Merchants of Despair: Part II

MerchantsOfDespairby Anniel7/3/15
Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism  •  by Robert Zubrin, Author, New Atlantis Books, 2012. Available on Kindle.  •  Part Two

Chapter 7. By 1940 Eugenics, as a purported science, had suffered a body blow and the discredited field had to be propped up. One of the first moves was to reorganize the Eugenics Records Office. It became the Genetics Records Office, which, following WWII, launched “population control” as their new mantra. Almost all of the former Eugenics leaders became supporters and members of the Population Council. John D. Rockefeller III, Frederick Osborne and Margaret Sanger were among this group.

Margaret Sanger’s magazine began working full time on population control. She wanted more births among the “fit” and less among the “unfit.”
It is astounding the things done by the Population Council to exert control in countries around the world. By 1952 the various birth control groups had come together as the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Following WWII eugenicists under the auspices of Nelson Rockefeller III, made inroads into Japan and convinced the Government there to urge the obedient Japanese people to cut their birth rates severely. By 1955 there were almost more abortions than live births in Japan. From about the same time Japan’s birth rate has been below replacement levels, and today marriage and children are shunned. Japan is left with a rapidly aging population and the problems that come with it. Japanese women would rather play with life-like dolls or Robots than real babies.

In the 1950’s, Hugh Moore, the Dixie Cups millionaire, was converted to population control and eugenics and became a very enthusiastic board member of the Planned Parenthood groups. He wrote a pamphlet entitled “The Population Bomb” which he sent out in mass mailings to politicians all around the U.S. and to his wealthy and influential friends, bringing many into the fold. A few years later Paul Ehrlich would borrow that title for his own book.

The pamphlet was used in government to show how the U.S. needed to make funding available for population control in countries where communists were trying to take over. President Eisenhower would not support those efforts. Neither would Candidate John F. Kennedy. In fact, Margaret Sanger said she would leave the United States if Kennedy was elected, but decided to stay for a year to see how he did.

By 1961, all the population control groups were scratching each other’s backs and sharing their people, facilities and funding. By the time JFK was assassinated the push for population control was well established in our government and Lyndon B. Johnson and his advisers joined with them.
When India had serious crop failures in 1966, LBJ wouldn’t help with aid until poor Indian women were sterilized. USAID, under the direction of Robert McNamara, made certain India forcibly performed sterilizations on poor rural women in group settings. Many of the women became infected in the unsanitary conditions and died.

Such is the legacy of eugenics and population control.

Chapter 8. This chapter is the story of DDT and the miracles it performed around the world toward the end of WWII, how it was found to cut death rates from malaria and other diseases, causing population growth.

DDT was used to stop spread of diseases from Nazi Concentration Camps and from war-torn countries. In 1948 the inventor of DDT, Paul Muller, received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for saving the lives of millions.

In the U.S., prior to WW II, between 1 and 6 million people a year contracted malaria. Thanks to the use of DDT, in 1946 there were 2 confirmed cases. Leadership all over the world began using DDT. It was cheap, effective, and thought to be safe.

Aldous Huxley began the anti DDT campaign because it would save too many lives from malaria in Tropical (read African) countries. He said malaria would be a preferable death to the starvation that faced millions if DDT continued to be used. In 1958 Rachel Carson was given the contract to write the book called Silent Spring and the world changed.

Who born after about 1965 has not read and been affected emotionally by Silent Spring? I know I read it as though it were gospel foretelling terror on the earth. Pesticides would kill everything! Rachel Carson could certainly write and was well-credentialed. What was not to be believed?

However, looked at as science, Silent Spring is a fraud. Only in the last few years, when millions upon millions have died from the resurgence of malaria and other diseases, has Carson’s work been exposed for the propaganda it is. In 1977 the newly founded EPA extensively studied DDT and found it to be safe and effective, but EPA Director William Ruckelshaus over-ruled the report and effectively shut down all DDT use in the U.S.

I sat here and tried to imagine living in an area to be sprayed with DDT and felt shudders all over my body. Cognitively I accept its use as safe, emotionally it would probably still horrify me. My husband attends a Parkinson’s group meeting once a month and all the Parkinson’s patients wonder if DDT exposure caused their malady, even though Parkinson’s has been around before DDT. Would you want it used again? Go figure.

Chapter 9 In 1967 the Sierra Club commissioned Stanford insect ecology Professor Paul Ehrlich to write The Population Bomb,, the book that would become the Bible for those who believed in Malthusian and eugenics principles. The book, first released in May, 1968, was heavily publicized by the Sierra Club and quickly became a best seller.

The Population Bomb was a new experience for me. I first heard about the book and Mr. Ehrlich in February of 1969, when he appeared on some late night TV show to discuss his “theory,” which he spoke of as indisputable fact. I was Outside (of Alaska) and my father’s funeral had been held that afternoon. I remember very clearly the horror that came over me as I realized Ehrlich was a liar and that what he was saying was very evil. I cannot tell you why I knew that, I just did.

