Never Trumpers and Fox News

by Jon N. Hall4/20/18
Although the truly florid lunacy over the Trump presidency is confined to the political left, there is another breed of anti-Trumpism on the political right: the Never Trump movement. These folks are the conservatives, the libertarians, and (especially) the establishment Republicans who were staunchly against Trump from the moment he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 to announce his candidacy.

Never Trumpers got heavyweight support from the February 15, 2016 issue of National Review, the cover of which was emblazoned with “Against Trump.” Since “never” means never, there seems to be no assuaging these folks, many of whom are the stars of conservativism, i.e. intellectuals whom many right-wingers admire. Here’s a list of well-known Never Trumpers. Some Never Trumpers, however, may be faux conservatives.

During most of the 2016 campaign, I was not a Trump supporter, as I thought Trump would do nothing less than take down the whole Republican Party with him. In fact, I wrote maybe 15 articles for American Thinker urging primary voters, convention delegates, party committees, and anyone interested to back someone else. I mydamnself voted for Ted Cruz in the Missouri primary, and not because I was hot and heavy for Sen. Cruz but because I feared ruination of the party. And if primary voters didn’t do as I urged, then I wanted them to be ignored by delegates. Even so, in the first of those 2016 articles calling for the GOP to go with someone else, I indicated that I would vote for Mr. Trump if he were the nominee, and that I did. So this kid was never a Never Trumper.

On Dec. 29, 2017, the New York Times ran “Why I’m Still a NeverTrumper” by Bret Stephens. Stephens starts his column well, and even acknowledges the several successes of Trump’s first year. But he then admits that he still wishes Hillary Clinton were president and wonders whether he’s really a conservative. (My dear Bret, you seem to have gone over to the Dark Side.)

Some of President Trump’s most visible and vocal supporters are on FNC, the Fox News Channel. Because Fox News has long been the bête noire of the radical left, when Never Trumpers rail against Fox News, they need to be aware of whom they’re getting in bed with.

On March 30, the Washington Post ran “Why I left Fox News” by Colonel Ralph Peters. The article seems to have created a stir. When one Googles the first sentence of the article, 992,000 hits come back. The article was also run in McClatchy newspapers. Col. Peters is not a regular at the Post, but he does have his own column (archive) at the other Post, the New York Post, Alexander Hamilton’s old newspaper, which happens to be owned by News Corp, a Rupert Murdoch company, as is 21st Century Fox, which owns Fox News. (Let’s hope the good colonel doesn’t burn all his bridges.)

Over the years, I’ve appreciated Col. Peters’ appearances on Fox News, but this article has problems. Peters trots out Fox’s attacks on institutions, as though there are no problems with America’s institutions. Don’t pretend that there’s nothing wrong with our institutions, colonel, they’re the problem. Peters also talks about “Fox’s assault on our constitutional order,” but provides no examples of such.

What probably provoked Peters’ article was the March20 BuzzFeed leak of his Fox News resignation email, which was followed the next day by an article in the Post by Max Boot: “A conservative commentator revolts against Fox News.” But whereas Peters showed some grace and equanimity in his article and even thanks his Fox colleagues, Boot isn’t so nice. The last paragraph of Boot’s article contains one of the more deranged statements I’ve encountered by a Never Trumper (italics added): “Fox News’s creation in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes was one of the most damaging developments in modern American history.”

It’s a pity that there are no editors at the once-decent Washington Post charged with protecting their writers from making fools of themselves. Incidentally, you can find Mr. Boot on the list of Never Trumpers above. He supposedly endorsed Hillary Clinton, (and yet, he thinks he’s a conservative).

The reason Boot might have it in for Fox is because he didn’t acquit himself well there in July of last year when he appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, which you can watch at RealClearPolitics. That appearance was the day after Col. Peters had appeared on the same show; watch the whole exchange at RCP, or just the fiery moments at Twitter. Tucker may be the most gentlemanly host on cable news, but don’t call him a Nazi, a quisling, or a Putin accommodationist unless you’re ready to rumble.

The reason some Never Trumpers have it in for Fox News is not because the company hired Tucker Carlson to take over the time slot of Mr. Big, (i.e. Bill O’Reilly). Mr. Carlson isn’t a Trump apologist, (I can make that assessment because I watch the guy every night). Rather, the reason Never Trumpers have their panties in a bind over Fox News is because of the guy who follows Carlson: Sean Hannity, who refers to the MSM as the “Destroy Trump Media,” which he promises never to be.

