The Main Stream Harlot

HarlotThumbby Glenn Fairman   12/9/13
Having jumped impeccably through every hoop while conspiring to wipe clean every paper trail leading away from their Favorite Son’s fetid cul-de-sac of treachery and Post-American stratagems, the Main Stream Harlots have indeed morphed into a Fifth Column phalanx of state sponsored power — a unilateral disinformation bureau no longer bothering to keep up the pretense of objectivity. Subsequently, their hearts and minds have been irrevocably bought and paid for and their pens and videotape sold as vassals to captains of an expansive ideology, buttressed by platitudes of their Progressive faith. It is no secret that they have become as partisan as a High School cheerleading squad — as credulous as a toddler listening for Santa on a frost covered roof.[pullquote]It is no secret that they have become as partisan as a High School cheerleading squad — as credulous as a toddler listening for Santa on a frost covered roof.[/pullquote]

Sing a lamentation for the fall of the mighty Fourth Estate: who traded their virtue for thirty shekels of ideological fool’s gold. Who bartered truth for advocacy — content no longer in reporting the day’s events, but instead, became compelled through dogmatic fervor to shape the story as it evolved — to drive history as one drives a herd, always with a mind towards their own narrow political investment.

Having broken faith with the American people and having steered their eyes into the direction of tyranny, never again will you be held in our esteem. With your handsome faces and coiffed hair, you have made yourself odious to the Republic for the evil thoughts that have entertained your mind. We will not soon forget how we found you in these latter days: on your knees servicing traitors and tyrants—seducing us as you too were seduced—a tribe of hypocrites bowing in obsequiousness to an American apostate whose devotional ejaculate ringed your honeyed and deceitful lips.
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5 Responses to The Main Stream Harlot

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Very nicely and accurately written. The sad thing is that they made this choice, and many of them are still pleased to have made it. And because the choice seems to have been subconscious, those who finally see the problem can’t understand how and why it happened.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Indeed. And I would say that much of science has lost its objectivity as well. The common denominator is the Religion of Leftism whose dogma is deemed so important that truth and objectivity don’t matter…assuming that people indoctrinated into this blinkered ideology can even come within spitting distance of the truth.

      It’s also a more tribal mentality. Western Civilization is based, in part, on letting the facts be the facts, whatever one’s belief system is. We adapt to the facts, not adapt the facts to our existing beliefs. The former is truly progressive. The latter is the domain of kooks, crackpots, ideologues, naive do-gooders, and just plain thugs.

      • David Ray says:

        Two useful things that Daniel Patrick Moynihan did before he left:

        (1) He said that one is entitled to his own opinion, but NOT entitled to his own facts. (Was he the first?)
        That fits so nicely in conjunction with this article.
        (2) He declassified the Venona Project and showed us, and the MSM who still ignore it, that the Cold War & Sen. McCarthy were reality.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Ditto, David. And there are people to this day who still believe that it was a disembodied “atmosphere of right wing hate” (rather than a Marxist and Communist) that killed Kennedy, which is the official narrative created and maintained by the media. It’s sad that people look back, for instance, on the “good old days” when Uncle Walter would reassuringly tell you “That’s the way it is.” But he was the prime dispenser then of Leftist propaganda.

          Leftism is a religion. And it’s one that is based in narcissism. It’s the idea that just by mere association with a set of ideas that one is better. No evidence is necessary. It is thus a supremacist ideology.

          And this ideology is very good as using the mask of words for both self-flattery and deception. Orwell saw all this craziness coming.

  2. David Ray says:

    Nice touch using the aspiring slut Miley Cyrus as an icon to represent the current fervor of MSM ostentation.
    The press have always been sluts for the DNC, but felt to shed their “Hanna Montana” veneer and display their true nature.

    (PS: Sandra Fluke is no longer officially a slut, since Rush got cudgeled into retracting that accurate statement. So . . . now that Miley’s thrown her hat into the ring . . . )

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