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SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/25/19
The Ultimate Irony of the ‘Native American Elder’ and the MAGA Hat Kids  •  This past weekend’s big news was a big media frame-up of kids and the beating of a leftist drum by a little Indian. There’s no need now to elaborate on how the Covington Catholic High School students may end up being 2019’s most unfairly maligned group; their innocence has already been established. But suffice it to say that with video-recording devices ubiquitous today — and with incidents such as last Friday’s Lincoln Memorial affair shot by multiple people from many angles — if there’s no footage of something that allegedly happened there, it didn’t happen, period.

What did happen was that Talking Bull (Nathan Phillips), a professional agitator and American Indian separatist, was given a forum in which to spew nonsensical ideas. Here’s a prime example: “I heard them [the students] saying ‘build the wall, build that wall,’” he said,” as Vibe reported. “This is indigenous land. We’re not supposed to have walls here. Before anyone came here there were no walls….”

(Actually, the Indians built plenty of walls, as old ruins attest.)

But something occurs to me here: If the Indians had effective border security, perhaps they wouldn’t have been overrun and conquered.

So what’s the message? “We lost the continent…and we can show you how to lose it, too!”?

Talking Bull followed up his anti-wall blather by adding that American Indians “never even had prisons,” either.

Well, North American Indians also didn’t have the wheel, a written language or anything beyond stone tools. What’s the point?

Mine is this: We all could conceivably wax romantic about our primitive ancestors’ days. Yet it’s silly. I don’t want to live as my savage European forebears did in, let’s say, 500 B.C. any more than Talking Bull desires to live as American Indians did in 1500 A.D. Typical of activists, Talking Bull is all talk.

It’s reminiscent of an old Sanford and Son episode in which the Lamont character, claiming embrace of his African roots, dons a dashiki and assumes an African name (video below). To the show’s credit, it later illustrated how he knew nothing about African traditions and was just childishly playing African.

[Please insert:]

Likewise, Talking Bull & Co., with their ceremonial pipes and drums, are merely playing Indians and Indians. Had Western civilization never existed and the dreaded white man not ever arrived on these shores, the Indians would still be living a stone-age lifestyle. The “noble savage” suckers may romanticize this, but neither they nor Talking Bull want any part of it. They could withdraw into the wilderness and live like the Sentinalese, but they don’t. They love our modern conveniences, luxuries and prosperity too much.

In truth, we all had ancestors who once were conquered or colonized. And the European tribes subdued by the Romans surely had many of the same complaints today’s grievance groups do: that their cultures were being trampled, their values eviscerated. Yet should we lament those Roman conquests and demonize Italians?

In reality, we’re all better off for the Romans having spread Christianity, Western civilization and technology and having built infrastructure throughout Europe (e.g., roads, aqueducts, amphitheaters). We still use today much that they birthed, too, from our calendar to concrete to plumbing to sanitation to fast food to trademarks and beyond.

The Romans, of course, had gotten much from the Greeks and Etruscans. This Western civilization then spread to the rest of Europe; later to the Americas, Australia and New Zealand; and to a lesser extent elsewhere, influencing and enhancing the whole world.

Thus did a Zambian man I knew once argue that African colonization was good; it’s why a fellow from India I knew despised Mohandas Gandhi (who was phony, but that’s a different issue), condemning the Indian leader for driving experts and expertise from the country. Shocking? These men understand how civilization spreads.

Of course, it would’ve been better if these glories had been spread via suasion and salesmanship than by the sword, but that’s a non-starter. Not only wasn’t this history’s norm, but would they have spread to the same degree sans sword? Would the world really look better today?

If any of us could be transported back to our primitive ancestors’ time and place, there’s a good chance they’d view us as aliens, suitable, perhaps, for slavery or stew. Speaking of which, it was Western civilization that ultimately outlawed slavery and birthed our modern concept of human rights.

The point is that, however our glorious civilization came to be, be happy we’re part of it — and not living in barbarism.

But, again, the world’s Talking Bulls don’t really want their ancestors’ ways, just their image. They live in modern homes (presumably with walls), drive cars, shop at supermarkets, visit doctors and use high-tech recording devices to frame unsuspecting youths. Dispense with Western civilization’s fruits? Never! They just want their own ethnic dominance while gorging on them. They don’t love what’s behind them as much as they hate what’s in front of them.

It also should be said that — contrary to common misconceptions — the Indians were not the first Americans. Ernie LaPointe, great-grandson of Sitting Bull, made this point in 2010 when responding to Barack Obama’s inclusion of the famed Indian in a “great Americans” children’s book. He said that Sitting Bull “never was an American” but “a Lakota.”

