My Dwindling Moral Authority

by Glenn Fairman  3/20/15

I was substituting at a local continuation high school in the inner city and noticed a guy walking around with his pants belted below the buttocks. Normally I don’t say anything to these high school retreads because it is really a miracle that they can even make it to class, but in my most authoritative “command voice” I said,

“Do you really think that your attire is consistent with this school’s dress policy?”

Nonchalantly, the figure faced me and the guy was at least 45 — a parent of one of the students enrolled there. I turned on my heel and marched in the other direction,— blubbering something like “Carry On” as I skulked away…….

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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5 Responses to My Dwindling Moral Authority

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Welcome back, Glenn. Yikes. I had a run-in with reality today as well.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Glenn, your moral authority is not dwindling, rather it is morals, tastes and general intelligence which are.

    Your observation that the man was at least 45 years old, jives with my observations. A large percentage of those around 50 or under are so poorly educated and have such a lack of propriety that the country really has reached a tipping point. The Obamanation truly is just a manifestation of a cancer which has metastasized in this nation. Far too many people have become flaccid in all areas of their lives. Rigor in thought and action is virtually non-existent among these moral invertebrates. Even many of those who claim to be conservative Christians are a joke. It is not so much that they are hypocrites as they are incredibly ignorant and incurious about any thought with a depth of more than about a micro-meter. To call them sheep would insult the ovine species.

    Our “culture” is so degraded and has sunk to such degeneracy that I doubt we will be able to claw our way out of the approaching abyss.

  3. James Smith says:

    I think what troubles me the most about your encounter with this numbskull is in your use of the word “nonchalantly”. Obviously has offspring who need a role model and behaves like a shameless animal with the expectation that there will be no consequences for adolescent behavior at his age.
    Or, maybe he was trying to embarrass his progeny.
    Thanks for the post Glenn

  4. David says:

    The original meaning of that strange method of wearing pants was a prison notification that the wearer was “available” for sex. How this has been transmogrified into a ‘liberal vogue pose’ that is somehow supposed to be ‘cool’ staggers belief. Its just further evidence the liberal mindset is psychologically damaged and deranged.
    And liberals constantly say conservatives are extreme….

  5. Billiam says:

    I received a compliment of sorts this week. I was told I don’t look like a truck driver. “Explain that, please.” I requested. Well, I was told, you dress in clean, undamaged clothes, your clean shaven with a nice haircut, and you don’t swear. I could only smile sadly and thank them for the compliment.

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