Democrats and the radical left have put their hopes for getting rid of Trump in the Mueller probe. But that all seems to be boomeranging; what the Democrats have accused Trump of doing is what they actually did. For months now, Hannity’s program has doggedly focused on Democrat scandals and they hate him for it. Hannity’s show may well be the tip of the spear in uncovering wrongdoing in the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. And it’s the loons of the Left that Never Trumpers are now grouped with. The Never Trumpers are more concerned about possible crimes that candidate Trump may have committed than with the demonstrable undeniable crimes committed by candidate Clinton. They care more about getting Trump than with cleaning up the corruption, the institutional rot, at the top of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

What happened in the 2016 general election still seems a miracle, especially when one factors in the GOP’s success on the state level: Trump had coattails to burn. A cogent case might be made that the most important thing Trump did was to save us from the Dragon Lady. Had Mrs. Clinton won, it’s doubtful that any of what we’ve been learning on Fox News about the DOJ, the FBI, the FISA court, the Steele dossier, etc. would have come to light. America will cease being America if we continue to have a two-tiered justice system. Mrs. Clinton, her campaign, and all Deep State malefactors need to face the music.

Trump could denuclearize North Korea, could get the economy humming along at 4 percent growth, turn water into wine, and many Never Trumpers would persist in their disdain of the Donald. Why? Could it be a deep fear about not being taken seriously, of being irrelevant? Perhaps they’re more concerned about being shown to have been wrong than about everything blowing up.

A wise old Defense Secretary once said that “You go to war with the army you have.” Well, you run a country with the president you have. If Trump has some deficiencies, then let us work to help him. He’s done some fine things since in office, some very conservative things; even Bret Stephens admits it.

Without Fox News, America would be much deeper into socialism than she already is. Fox News is all we conservatarians have on the boob tube. If Rupert’s son decides to lurch left in the programing on Fox News, it’ll be enough for this kid to finally “cut the cord.”

Jon N. Hall of Ultracon Opinion is a programmer/analyst from Kansas City. • (863 views)

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31 Responses to Never Trumpers and Fox News

  1. pst4usa says:

    I still do not like the guy, but I also was never a never-Trumper. I like some of the things he has done, and scratch my head at others, but he is the President, so he gets support when I agree with him or I when I am not paying any attention to him, and I dump on him when I think he deserves it.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Max Boot is one of those neocons who seem to surround themselves with leftists and eventually give in to peer pressure.

  3. Steve Lancaster says:

    I don’t see DJT coming to dinner in Fayetteville, nor do I see myself sniffing 100-year-old brandy in Trump Tower. We both have our place. I would have tolerated just about anybody in the GOP “I’m not her” gaggle that thought they should be president. What threw me over to Trump is his fearless attacks on democrats and republicans whose only policy idea was to continue the insane policies of the last 30 years.

    William F. Buckley once said the role of the conservative is to stand in the road and yell stop! That is what Trump did and is doing. I question his methods, but they seem to work. Success breeds its own kind of momentum. There has been a lot of talk about the supposed “blue wave” in November. I don’t believe it. With the ass of the year, Ryan gone there is a chance for real republican power in the house, and 58 seats in the Senate is also a real possibility, maybe we can dump waddles McConnell also.

    For nearly three years the political class and the media have tried to destroy Trump and failed miserably. The never trumpers and the like will never admit their mistake. Actually getting what they want is foreign to them. I signed on for lower taxes, a robust economy, a fearless defense of American virtues and the freedom to tell the government to F-off.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    When Trump signed the huge spending bill, the rest is just fruit flies buzzing around a smashed watermelon. We can engage in The Daily Drama and perhaps endlessly parse personalities and identities. But at the end of the day, there can be no reform, let alone a conservative government, with the Federal government spending so much money and having so much say in our lives.

    • pst4usa says:

      Amen to that Brad. I often find a massive argument between the Fair Tax crowd and the Flat Tax crowd, both are passionate they have it right. I always have to jump in and say, I d not care how they tax us, as long as we do not get the spending under control, then whatever tax we come up with will be punative.
      I coined a phrase at one rally that I spoke at, (and it not take off), the left likes to call any cut to their rate of growth in spending as “Draconian Cuts”, well my phrase was why not call what they do as “Draconian Spending”, the effects are far worse to this country then any cuts we might make.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        I always have to jump in and say, I d not care how they tax us, as long as we do not get the spending under control, then whatever tax we come up with will be punative.

