Marxist Vampires at the Window

WindowVampireThumbby T  10/28/13
I never cease to be amused when Marxists are mystified by the idea that people choose to act in their own self interest. They become indignant, as if everyone is pissing in the punch bowl at their party. This effect is happening as we speak with the fallout of the Obamacare debacle. Time and again, news channels line up some Republican who is against the biggest social program in American history, alongside some liberal Obama footsoldier sticking up for it, unwilling to admit the idea is bad, and taking the tack that it must be some terrible group of obstructors that is bringing this good and noble attempt at changing the world to its knees. And it’s always the same. It’s as if the liberal truly can’t believe how coldhearted everyone is. As in, why on EARTH would anybody be against something designed to help people, when all that’s required is that richer people to give their hard earned money to government for supposed distribution to the poor and needy? To them it’s an absolute no brainer. Which is why people who agree with them are good, and everyone else is bad.[pullquote]As in, why on EARTH would anybody be against something designed to help people, when all that’s required is that richer people to give their hard earned money to government for supposed distribution to the poor and needy?[/pullquote]

And there you have the philosophical crux of the matter. American neo marxist liberalism not only requires the redistribution of wealth, it requires that the more well-to-do enter into the deal willingly, with open arms. It’s like that thing where a Vampire can’t enter somebody’s home unless invited in. If a Republican questions the motives of freely distributing their wealth through the agent of bloated government, then they become disqualified from polite society and are branded cruel, greedy capitalists.

When people don’t enter into this Marxist belief system willingly, if they don’t welcome Dracula with open arms, they’re ostracized. Why? Because liberals honestly believe good intentions expressed verbally, are enough to prove moral superiority. The desire to help the unfortunate, the image they’ve crafted to show the world they are selfless, needs to be swallowed whole, just taken at face value. Unfortunately, charities operate the same way. A charity will spend millions upon millions of dollars on TV commercials designed to pluck at your heartstrings, talking a good game and showing you the suffering of bloated-bellied children with sad eyes; or trembling frightened and injured animals who just need love to erase the horrible abuse they’ve undergone. The viewers of these ads are not supposed to question the intentions or effectiveness of the charity, they’re simply supposed to willingly and gladly fork over their cash for the cause.

Now that’s all well and good, were it not for the uncomfortable truth that blind trust in the good intentions of others is exactly how every con job in history works. And the current Obamacare morass is nothing more than a con job. Vampires don’t come to the window to help you. It’s a trick. They want you to invite them in so they can suck your life’s blood. All VampireLadythe administration had to do was convince us that their intentions were good. Some people in this country have no heath insurance. Gasp. That’s wrong, that’s bad, and all the American People need to do is trust that the government can right this wrong and correct that. Except no they can’t. Not without the willing participation of every American who is NOT down on their luck, or NOT sick or NOT old. Those people are required to fork over their cash, if the idea has even a snowflakes chance in hell of becoming a reality. And yet the people who set up the con, really don’t understand it when human beings refuse to treat something as glutted with money and bureaucracy dollars, as a charity they need to contribute to. People don’t GLADLY pay their taxes. Given the choice, they wouldn’t pay them, they’d keep the money. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather spend the money to get ahead, or help your children get ahead, than sink into the sucking black hole of government, where there is nothing BUT waste and fraud and misappropriations.[pullquote]Now that’s all well and good, were it not for the uncomfortable truth that blind trust in the good intentions of others is exactly how every con job in history works. [/pullquote]

People, particularly those who haven’t been infected with the Marxist utopian belief in wealth redistribution, see the government for what it is, basically a gargantuan money vacuum cleaner, which sucks up tax dollars, and throws them around willy nilly with no accountability and no efficiency, and always, ALWAYS has an outcome that is the opposite than their good intentions led people to believe. Throwing money at education has not made American kids the most highly educated in the world. In fact, for the highest paying tech jobs, having gone through the American public school system puts kids at a distinct disadvantage. If that school system happens to be in an urban district governed by Democrats, there’s a horrifying 80 – 20 chance that a graduating high school senior cannot even READ at grade level.

Where parents should be outraged at this, instead it’s the political elites who feign outrage. The reason things haven’t gone smoothly or well, the reason the problem hasn’t been addressed at all, is that taxes aren’t high enough. Apparently there are greedy suspicious people out there who don’t want to give their money hand over fist to help other people. Instead of seeing government as an opportunity to exercise their charity, they would rather keep that money and spend it on themselves or their own families. That’s why anyone who isn’t a liberal Marxist is seen as obstructionist.

