Moment of Clarity

by Glenn Fairman5/23/16

And now for a moment of quiet clarity.

What possible advantage to civil society, other than the dubious transfer of copious amounts of money in a few select pockets, does the invasion of Islamicists, and their ilk, offer to the West?

And more importantly, other than the momentary pleasure that comes from that money and the power it purchases for a brief season, why would a politician import the moral equivalent of the Aids virus into Western communities, unless deep down in that stone of a heart lurks a visceral hatred of its motherland?

Dante wrote true: Traitors to lords and benefactors and to those who were placed in their safekeeping must occupy the deepest circles of Hell.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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3 Responses to Moment of Clarity

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Glenn, one problem I face as a web site operator — and it’s a nice problem to have — is being on the right side of things. Although I’m tough on the fraudulent pope and on Kumbaya Christians, it is not possible to exist in reality with a reasonably wide knowledge of the facts and be an enemy of Christianity. You can only become an enemy if you have been corrupted and/or have been given (or prefer) a very narrow view of the facts.

    Granted, I doubt that most Christians know what Christianity is all about, so it’s hardly unique that those on the atheist side (also called the Religion of Leftism or Progressivism) know what it’s about. Arguing religion with someone on the Left inevitably and always becomes arguing with their narrow and somewhat juvenile caricatures of what they think Christianity is.

    That brings us to Islam, which has been a dark plague on mankind since its inception. The world would be a happier place if every Moslem converted to Christianity or Judaism…or even Hinduism. Islam is a totalitarian system based upon death, fascism, and deception.

    I suppose no wonder the Left prefers it over Christianity. One can have some pity for the dark hearts of those who have imbibed the aggrieved sludge of the Left and have been alienated from the true elements of compassion (which, we might remind them, is not “eating the rich”). A hard heart tends to get comfortable in its endemic anger, so it seeks to normalize this alienation rather than to heal it. Pretty soon they become like Dracula wherein holy water leaves a burning mark.

    There is no doubt Obama has the sort of dark heart that I speak of. He has a deep hatred of the West. But so long as “compassion” is measured by calling evil good and giving it free passage, it will be difficult for the Kumbaya Christians and other friends of the Left to save themselves.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    The radical Left has many motivations, and one certainly is a loathing for Western civilization, America, and Israel. The fact that the Islamists share this loathing gives them some common ground, intensified by their shared desire for a totalitarian government. The GOP Beltway Bandits, meanwhile, want to “stand tall in Georgetown” rather than be targeted as “racists” for seeking to keep Islamists out (which, today, probably requires keeping all Muslims out). And none of them really believe that Islamism can truly wreck their country, and especially their safe enclaves.

  3. pst4usa says:

    Well, there in lies the problem Glenn, we are asking for rational thoughts from an irrational being. The problem those on the left have, is they do not “Feel Good” about themselves, so they must be the victims of an evil country, so to make themselves “Feel Better”, they need destroy that same country.
    We might have been as far gone as Europe had it not been for those pesky founders and their wisdom in protecting religion from the corrupting influence of government, not completely successful we understand, but it slowed them down for quite awhile. And Jefferson had a way with Islamist. Shores of Tripoli and all.

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