        Pat, with all due respect to those within yodeling distance, that this issue isn’t as clearly understood and outlined as you have done so shows, I think, one of the direct sad effects of The Daily Drama, if not the effects of a mere intellectual pissing contest.

        I don’t care if they set the tax method by throwing a dart at a dart board. The problem isn’t the “how” but the “how much,” particularly in regards to how much isn’t being taxed but is simply being borrowed (a hidden tax on future generations).

        Anyone who thinks they can take the sucker out of Baby Huey’s mouth (entitlement reform, reducing all kinds of “free stuff”) without a tempter tantrum is fooling themselves. But that’s what it comes down to. Intellectuals may think themselves right past this by obsessing on the merits of Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax, but the Baby Huey problem still remains.

        Draconian Spending indeed. More sober, unvarnished thought.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The reason we talk of draconian cuts rather than (more accurately) of draconian spending is simple: the left controls the synoptic media.

        I liked Brad’s reference Baby Huey with a sucker in her mouth. It’s like Rush’s reference to the US as becoming a sow with a bunch of greedy piglets eagerly sucking away. It also reminds me of an article I read (I think in Reader’s Digest) back in the ’60s on phrases that don’t make sense now. One was “easier than taking candy from a baby”. She pointed out how hard-hearted you would have to be to ignore all that squealing and crying.

        • pst4usa says:

          Anyone that uses that phrase Timothy, has never acctually tried to take candy from a baby. 😉
          Baby Huey as I recall was huge and he is tiny compared to the looters and moochers, (The American Baby), taking his camdy and moreover the candy/welfare from the American baby would be next to impossible indeed.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            I vaguely recall Baby Huey from my comics-reading days, and that was as a huge baby. I don’t remember much else about her. Of course, your point is exactly what the woman writing that article was saying. Ever since then, I think of the sort of person who would say it as a professional thug.

  5. David Ray says:

    Jon Hall sounds alot like Dennis Prager who is now a major Trump supporter.
    For the record I myself had huge reservations about Trump, and except for the latest spending bill, have been pleasantly glad to hear of his exploits.

    As for these idiot Never Trumpers, are they aware of just how childish they sound!? I still voice my displeasure with Trump, but minus the drama-queen bullshit.

  6. Steve Lancaster says:

    Links to german porn

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Thanks for keeping a watchful eye, Steve. I removed that bit of spam.

      As much as I might be amused by German porn (and any honest and interesting article about pornography in general, its history, etc., would be accepted), we (that royal “we” again) have to adhere to the rule of graffiti. It best be removed right away so as not to attract more.

  7. David Ray says:

    I was so close to a “Never Trumper” having been a Cruz supporter, yet I have to admit that with ANWAR drilling and the pipeline . . . I have no regrets about my vote. (Bush shyed off from that fight too damned easily.)

    Just a thought.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Elizabeth and I both voted for Cruz, but given the effective choice between Trump and Slick Hilly, there was never any doubt which we preferred. Overall I’m more pleased than displeased with his presidency.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I’m a “Sometimes-Trumper.” For what it’s worth, I think all this “Never-Trumper” baloney is just a way for the Trump kool-aid drinkers to try to pretend like Trump is not a problematic character.

      I was thinking last night that I think we mostly get out meaning not out of our principles but who our enemies are. “Not those bums” has much more power than reinforcing what one is for. And in the case of Trump, any reasonable person has to be selective in what he will support. So it’s much easier to just bash “Never Trumpers” as if doing so justifies some people having their nose right up Trump’s behind.

  8. Timothy Lane says:

    There’s an interesting piece on RedState today about Mueller’s indictment of various Russians and what’s happening. Of course, I always suspected that the corrupt special prosecutor was merely faking, aware that he could never get his hands on any of the targets to show if he had any actual evidence. But one of them, with deep pockets for hiring good (i.e., effective if most likely unethical) lawyers decide to fight back, and now Mueller will have to put up or drop the indictment — and what credibility he has, along with any remaining reputation. This could mean the end of his investigation, and good riddance if it is. The link is apparently unprintable.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Mueller should be fired and his fishing expedition throughly discredited. A distaste for any particularly leader does not legitimize Gestapo tactics, even if done behind the veneer of democratic processes.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        My hope is that the Mueller witch-hunt has outraged so many, that the Republicans will maintain control of both the Senate and House. Should this be the case, I believe (pray) that Trump will get rid of Sessions and Rosenstein and replace them with a couple of people who will then go after the criminality and corruption which is rampant in the FBI, Dept. of Justice, CIA and Homeland Security. I figure at least 10 people in these departments have committed felonies.

