Masters of the Galaxy

Suggested by Brad Nelson • Jake Masters is the spiritual descendant of Philip Marlowe. He knows he’ll be lied to by his clients and betrayed by his friends. But he’ll stick to the case because he needs to pay the rent and he shares an old-fashioned sense of justice.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Well, actually Timothy first recommended this book…at least the author. Masters of the Galaxy consists of five short stories.

    Masters is a savvy detective in a universe full of aliens. He quips his way through his cases, throwing barbs more often than punches. Author Mike Resnick mixes in his technological vision of the future with futuristic gadgets mentioned here and there. His social vision is one in which humans are the dominant species and aliens are generally treated as second-class beings.

    Jake Masters’ shtick is his sixth sense for noticing some very small detail that is out of place. But mostly this is a story about people (usually aliens) and places (alien as well). It’s not Agatha Christie in space. The first three stories should very much hold your interest for light, yet not juvenile, reading. By the fourth story, Resnick’s shtick begins to wear a little thing but it’s still good-enough. The fifth story is a short one and there’s not all that much to it.

    These stories provided me with a nice distraction as I continue to try to bludgeon my way through the horribly stupid writing of the second season of Babylon 5. I’m nearly ready to give up on that now awful series. Season one showed some promise but the writing in season two is bland, uncreative, and generally steered toward juveniles or those with a juvenile mindset. It’s Scooby Doo with better special effects.

    But I haven’t given up on Resnick. I’m now reading his first book in the Widowmaker trilogy. So far (and not that far at all at this point) so good.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I suspect that Masters of the Galaxy is in the same milieu as the trilogy (which I’ve read, of course, and can definitely recommend). The detective could probably be a dead-ringer for the main character in his fantasy series that begins with Stalking the Unicorn, which I also recommend.

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