No Mere Fluke?

FlukeSby Glenn Fairman   2/7/14
In the world of human events, what passes for information on the 24 hour NEWS cycle can either lift us into a state of euphoric bliss or bring us crashing down to the depths of despair — depending upon the caliber of one’s politics. With that said, the ubiquitous Sandra Fluke, much like the vexatious Justin Bieber, remains “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Indeed, in becoming liberalism’s grasping archetype of sexual entitlement, the word had made its rounds (if the word can ever be trusted) that Ms. Fluke was of a mind to throw her well-worn IUD – er…hat into the ring, so to speak.

But within days of this political sounding, it now appears as if a Congressional seat is perhaps not in the cards for this Progressive daughter of the hypocritical paradox: a confused feminist who waxes righteously that while government must not encroach upon or profane the hallowed sanctity of her boudoir, still it remains the contractual obligation of civil society to fund the upkeep and disposal of her copulatory proceeds. I am sure that from her perspective this is a great gig, if you can get it. For in truth, the art of getting “fluked” and getting paid to do so by the confiscated labor of others is, I should say, no mean accomplishment.

Rightly or wrongly, Sandra Fluke has become the Left’s Poster Child for the expansive state’s project to cement its foothold into the once private sphere of sexuality; and in assuming the heat under this spotlight, she has become a lightening rod attracting scorn for entitlement promiscuity, self-indulgence, and the eternal childhood that accompanies the volitional state of learned helplessness. Moreover, I wonder if she is even cognizant that her symbolic advocacy lowers the bar exponentially for the cause of autonomous feminist independence? Fluke represents an agenda that, in essence, crawls to the regime with tin cup in hand — begging for alms so that the art of rutting and the fruit of one’s careless coupling can be accomplished with hardly a thought as to the consequences that strong mature women plan and even agonize over. In truth, Ms. Fluke and her followers want no less than to hand over their own biological accountability to others so that they and their consorts can trip the light fantastic with the confidence that — if things ever go south, (and they generally do when you are a nimrod) “they won’t be punished with a baby.”

And if, after a series of indiscriminate parleys, chemical science or state-subsidized prophylactic measures break down and a human life proceeds despite our dilatory Humanist mastery over nature, well then, Leviathan too will step in and suck the little viscous blob into a grinder. Either way, one need fear no consequences or reprisals – except the joylessness of one’s incrementally seared conscience, which if left unheeded, will eventually be silenced also. From this unique vantage point, one can proceed untouched and unbidden while descending into the moral province of mere animalia. To quote Shakespeare, “what brave new world, that hast such people in it!
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The Shakespeare quote is apt, though he meant it differently. Apparently local pols were unhappy at the idea that a neophyte whose sole qualification is wanting to have her contraception paid for by all the people who are supposed to pay no attention to why she wants so much. At least her running now allows us to call her Sandra Slut (or similar such epithets), as least by applying the same standards liberals use for conservative women active politically.

  2. steve lancaster says:

    As mature adults we do not live in the past, that is for the aged, nor do we live in the future, that is for the very young and immature. Instead we live in the present and that is one of the areas that the true believers like Sandra Fluke, BHO and the like can not go. However, their glorious future is never achieved, like the “great leap forward” the “five year plan” or “universal health care” the actual achievement of these goals marks the end of the active phase of a mass movement and the choice of actually becoming a part of the middle class or finding a new movement. The choice then is clear, they will sabotage their own programs to keep the movement alive. .

    • Glenn Fairman says:

      an interesting thesis——

    • That is a thought-provoking idea. Hmm…..

    • Timothy Lane says:

      An interesting point about utopianism. Incidentally, it reminds me of the point of the title of Mike Resnick’s novel Paradise, a science fiction allegory of the history of Kenya (he later did follow-ups using Zimbabwe and Uganda). He had noticed how many Europeans had always thought Kenya was a paradise right before they arrived, and that many Kenyan natives were sure that it was going to be a paradise Real Soon Now — but of course, the paradise never had been and never would be.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      You sound like Jonah Goldberg, Steve. And that’s a good thing in this case.

      Many of our fine friends and internet family here gain the meaning for their life through their work, the family, and their religion. All of these are more or less private spheres of influence (as opposed to governmental). None of their proclivities require us to do anything. We are free to leave them alone or join them where appropriate. That is the state of a free society peopled by people of good will and integrity.

      That leaves conservatives and people of integrity at a decided disadvantage in the face of those who live and breath government or government influence as the breath of their life (the halitosis of their life, perhaps). Conservatives just want to be left alone, for the most part. But there is that brand of Flukian people who have learned to become professional agitators and beggars and they use government to force us to be their donors.

      Rush Limbaugh was very wrong to call Sandra Fluke a slut . . . but not because it was impolite but because it was inaccurate. She is more accurately called a beggar.

      In even a halfway sane world, the world would laugh these professional beggars off the public stage, especially when they come crying to Congress about not being able to pay for their own birth control.

      Unfortunately, we live in an age where the “empowerment” of women means, via sly means, the disempowering of all the hard-working people who have to pay for what the agitators often successfully agitate for. Their currency is “victimhood.” And as I often quip, When are we going to run out of victims? Well, it seems no time real soon. The pay is too good.

      The way your typical “activist” acts is an embarrassment to our nation. That we have elected one of these fools and frauds as president will (one hopes) forever be to our shame (having shame being a step up from where we are now).

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    “they will sabotage their own programs to keep the movement alive.”

    I don’t think they sabotage their own plans so much as their plans are unachievable from inception. The ruin is inherent in the plan. Utopia is unachievable. The pursuit for unachievable goals inevitably leads to failure.

    They may appear to be sabotaging their plans as they know they are unattainable, but with the failure of each program they can always find a convenient scapegoat to keep the masses agitated. Failure can be a very useful political tool as proven by the likes of Stalin and Mao.

    Perhaps the Plebs believe in the future, but I suppose the elites see failure as the gift that keeps on giving. Since it is an inevitable part of their program they might as well use it.

  4. steve lancaster says:

    The unique thing I believe about progressives, socialists, communists, and all statists is that at heart they are misfits. They, for whatever reason, view the past as glorious but never to be recaptured, the future as something that can only be striven for but never obtained, the present for them is ruined. It is this view of the present that makes them misfits in society, unable to deal with the daily to-and-fro of life. It is for this reason that they forever search for “meaningful work”.

    How often do you hear them say that their employment is meaningful and the factory worker, the garbage man, the plumber or the farmer are forever doing “dull” work? Of course progressives have never done any of the dirty work they only believe it is dull and meaningless. I wonder how meaningless it is for a family to be able to feed itself without a government handout. To know the satisfaction of providing with their own hands the social and physical needs of their family? There can be no more meaningful employment than seeing a child that was hungry fed by ones own work.

    The progressive, and the social democrat consider themselves, in Thomas Sowell’s, words the anointed and above the hoi polloi. They are the ones on the outside looking in and secretly cry on the inside knowing that the only one who has cast them out is themselves.

  5. Timothy Lane says:

    Daniel B. Mitchell of Cato has an article (available today on TownHall) which (among other things) shows a parody of Sandra Fluke. It has her picture with two captions: at the top it notes that she can’t afford her own birth control; at the bottom it notes that she paid a $1745 filing fee to run for Congress (before deciding to run for a state legislative seat).

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