I will not quote one stinking thing this man has said and done. Everyone knows nothing he has said has been true but he is still revered by an adoring public. His work has caused so much grief to mankind it is astronomical. I heard him on a UTube talk recently still spouting his crapola and taking credit for saving the world by preventing more population growth.

If you want to know more about Ehrlich, this chapter is for you. And John Holdren, Ehrlich’s protege, is Barack Obama’s Science Adviser. We can easily guess what he advises.

In 1968 a group of wealthy and influential World Leaders met in Rome to discuss acting at a global level to solve the problems of mankind. You can also find out who these people are and what their antihuman goals are.

At the end of this chapter, Zubrin has a Focus Section which he calls the Fallacy of Limited Resources. It’s interesting in light of the oil glut going on now.

Chapter 10. This chapter is about “The Betrayal of the Left” and describes a time I lived through that Zubrin describes in ways I don’t even recognize no matter how many times I read it. If you get this far let me know what you think.

Chapter 11. Covers the Anti-Nuclear Crusade. Zubrin favors Nuclear Power and goes through pollution of the air and water that has been mitigated by nuclear generating power plants. Disposal of Nuclear waste is also discussed.

Chapter 12. Preparing the Holocaust. Population Control has been a disaster everywhere in the world thanks to the coercion that accompanies it.

The first group in the United States to have birth control foisted on them was Native Americans, or as my daughter-in-law says, “I’m an Injun.” Reading what happened to them is sickening. Then Zubrin goes through the terrible things done in other countries to forcibly sterilize both women and men.

From LBJ on, Zubrin says all Administrations have been using worldwide population control as a means of control, perhaps the means of control.

Chapter 13. The Holocaust. Population Control has been very fashionable at high levels of Society for many years now. Women all over the world have been forced into sterilization programs by many groups headquartered in the United States, including USAID and the World Bank.
These groups work from the top down to the very poor who are given no choice in whether to have children, or not.

The managers of such groups lie to their own workers about what they will be required to do, and they in turn lie to the people they are “helping.” Coercive actions are directed at both the workers who fail to meet quotas and the targeted poor. No one seems to care about truth. The programs are medically irresponsible, racist and abuse all human rights standards.
The population control issues in India have always been of paramount interest to the population “experts.” Since the days of LBJ humanitarian aid to India has always been tied to compliance with population control directives.

Zubrin cites cases from all around the world where the rulers have been forced to begin control measures in order to insure population loss. Besides India, he cites Indonesia and China, including the deliberate starvation of girl babies there, and Africa. The World Bank generously funds leaders who commit to such programs.

Chapter 14. The actions of Nazi Germany, and the USSR, to use hunger and starvation as tools in population control were continued after the fall of the Nazis. High ranking Nazis continued such strategies and they are still very much in use today. The Green Party was founded in Germany by Nazi August Hausleiter and today works against foods that would support better health among the poor. There is a new golden rice that provides Vitamin A that would stop a virulent form of blindness among African children, but it isn’t allowed to be imported and propaganda is used to make its use repugnant to the people.

Zubrin tells how agriculture has advanced through the ages, and some of the heroes of our age who have fought valiantly to improve the lives of the poor, with little or no thanks, and the groups who have fought against any change to help the poor.

Chapter 15. Global Warming and the Madness of Crowds. A (Religous) quote from Al Gore:

The Book of Revelation [says] God will destroy those who destroy his creation. . . . Noah was commanded to preserve biodiversity. . . . Politics falls short of the minimum necessary to really address this problem. . . . If you believe, if you accept the reality that we may have less than ten years before we cross a point of no return- if you believe that, this is a time for action. New York City Town Hall Meeting, May 23, 2006.

And he was almost President. Tipper was smart to get out.

Without fire (power) there would be no human existence. Zubrin says the cult of Global Warming has to be understood in that context. Zubrin tells how the global warming movement is tailor-made for the anti humanists in their quest for control. Zubrin does believe there is some warming, and that the sea are rising, but not to any catastrophic degree. We’re talking of very mild temperature increases and tiny sea level rises. Atmospheric CO2 is higher, but increases the photosynthesis by plants. He admits that this is all about grant money and control.

Sorry, but there is nothing scientific in the least about global warming. Those of us who were taught the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals can only shake our heads in wonder about such bastardization of science in our day.

Chapter 17. The Mind Imprisoned or the Soul Enchained. Zubrin makes an impassioned plea against the 200+ year old antihumanism movement as he has described it.

His book switches between mind expanding and boring. Too many numerical facts and figures tend to leave me cold. The historical movements and individuals he writes about I found most interesting.

It was not that long ago I thought Darwinism was not true, but I did not begin to comprehend how destructive Darwinian thought and reasoning are in understanding our common humanity as creations of a loving God.

I admit that I knew very little about Malthaus, so I did not understand the deadly mixture that Malthaus, Darwin and the doctrine of survival of the fittest could be.

