Republicans and Libertarians.

Arkansas has one of the toughest balanced budget constitutions in the country so there is little real damage even a Democrat can do. If I have to choose I will live with a DINO Democrat rather than a RINO Republican. So am I making a choice based on conscience and self-interest, yes of course I am, and so should every voter. A bad Democrat is better than a sleazy Republican, but there will be at least one Libertarian in the race, an opportunity for hope and change.
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3 Responses to Nice to be Hated by Both Sides

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    No doubt there are indeed rare occasions when a Democrat is sufficiently harmless to be worth supporting over a bad Republican. But most of the time (certainly in just about any federal race) that isn’t the case.

  2. LibertyMark says:

    Dear Mr. Lancaster,

    Once again we face the purity (dare I say Utopian) mindset of the Lib(Ertarian).

    Has it occurred to you that a candidate who cannot muster enough gravitas to garner more than 4.84% had no consensus and is therefore impotent to the office?

    Isn’t a candidate like this by definition an outlier without any designated authority to govern?

    Isn’t a candidate like this by definition not better than a Green candidate or a Communist Party candidate?

    The point is not purity of ideology,the point is the ability to gain voter consensus.

    Will the Lib(ertarians) never learn? It’s not about purity? It’s about ability to gain consensus. THAT, my friend, is politics, American Style.

    Refer to Reynaldus Maximus.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    In an election between a committed conservative (that is, one who won’t quickly turn RINO…and how one tells such a thing, I’m not sure) and a Democrat, libertarians are foolish not to support the conservative.

    That, of course, assumes that libertarianism is simpatico with conservatism. I have found that they are not simply a “hip” type of conservative but belong more to what Mr. Kung calls “the Bolsheviks of the Right.”

    I’m sympathetic to the disgust for Republicans, in general, because so many so-called “conservative” Republicans, once elected, join the majority of statists. But given Rand Paul’s support of amnesty for illegal aliens, it’s foolish indeed to suppose that even the most supposedly principled libertarians are a guaranteed fix for what ails us.

    The fundamental issue as I see it is that libertarians are not just another brand of conservative…perhaps stressing liberty a little more than conservatives who also factor in an appreciation for tradition and necessary order. They are a cult unto themselves where “reason” does not penetrate, despite their outward conceits toward that word.

    This is shown repeatedly when libertarians do not vote for the viable conservative and instead throw away their vote on a libertarian candidate. They show that they are a cult more than a principled political movement, for I can assure you that I will vote for Rand Paul if he gets the GOP nomination for president. I will not waste my vote on some “Constitution Party” candidate.

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