To consummate Marxist narratives, you not only have to invite the vampire in, and let him feed on your wallet as much as he wants, you have to like it. You need to have the sense you’re doing this for the greater good. Or else the whole system breaks down. Or it becomes so oppressive and Draconian that you get an Orwellian state that takes away every last freedom you have. If you don’t believe that the end result of a Marxist utopia is worth you being bled of every last red cent you have, and dehumanized to the point where people who know they are better than you are in control of your every move, it’s ultimately a fool’s errand. Nobody said it better than Margaret Thatcher, who said “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” [pullquote]The truth is, there will never be enough money donated willingly to make every poor person rich, every sick person well, or every lazy ignorant person a college graduate. Wanting to help is not helping.[/pullquote]

The truth is, there will never be enough money donated willingly to make every poor person rich, every sick person well, or every lazy ignorant person a college graduate. Wanting to help is not helping. You can live like a veal in an oppressive nanny state, and still the utopia won’t be perfect. That’s because having the intention to do these things is not the same thing as having the wherewithal to actually change people’s circumstances for the better. All you really can do in this model is change them for the worse. Soviet style communism was able to provide a dreary somewhat equal degree of despair for its underclasses. All the good things in life went to the talkers, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the people who exacted the con on their citizenry. We never hear stories of people who, thanks to big government, made themselves into giants of industry or the arts. Rather, people who take advantage of government assistance inevitably think of BelaVampirethemselves as victims who can’t rise above a certain level of poverty no matter how much talent, hard work or education they have.

That American Marxist Vampires think their flavor of Marxism will somehow be different than every other old world socialist state, is the signature trap of this kind of thinking. Actually, you can divide the Marxists into two groups, the elites, and the dupes. I’m convinced that the people who are the political puppetmasters, the oldest Vampires, those like Count Dracula who have made countless minions, truly know how the con will play out. The rest are useful idiots, soldier vampires who comply out of some wide-eyed wish for the world to be rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns. To the dupes, it’s OK to suck blood. OK to force everyone into the wealth redistributive scheme, because the end justifies the means to them. “Helping people” allows them to overlook the losses of freedom and liberty that this type of belief system inevitably brings about: the tyranny of the Vampire State, and the twilight of our Constitutional Republic. • (1190 views)

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6 Responses to Marxist Vampires at the Window

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Outstanding, T. If more people were aware that Cultural Marxism was a con, they’d be well on their way to earning a spot at the side of the patriots who weren’t buying King George’s con either. Instead, you roll up one cripple on the stage and say “We must do something” and that is, in the minds of all too many, a reason to set aside all common sense and good practices.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    I mostly refer to those who vote for a living (and those who seek to maximize their number) as leeches rather than vampires, but the analogy is identical: They such the lifeblood of the economy (money) out of their victims, whom they see solely as prey. (This is why they don’t care how well the economy is doing, since all that matters is their host has enough blood for them to continue sucking. The idea that eventually the host will die is too long-term for them to think about.) But I do often refer to Obama as Barackula, which not only points to his advocacy of maximizing the number of leeches, but also does with the bilingual wordplay of latinizing “Barack junior” — just as “Caligula” meant “Little boots” and “Dracula” was “the little dragon”.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      LOL. Barackula. Perfect. And, indeed, the idea that eventually the host will die does not matter to the socialist/”Progressive” types if only because they’ve been propagandized to hate the rich, this country, and business.

  3. T says:

    Brad, I’m afraid convincing people cultural Marxism is a con is going to be a hard sell. It’s like convincing people that –insert charity here– is a con. Because people won’t look underneath the veil of the original intention. The response can always be, “what, you don’t want to help these poor –insert victims here–?”

    One argument Marxists use that seems to be effective on useful idiots is this: it’s better to do something than nothing. Yeah, maybe we have to divert your money to this or that end, temporarily. For example, maybe we have to spend millions upon millions on ad campaigns, or web sites that don’t work… but the long term goal is a utopian society, and don’t we all want that?

    When problems are hard, Marxism appeals to lazy people who in their heart of hearts really don’t want to DO anything significant. They want to talk about it. They don’t believe that they are the ones getting sucked until it’s too late, they’ve already invited the Vampire in. They thought the Vampires would only suck the rich people.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Ditto, T. As my favorite Jew, Dennis Prager, notes, it’s inside human nature to try to get something for nothing. And socialism plays into this nature despite the feel-good-sounding word “social.”

