Never Again is NOW

by Fashqn7/27/15

As Hitler once worked his dark evil; and many nations stood helplessly by
Losing a part of our heart and soul; and ignoring the sad desperate cries

Now evil is rearing its head again; and coming after the Christian and Jew
And too many are still staying silent; which we promised we’d never again do

We always expected history to repeat itself; there is documented proof of that fact
But who knew it could happen again this soon; with most of us refusing to act

We’ve turned a dark corner that leads to no good; our allies left behind in the dust
As we embrace a new agreement with a dangerous Iran and blindly give them our trust

Here at home , we’re pitting the black against white; fighting each other at every turn
While all around the world ; people are dying ; persecuted while churches do burn

Women sold into sexual slavery ; the stories are more atrocious each day
As we imagine a war on women over here; and continue to lose our way

Innocent children crucified; and countries keep turning their head
Refusing to send their military men ; refusing to keep count of the dead

But we jump into action in our own back yard; our voices crying out in the lead
If the police who bring us protection; have a few ugly men and bad seeds

The distance between the races; is heating up quickly once more
As we fight over confederate flags; overlooking a more dangerous war

Political parties are still divided; with each side only eager to win
As we watch the Islamic extremists; usher yet another Holocaust in

It’s past time to do our part in all this; we MUST act some way; and somehow
To make sure that millions of lives are still saved; because never again is NOW

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2 Responses to Never Again is NOW

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    A liberal is someone who pledges “never again” at the Holocaust Museum — while supporting policies that make it likely to happen again.

  2. Tamara says:

    Well said and true, Timothy

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