        I do not know if there is any legal remedy to the Mueller scam, but if there is Trump should use it.

        Huge damage has been inflicted on our country by the actions of the leaders of the above mentioned departments and if these people are not brought to justice, a horrible precedent will have been established whereby un-elected bureaucrats are allowed to disrupt the administration of an elected president with impunity.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Good points.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            Here is an article which lays out some specific remedies to the corruption which has run rampant in the FBI and Justice Department. Happily, it gives ideas as to how both Mueller and Rosenstein could be held accountable. I think this is as important as going after the people like McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper. I would also go after the Australian High Commissioner Downer.


            I was amazed to read that Mark Penn, the author of the piece worked for Bill Clinton.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              We need to decapitate the policing organizations corrupted by the Obama Gang (probably all of them). We may need a new prison wing just for them — and if possible, those who corrupted them (assuming they weren’t corrupt to begin with).

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              He comes to the right conclusions. But odd that he worked closely with the Clintons and doesn’t see any deep ethical problem to the Left wing of the Democrats. It’s hard to clean house when you deny the skeletons in the closet.

  9. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    If there was ever a competition for the mascot of Trump Derangement Syndrome, this guy would have to be considered a shoe-in.

    Either the man believes the claims he makes or his doesn’t. If he believes them, he is certifiably insane.

    I am more interested in the case of him not believing the claims, yet still making them. I did not know anything about the guy so I looked up his bio on Wikipedia. I believe the man is half-Jewish (his mother’s maiden new was Stern) so the question arises, “Why would someone who is Jewish claim that Trump is worse than Hitler?”

    One of the answers to that question takes me back to the possibility that he is insane.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Note that Hitler didn’t marry until he was about to kill himself, so he could hardly have been unfaithful in that very brief time. It’s also believed that Mein Kampf was dictated to Rudolf Hess, so we don’t know how much of it he wrote. So even the Bushie’s support of Hitler was heavily falsified.

      Obviously he’s the sort of Establishment, Beltway Bandit Republican that tends to suffer severely from TDS. It’s comparable to George Will calling for the GOP to lose so that the Demagogues could wreck the country. Hatred is a very powerful force, especially for those who’ve lost their influence and can’t abide that loss.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        It’s comparable to George Will calling for the GOP to lose so that the Demagogues could wreck the country.

        When looking up info on Bartlett, I came across an article which he wrote for Politico in 2015, which said basically the same thing. Trump was the best hope for the Republican Party since he would lose and the Dims would take over.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        One of Trump’s biggest positives is that he fights back. The lying media went crazy yesterday when Trump said he was a nationalist. Some of them again compared him to Hitler. Surprise, surprise.

        It is hard to fathom the stupidity of these people. As I was explaining to a friend in Switzerland, one of the big reasons so many support Trump is that, for all his faults, he clearly loves America while the Dims clearly don’t. This makes a difference to normal Americans.

        In reaction to the fools on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and elsewhere who spew their nonsense about Trump and the Republicans being Nazis, racists and generally bad people because they don’t want open borders, Trump tweeted

        Again, he doesn’t lay down and play dead like past Reps.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Meanwhile, after the (mostly) mailed bombs today included one addressed to John Brennan at CNN, there’s the usual leftist campaign to blame it all on Trump even though no one yet knows who did it, much less why. Jeff Zucker said this showed how important words are. The disgusting creep chose not to realize that such criticism has been a political staple for over 200 years without leading to such attacks. He also, as usual for leftists, carefully ignored all the leftist direct incitement of mob attacks, harassment, and violence against conservatives — and the many who have followed these admonitions.

          But then, Zucker isn’t in the news business. He’s nothing but a Demagogue propagandist, so no one should expect anything better from him.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            The moment I heard about the numerous bombs which were sent, I became suspicious of the actual motivations and who sent them.

            It is totally unlike Republicans to do such things.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            This thing is getting stranger and stranger.

            I am wondering if a foreign entity might be behind this. What better way to sow confusion and mistrust before an important election.

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