Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin….

by Glenn Fairman   12/29/13

The glistening throngs who inhabit Modernity do not realize that the rational, the merciful, the higher civilization often succumbs to the legions of barbarism–having thoughtlessly imbibed the academic mendacity that the flow of history is inexorably upward–moving towards greater plateaus of love and enlightenment. The West has become docile in its stupidity—it hears words and warnings, but for the most part, it smiles and returns to its empty dreams of pleasure.

Sometimes the magnificently Hollow City crumbles beneath the sword, having never believed what men have learned throughout the ages—that darkness exists- and it often finds a willing client in the false hearts of men. Given the appropriate opportunity, will not evil circumnavigate the fiery straits between Heaven and Hell in its relentless quest to quell the light?
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