      There are a lot of articles out there right now about how — now that Obamacare has caused so many to lose their health insurance (or for their rates to substantially increase) — now the proletariat will finally wake up and smell the coffee (confee?). And Christopher Chantrill over at American Thinker actually has a pretty good article on this general subject: Obama vs. the Women. In it, Chantrill states that it is women who are most hurt by this new socialist entitlement scheme. He says:

      So what happens next? Do Republicans learn to message and trot out the sobbing mothers of autistic children that had their premiums tripled and their deductibles doubled? Does it all end up as a Republican Congress in 2014 and a Republican president in 2016?

      Maybe. But think back to 2008 and the TARP bailout and the Obamic fundamental transformation: they provoked tens of thousands of women to start the Tea Party. Keli Carender was one of the first right here in Seattle. Now, of course, she’s graduated into the semi-establishment Tea Party Patriots.

      Suppose that right now, all across the nation, there are Healthcare Moms starting to talk to their friends about their canceled health plans. Suppose by next month they are starting to do something about it. Suppose by next spring they are starting to get active in Republican Party races.

      I’ve met Keli several times, by the way. A charming and funny lady and a real inspiration as a patriot. But will the ladies really get that Obama has done the equivalent of putting a date-rape drug into their entitlement stew via Obamacare? I doubt it. To drop another name, I agree with Dennis Prager that Leftism is a religion. And I think women have a lot invested in their religion, especially the idea that “Progressivism” is their Great Emancipator. It has even taken over Baby Jesus in this regard for many Christians. Socialism has become the worldly Redeemer, so who needs Jesus?

      For women to actually vote against this stuff will, I think, require the following:

      + Get over themselves and get over their stupid “Progressive” religion which binds them to destructive ideas, including their naive pursuit of a secular Utopia.

      + Get past all the caricatures (which Prager sums up as “danger on the right”) that are carried by many as a heavy prejudice. If they can’t do that, then I suspect they will begin (if they haven’t already) relating to the Democrat Party as a battered spouse does to her overbearing husband. The woman figures she has no place else better to go.

      + And, last but not least, the Republican Party has to change from being a party of ass-wipe establishment types who only want to run the vast bureaucracy to principled patriots who wish to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and founding principles.

      For those three stars to align will almost take a miracle. And as you’ve no doubt noted, there are plenty of people on this site who believe that such a thing is possible. So let’s hope at least for that.

      As for your article, I think it’s terrific. It justifies the notion I had to start this site. I think it’s obvious at this point that your rank-and-file person out there living life is far wiser than the ass-wipes who are in government, from top to bottom. Now, of course, we are also these same stupid people who keep voting for these conmen. This is true.

      But it was a relatively small group of people who were the leaders in the first American Revolution. And although we hope the second one will be a non-violent one, we are looking at something no less in terms of what we need to shrug off the gathering Big Government tyranny. So Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Charles Krauthammer, John Boehner, et al, can kiss my collective behind. They are now clearly on the side of the status quo.

      But there is still hope while the T’s of the world speak up. People such as yourself are the last best hope in restoring America to a land of freedom and opportunity. Who wants this creepy nanny state that is collecting all around us? Not me.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Seeing through the cons without delving into conspiracy theories or Paulbotism is the order of the day. Who’s going to help with this? Not the mainstream media which is complicit in forwarding the con of statism. Not the education system which benefits from churning out little “Progressive” statist nitwits who think they are “saving the planet” but are really forwarding the totalitarian state.

    And one aspect of this overall con is the fact that many of the people on welfare, who have a government job, or who otherwise receive entitlements, aren’t apt to call it a con at all. After all, it would seem to be working in their favor. And for many it is.

    But there are resources out there for those who don’t especially like Kool-aid and pride themselves in living outside of the mind-numbed collective. One of them is a book that I found to be a splendid read. I’ve got a brief description of it up on the Bookshelf. It’s called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

    Not that even this will help some. We’ve become a quite narcissistic culture. Many people have been indoctrinated into the idea that if you believe X, Y, and Z that you are one of The Nice and Caring People. Who wants to lose that? Delusions can be very nice and self-serving. But this is just superficial “nice” because no rational inventory is ever made of the deleterious effects of holding these beliefs. And doing so is not necessary because that’s not the point of it. The point is to get a quick and cheap dash of “Oh, what a good boy am I.” It’s what Thomas Sowell and others call moral exhibitionism.

    But if you do want to see a bit behind the schemes of the con artists and manipulators, this is a good book and a very funny read at times. This book is not like eating your vegetables. You’ll enjoy it.

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