The Mayflower and the Pilgrim’s New World

MayflowerThumbSuggested by Brad Nelson • I wish all history books were this easy to read and this informative. It seems to enjoy a great balance as well. It’s not axe-grinding nor does it sugar-coat. It’s what we used to call in my day “fact-based history.” I very highly recommend this book.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    This is a real deal at only $7.69 for the Kindle. There are just so many books on American history out there. Where do you start?

    Well, this one I thought really put me there with the Pilgrims and the Indians. It was readable like a good novel (it is indeed a great story) and is absolutely not any kind of Howard Zinn-ish revisionist Communist smear. Boost your knowledge of this event, and American history, with this terrific book.

    The noble struggles of the Pilgrims is heartening. We’re a bunch of pansy girl-men compared to them. We need to get back some of that toughness and fortitude….and faith in something more than free phones from Obama.

    If you want to go whole hog, read the book this is derived from: Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War.

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