A New Year’s Meditation

NewYearby Glenn Fairman   12/31/13
Perched over the precipice separating one year from the next, I am tempted to shout out a cry of relief, considering what tragedies have occurred under 2013’s doleful watch. Indeed, death and dismay have attended my door. Cancer struck hard and swiftly in taking my own dear mother – whose strong and nimble mind proved insufficient to counter its icy talons. It took 2013 to make my brothers and sisters finally orphans through death, and although the past holiday season was welcomed, it was not the same. 2013 left me my family’s patriarch, a position that I am as ill-suited in holding as the title of some Spanish king.[pullquote]No longer do I fear death; for perhaps It is indeed good to grow older and silently close one’s eyes on a people’s decay into creatures of dwindling substance…[/pullquote]

And as if the grim face of mortality was not enough, the Progressive regime that has bore into America’s entrails has done much to eviscerate law and virtue: the legalization of drugs, the rank stupidity of gender identity, the addition of 40,000 new laws but an immeasurable slide into narcissism, ignorance, and banality. No longer do I fear death; for perhaps It is indeed good to grow older and silently close one’s eyes on a people’s decay into creatures of dwindling substance—grey islands of appetite enjoying the fading light of a setting sun. But then…..

Little pockets of life have sprung up to replace what has been lost, and my wife and father in law have stared deeply into the maw of cancer—and have prevailed. My children are thriving, and I am working again in the classroom. God giveth and taketh away. He allows us sorrow that excavates and remolds our stunted and flimsy selves. He makes us stronger by showing us how weak we truly are—-little mirrors that reflect the light of distant stars are being polished as we endure. There is so much work that remains to be done.

God bless you, my friends, as we leave one cycle of laughter and tears and begin putting our shoulder to another. We have no idea what the time shall bring us; only that its purpose will ultimately serve the Most High, and ultimately ourselves — if we can only see beyond the veil of flesh into what is bright and beautiful. It is appearing before us, even now.
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3 Responses to A New Year’s Meditation

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    My year was relatively boring comparing to Glenn’s — for better or for worse. Sorry to hear about your mother. And great to hear that other family members have regained their health.

    Glenn, you speak as if there was a purpose to this existence other than gaining facetime on MSNBC or Twerking with the Stars. (I really shouldn’t give network TV any programing ideas, as if they needed help in creating stupid things).

    The year for me was one of lots and lots of hiking and biking. Yes, that’s right. I’m a closet environmental wacko. I go stir crazy if I can’t get away from the office and into nature all by my lonesome. But the last thing I am is lonesome when out on the trail.

    Business was so-so. We’ve had better. We’ve had worse. For some reason (most likely naiveté), I am unconcerned about that aspect of my future and live each day with some vague drive to deepen my knowledge and say what needs to be said. Having done that for years now, I decided it was time to formalize it with this site. And it is not some feigned egalitarianism when I say this is our site.

    All are invited to participate if you are not simply regurgitating the BS from the Left. We need to roll back Leftism. We need to expose their lies. You would think Obama would have been shock therapy enough in this regard. But it boggles the mind how little skepticism there is towards the Democrats, the mainstream media, and other purveyors of propaganda.

    I predict 2014 will be the year when a few noxious chickens come home to roost. There are so many to choose from: The interest rates are bound to increase. Racial violence (stoked by the Left and Democrats for political/ideological purpose) may escalate significantly. It’s likely that gains in productivity (via technology and out-sourcing to foreign labor) has absorbed about all of the extra costs of Big Government (at all levels) that it can. A mild depression would not be a surprise.

    And in a stew of moral confusion and information scarcity, it is now possible for the unthinkable (as if Obama was not already unthinkable) to run rampage through our culture. Who knows what that will be? But the normal American immune system of good sense has gone missing. Almost any tragedy is now possible. The villains have set the stage.

    In short, I expect 2014 to suck. But if it doesn’t, I would love to be wrong. Either way, we’ll keep writing about it here — one of the few places, in my opinion, where there is a frank discussion of events without the contrived lens of either Leftism or the various heresies on the right.

    And thank you, Glenn, for taking this site on your shoulders and walking a good mile or so with it. We are the better for it.

  2. Glenn Fairman says:

    Happy New Year fellow Stubborn Things. It is such a pleasure to share and write alongside you.

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