Minding the Pennies

Pennyby Anniel   5/17/14
Do you still pick coins up off the ground? Do you have a savings jar of some sort? Do you remember a time when people were taught that thrift is a virtue and did your parents teach you the old folk saying, “Mind the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”?

Having asked these questions I admit the biggest question I hear whispering in my ear is: “What possible difference does it make anymore?” (Shades of Hillary Clinton!) As the putative president of the United States, and his wife, run around the world spending money not their own, one has to ask why any of the rest of us should even “save” a single cent.

When hosts of citizens don’t understand how the tax system does or doesn’t work; how they think “drastic cuts” to the rate of growth mean actual cuts; don’t know the government shut down was contrived; why we need “zero based budgeting” and a Balanced Budget Amendment, even the hardiest souls might quake at how to teach so foreign a concept as “real” government savings.

Let’s begin with the United States Constitution: Section 7 says: “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;”

This means that the House of Representatives holds the purse strings and is charged with submitting a budget each fiscal year. The House considers the President’s requested budget and tries to keep spending under a debt ceiling, which is, supposedly, not to be exceeded. The budget proposed by the House is then sent to the Senate where that body adds its demands for funding, and on to a joint conference committee for resolution. Both Houses vote on the finished product and once it is passed they forward it to the President for veto or signature. At least that’s how things are supposed to work.

In reality the budget is always higher to begin with, inflation you know. The House sets its spending priorities, forwards the bill to the Senate to add their demands. Then during Joint Conference Committee meetings both Houses load on the pork. Thus the politicians (and bureaucrats) can reward themselves and their cronies, and powerful voting blocs in each state get more funding for their pet projects. The longer members of Congress serve, the more powerful they become and the more pork they bring home, keeping their constituents happy and voting for them. They keep playing the same old game, year after year.

Other methods of increased spending include raising the debt ceiling, supplemental or “emergency” spending resolutions and adding a desired unfunded program or project and cost as a rider to a completely unrelated bill. (Didn’t the Senate promise not to do that anymore? Have they kept their word?) Everyone turns a blind eye to such shenanigans, and again the taxpayers are looted.

The President’s proposed budgets make clear where his priorities lie. This President’s budgets have been unanimously rejected every year since he took office. Under President Obama the game has changed and there is a method to his madness. He prefers to have no limits on his power and with the budget and the budget makers under his thumb, he manages to unconstitutionally drain the coffers by tools such as Executive Orders. That means that every time we reach the debt ceiling another battle erupts. And almost no one in the House of Representatives ever has the courage to try and close the purse.

The passing of the fiscal budget is a Constitutional requirement, but the government has operated without an official budget for almost all of this administration, thus both the House and Senate appear to have evaded their duties. However, the House has regularly forwarded budgets to the Senate where ONE MAN, the odious Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, pronounced them DOA. Has he ever negotiated with the House or attempted to resolve the issues? Not Harry. He threw those budgets someplace (a drawer, a garbage can? Who knows?) and just ignored them until he got his way.

Now that a budget deal of some sort has been brokered, Congress can pretend to follow it while everyone happily keeps spending, and the government faces a trillion dollar addition to the “debt ceiling” to allow ever more spending. The supposed “cuts”, of course, are way down the road. As the old children’s song says, “The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. . .”.

And so, with no effective budgetary restraints, the Senate Majority Leader and the President of the United States have proceeded to rape the Treasury and the citizens of this country, and each year increase their power exponentially. They now think they are so powerful there’s nothing to be done to stop them and they take whatever they want. You can always tell who the bad guys are. . . They are the ones who don’t care what happens to anyone but themselves and they don’t care if you know it.

Now we can go on to the next manufactured crises. Is it immigration reform or the minimum wage this week? Both plus Racism? War on Women? Or was that last week?

There are words, dishonorable, oath breakers, liars and sinners come to mind, for those who have no conscience. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear have many times been shown President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid and the House leadership for who and what they truly are. Hypocrites, every damn one of them.

Once again we as a nation are faced with the cowardice and lies of the political class and almost everyone connected with it. Is it even possible to recognize any semblance of truth coming out of Washington, D. C. or from the fools who pass themselves off as the brightest among us? Our leaders in both parties seem to have forgotten their oaths of office, particularly that to protect and defend the Constitution.

What a shame it is that so few men stand on principle. And so this nation is led by fools and simpletons. Statesmen and oath keepers need not apply.
If political leaders were anything resembling honest, they would admit they have ceased minding any amount of money, whether on behalf of the country or that used for their own greed, power or comfort:

If Congress minded the thousands would the millions take care of themselves?
If Congress minded the millions would the billions take care of themselves?
If Congress minded the billions would the United States still be well over seventeen trillion dollars in debt?

Now here we are, another billion or trillion dollars in debt each time the president wields his pen. Add Obamacare to this mix and try to guess the debt ceiling next time. After all, what’s a few trillion among thieves?

We would do well to remember that if the devil had fingers, his prints would be all over the world, and since the devil is always in the details, that is where his fingerprints are to be found. Unfortunately we know whose fingerprints help make the devilish details, but no political or moral fortitude exists to stop the carnage. • (1072 views)

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2 Responses to Minding the Pennies

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I like what one of the commenters said at the bottom of the American Thinker publication of your article:

    “Most Americans will have no idea that something is wrong until the shelves are bare at the supermarket.”

    And what you said here, Annie, is so true:

    What a shame it is that so few men stand on principle.  And so this nation is led by fools and simpletons.

    If there is one goal to this site, it’s not to make a conservative out of anyone, per se. It’s to deepen them beyond the trite and superficial “education” they have likely received at the hands of the “Progressives.” And I’m not too proud to say that we all have remedial work to do in this regard.

    There is an old saying: “Are you a man or a mouse?” That applies as well today.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Unfortunately, the problem isn’t that we’re led by fools or simpletons or cowards. It’s that we’re led by crooks, with the Fascist Messiah (Barry the King of the Leeches — or perhaps the King of the Buggers, as in Candide) as the Gangster-in-Chief and Eric Holder as his Anselmi (with Lois Lerner retired, someone else at the IRS no doubt has taken her place as his Scalise). But they do mind their thousands and millions and billions, just as in one of Jane Haddam’s mysteries Gregor Demarkian did indeed “watch what he ate”: They pay close attention, because those are the rewards to their various cronies.

    As for picking up coins, I don’t get out enough to see very many, but I’d probably still do it. Of course, as people get to our age it can be a bit of trouble doing so, as Dave Berg once pointed out in Mad Magazine.

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