So Much Grief in a Fallen World

by Glenn Fairman   6/24/14

So much grief in a fallen world
To bring great tears to a jaundiced eye
An old man groans at his young son’s loss
At Fresh Spring trees that fade and die

So much greed in a frenzied land
Of lustful dreams and abundant shelves
One knows the price but not the worth
For the shiny baubles that rule ourselves

So much noise from a deafened race
Shrill Tongues that chatter, without an ear
Plaintive cries tuned fever pitched
Crescendo, break, then disappear

So much pain in a vexing globe
Afflicted flesh and broken minds
Tumored wraiths in bitter sorrow
Despairing hearts to death resigned

So much grace in a Fallen World
And if that world had understood
The Son of Man drew near to love us
In consenting to His Cross of Wood
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Glenn Fairman

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2 Responses to So Much Grief in a Fallen World

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Nice set of opposites. Parts of it remind me of “The Sounds of Silence” (especially the third stanza). Appropriate, since Simon and Garfunkel started out doing a lot of gospel music (e..g,. “Go Tell It On the Mountain”).

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I have a brother who believes (and apparently there is support for this in the Bible, at least according to him) that there are races of beings all over the universe who live in peace. But on earth, man is in rebellion from God.

    That’s an interesting concept. Is man in rebellion or is he inherently thrust into, and shaped by, “the survival of the fittest” and thus many of his negative traits can be understood in terms not of rebellion but of raw survival and power-seeking (such things being advantageous and inherently rewarded)?

    Myself, I think it’s impossible for a normal man to have a perspective that is wide enough to see all the facets and factors. However, I do believe that “survival of the fittest” is one factor. At the same time, I’ve seen a type of rebellion against just plain decency that seems to be not about survival at all. It seems to be about something regarding will or outlook.

    If both aspects are real, one should not be surprised therefore that atheistic governments (such as Communism) have produced grand horrors. And although it’s generally considered open-minded to suppose that not all atheists are bad people, one wonders if they understand the entire game they are a part of.

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