Mark Steyn continues to tell us we have no future if we do not replace ourselves each new generation. That is also the main thrust of Zubrin’s book. Let’s get on with one of the main purposes of life – more children. • (1427 views)

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18 Responses to Merchants of Despair: Part II

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Aldous Huxley began the anti DDT campaign because it would save too many lives from malaria in Tropical (read African) countries. He said malaria would be a preferable death to the starvation that faced millions if DDT continued to be used. In 1958 Rachel Carson was given the contract to write the book called Silent Spring and the world changed.

    There was a professor of science, I believe his field was biology, at San Jose State University who completely debunked the claim that DDT was deadly to humans. He would debate anyone anywhere on the subject. As part of his spiel, he would open a can of DDT and scoop out a tablespoon of the stuff and eat it.

    I met the man some twenty years back when he was already Emeritus professor of science, but he still had a lab and office at the university. I believe he was into his eighties at the time. He gave me numerous articles which he had written destroying Carson and the whole DDT scam. Unfortunately, I threw them away about five years back.

    What this shows that once a myth becomes established, it is difficult to correct it in the mind of the public or government.

  2. Anniel says:

    Once we buy the lie we seem to be marked by it forever. I’m beginning to believe more people die from the results of lies than just about any other cause.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      You are exactly right, but its the lies we tell ourselves that are most often fatal.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      A good point, but death from lies is mostly indirect. But that total includes the death tolls of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, who all lied to gain power.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I’d use DDT for aftershave without a problem. 😀

    • Anniel says:

      Hmmmm…. Eau de DDT. I think I’ve smelled that somewhere. Bear tells me he used to love spraying DDT and had heard the good things about its use during and after WWII. I knew it was sprayed freely on fields around us, but it wasn’t until “Silent Spring” that I thought it was bad. I might not want to eat it or take a bath in it though. To think of all those children dying of malaria when it could have been prevented is maddening.

      And these days you can’t trust anything anyone says. Steve is right about the lies we tell ourselves, too. Hard to stay ahead of the game unless you know for sure who’s playing by the same rules you are, the honest ones.

      • Steve Lancaster says:

        There used to be a chemist at UC Davis who drank a glass of DDT in front of his classes every semester from the time silent spring came out until he retired. He consumed at least 3 eight oz glasses each semester for 20 years or more. He went emeritus in his late 70s and passed away sometime in his 90s.

        No doubt the worms will have trouble with him.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          I looked back and the prof I met was Dr. Gordon Edwards. He taught entomology at San Jose State, which is why I met him. The friend who introduced me to him had taken his B.S. and M.S. from San Jose State and I believe had written his M.S. thesis on some mosquito in Yunnan, Chine and Burma.

          The old man was very spry and funny.

          • Anniel says:

            Kung Fu, You have met some amazing people, and they have given you a very unique world view.

            • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:


              Yes, I have been very fortunate in this regard.

              It is funny how the mind works. Your article, then Deanne’s article, the posts on DDT and finally your last comment caused an old memory resurface.

              I think I will write a piece about it as. I hope it will be interesting to you, because it has to do with another person I met, an older German gentleman. He had some interesting thoughts and experiences.

              • Anniel says:

                Kung Fu, I can hardly wait to read the article, greedy soul that I am, Bear is trying to remember the name of one of his great uncles who was involved with early DDT use in Africa. He returned to Switzerland to die when he contracted Sleeping Sickness from a Tsetse fly bite. We think his name was Alfred Lommel.

          • Steve Lancaster says:

            That may be the same guy and I have the university incorrect; memories often get crossed, however, I thought he was a chemist, or perhaps there were more than one.

  4. Anniel says:

    Steve, Poor worms! See, I even love PETA!

    The most fascinating thing I got from this book is how long and how systematically the lies have been nurtured in the minds of the public. Liars always think of the “good” they are trying to do, and the current crop is so far along they don’t even consider the cost to themselves. I know some are true believers, but most people recognize their own excesses and willfulness, at least someof the time. They often choose to become a law unto themselves. As you said before, the lies we tell ourselves are the often the most fatal.

  5. Timothy Lane says:

    I read a lot of books about the environment in my college days, including The Population Bomb, but oddly not Silent Spring. In noting how hard it can be to get rid of a lie, one must realize that in Carson’s case, a lot of people who quite possibly knew better (in government and the media) happily repeated the lie to serve their own political agendas. When that sort of thing happens, it becomes a lot harder to replace lies with truth.

    • Anniel says:

      Timothy, Amen, my friend. I’m becoming more and more convinced that truth only comes with desire to know it. As Brad, and you, Steve and KFZ, have said, you have to actively PURSUE truth.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Truth and falsehood, good and evil — the two pairs of opposites are intimately linked together. “In the strife of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side.”

        Incidentally, at InConJunction this weekend (this is why I wasn’t blogging for most of it), one of the guests of honor was an Alaskan from Juneau, musician Marian Call (a big fan of Tom Lehrer, which certainly interested me). I mentioned that you were one of my fellow bloggers here, and we had a brief discussion. She noted that Sarah Palin’s attitude on mama grizzlies was a fairly typical one for Alaska women.

        • Anniel says:

          Timothy, I hope she got to sing for you all. I find her voice and some of her songs very intriguing. “I Wish I Were a Real Alaska Girl” is pretty funny.

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