Of course. “America” is a European-derived word, taken from Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci’s name; “America” is also a Western concept and the United States a Western creation.

Nonetheless, Westerners did dominate the Indians. And the Etruscans initially dominated the Romans, who later dominated the Italian peninsula’s other groups and ultimately were dominated by “barbarians” West and Muslims East. The Aztecs dominated other tribes as did Africa’s Shaka Zulu. Many European groups were actually subsumed, which is why you don’t hear about Goth, Frank, Lombard, Alan, Burgundian, Gaul and Frisii lobbying organizations. Heck, the politically correct documentary series The West mentioned that the Lakota justified their dominance of other tribes to the U.S. government by saying they were only doing what “we” were doing; in fact, it quoted a modern-day Lakota as stating (I’m paraphrasing), “We were very good at what we did.” So what’s the complaint?

That Westerners were better?

This isn’t to imply might makes right, only that it’s insane to think the West should commit cultural suicide unilaterally to atone for a universal human sin. We have a civilization here, now, today — the greatest to grace the planet — and preserving it is our duty.

Speaking of which, the lesson to learn from the Indians, and the aforementioned history of conquest, is that demography is destiny. Thus should we have built a wall, both physical and technological, a long time ago, along with altering our suicidal, nation-rending immigration regime.

As for Talking Bull, there’s no point taking him too seriously. His problem isn’t that he wants off the reservation — it’s that he’s on the leftist one.

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25 Responses to Mad Hatters

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Actually, the Frisian language is still in use today on the North Sea coasts of Germany and the Netherlands. The latter has a province called Friesland, Germany has the region of Ostfriesland (the main city is Emden), and there are the Frisian Islands from the Zuyder Zee to Denmark.

    Maybe Nathan Phillips aka Talking Bull (I rather like that sobriquet) is arguably the main villain of the piece. The Black Hebrew Israelites are vile race-baiting hate-mongers so vicious even the SPLC calls them extremist despite their leftism (which usually provides immunity), but if all that happened was their verbal abuse, no one would know anything about it. It was the Indian agitators whose confrontation of the innocent party rather than the guilty (who in fact spent more time mocking the Indians than they did the Covington Catholice students) that went viral, and Talking Bull’s false accusations (which he mostly continues) gave the left (including the newsliars exposing yet again why we should hate them) their Narrative.

    Since Talking Bull is so hostile to the white man and his culture, someone should ask why he makes so much use of it. Let him live as his ancestors before the white man lived — chasing buffalo to provide all their needs (and on foot, since horses came from the Spanish).

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Since Talking Bull is so hostile to the white man and his culture, someone should ask why he makes so much use of it. Let him live as his ancestors before the white man lived — chasing buffalo to provide all their needs (and on foot, since horses came from the Spanish).

      I was thinking the same thing. In fact, Talking Bull mentioned something about us white Europeans and our cultural expropriation of “native Americans.” Of course this type of thing is total Talking Bullshit, but if one wants to play that game, I am ready.

      Why does Talking Bullshit wear that jacket made of synthetic fibers which his ancestors had nothing to do with? He should be wearing some buffalo-hide or dear skin loin cloth. Why does Talking Bullshit drink the booze which he does? The Indians didn’t have such stuff. Why does Talking Bullshit use modern transportation which uses wheels to move people? His ancestors had nothing to do with such round objects. Why does Talking Bullshit use steel, aluminium, copper and other metals or objects containing metals? His ancestors were still a stone-age people when those bad Europeans first came here.

      One could go on and on.

  2. pst4gop says:

    Excellent post Mr. Duke. I heard a few questions posed on this topic I would like to ask some of them of the fine minds here at ST. What should this kid have done? He smiled or smirked depending on who is describing his action. He was just waiting for a bus and Talking Bull marched up to him, because he was wearing a MAGA hat? Who was the aggressor here?
    We all know the kid is guilty, he must be he is a white male, an unforgivable sin.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      When I saw the film, I thought the look on the kid’s face was one of embarrassment, not knowing exactly what to do when a crazy old lush or speed freak approaches you beating a drum. Kids don’t expect adults to act the way Talking Bullshit did and the boy was very uncomfortable. I did not think it was a smirk.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      People will say that the kids could have done better, but they never specify what they should have done instead. The smile may have been unfortunate, but that’s the most I could say. The fault lay with Talking Bull and his fellow agitators, not with the students.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      I don’t think the kids could have done better. Perhaps the adults with them should have called police in the face of the insults being thrown at them. The reality was 16 year olds were the most adult of everyone there.

      • Rosalys says:

        “Perhaps the adults with them should have called police in the face of the insults being thrown at them.”

