The Morality of Everyday Life

MoralityEverydayLifeSuggested by Daniel Flynn • Fleming offers an alternative to enlightened liberalism, where moral and political problems are looked at from an objective point of view and a decision made from a distant perspective that is both rational and universally applied to all comparable cases.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I found reference to this book on Dan Flynn’s interesting article at The American Spectator regarding the heroin-overdose death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Here’s a brief excerpt:

    “At my office today everyone is talking about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and how great of an actor he was,” a letter writer to Dear Prudence explains. “I made the comment that while he was talented, he was also a junkie who just left three children without a father. I am now getting the cold shoulder from many colleagues.”

    The article goes on to make some other interesting points, including people living vicariously via celebrities and the phenomenon of a sort of displaced morality. Flynn smartly writes:

    Therein, Fleming [the author of “The Morality of Everyday Life”] ponders the phenomenon of imagining ourselves citizens of the globe before members of a family, neighbors on a block, or residents of a town. Too often, handwringing over Darfur or Tibet covers for dodging responsibilities to those closest to us. It’s as though the right moral posturing involving distant people who might as well be abstractions absolves us from the neglect of the very real individuals in our orbit.

    The above quote is consistent with what Dennis Prager says, that Leftism is a way to absolve oneself from the dodgy behavior that one indulges in. As long as you mouth the right slogans and put the right bumper stickers on your car, it’s like buying for yourself a Middle Ages Indulgence.

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