        Now that’s a pertinent point! Where were the adults? From the school authorities – who immediately jumped to conclusions with apologies and condemnations – to the chaperones, the adults acted or, as in the case of the chaperones, refused to act, shamefully. White people are turning into wimps! What the heck is the matter with them!

        • Timothy Lane says:

          This was in DC, where justice is heavily politicized. And there probably was no crime committed by either the black radicals or the Indian agitators. No one on either side threatened violence.

          This is also why no one will do anything to Talking Bull. What are they going to do, sue him for libel and collect ever cent he has? That probably won’t even come close to paying their legal bills. Including him in a list of targets might be more appropriate. We can always hope.

    • Gibblet says:

      My impression is, that as Talking Bull approached the young Sandmann, the youth assumed a nuetral posture wherein he presented himself open to a social exchange based on his interpretation of typical social cues (one person approaching another while making eye contact). I admire this young man for choosing to display a friendly, yet strong, demeaner under stressful circumstances, and for standing his ground when the drummer got in his face. If he had not smiled while standing his ground, it could have been interpreted as aggression and the situation may have escalated into a riot due to the continuing heated exchanges between the Black Hebrews and Native Americans, which was then spilling over to the youths.. As the moments ticked by, the young man would realize that the older man did not intend to engage in conversation or move from his ackwardly close position. That is when the neutral smile becomes an uncomfortable and tense smile, which has been interpreted by some as a smirk.

      It’s just my hunch that Talking Bull walked into the group of boys seeking a buffer between himself and the Black Hebrews. His pride, of course, will not allow him to admit it, if that is indeed the case. I think young Mr. Sandmann may have sensed the volatility of the situation, as well as Talking Bull’s fear, and willingly volunteered himself to be the sacrificial buffer between his schoolmates and the other groups, for better or worse. Therefore, he could not turn and walk away, lest it be interpreted as weakness. Fortunately, the confrontation ended up about as best it could under the circumstances.

      If my analysis is correct, Mr. Sandmann ascribes to the principal that no greater love has someone than that he would lay down his life for a friend.

      I hope we hear more from this young man in the future. We need more people with this type of leadership and morality standing in the gap. And seeing his response to this encounter is so refreshing after all the irksome publicity we been subjected to with David Hogge.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Your interpretation of Sandmann’s behavior seems very reasonable. I doubt, though, that Talking Bull came there out of fear. His beating a drum in the student’s face indicates a confrontational intent, and he has a history as an anti-white agitator. Combined with the “go back to Europe” call by one of the Indians, this indicates racist intent.

        And I definitely agree that Sandmann deserves far better than the Fascist Hogg.

  3. Steve Lancaster says:

    The Great Plains Indian warrior culture would not have been possible without the introduction, by white Europeans, of the horse in the early 1500s by Columbus, Cortez and Coronado. Also the introduction of metallurgy and later firearms. But, I suppose those often forgotten facts are stubborn things.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Of course, some of those Plains Indians came from elsewhere. The Sioux started out on the east coast and kept being driver further west by other Indians. Finally they reached the plains, and used what they had picked up from the Europeans on the way to dominate their area.

      • Rosalys says:

        We’ve been told about how the so-called native Americans all migrated from Asia via the land bridge that once existed between what is now Russia and Alaska. So, hey, those natives aren’t so native after all! Who knows who was here first and was obliviated by these “noble savages,” so many, many moons ago?

  4. gvillewill says:

    Seems to me that Talking Bull should get down on his knees and thank the Great Wakan Tanka that it was the Brits who conquered North America and Not the Russians, who were already as far south as Seattle. or the Spanish, (see Mexico)or the French.
    Somebody was going to conquer North America, and as bad as some things were for some of the Indians , they still got the best possible outcome they could have hoped for and it’s time to quit whining and get on with it.
    Likewise, every black person in America would be well served to adopt the attitude of the great Muhammed Ali when he was asked what he thought of Africa.

    “Thank God my grandaddy got on that boat”

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Keith Richburg wrote a book on the subject, looking at various aspects of intra- and inter-racial politics. (As an example of the former, lighter-skinned blacks tended to be disdainful of darker-skinned ones, at least when he was growing up in Detroit, and maybe still.) One of his major points was why he was glad he was no longer African.

      I think he was the one who told the story about the African and Asian bureaucrats who one-upped each other. The Asian had a nice mansion and, asked how he got the money for it, pointed to all the nice developments in his country and said, “Ten percent — me.” Later he visited the African’s fabulous mansion and asked where he got the money for it. The African pointed to the total lack of development and said, “One hundred percent — me.”

      One wonders how many Indios would rather have had Spanish rule than English/American rule. There’s a reason people flee from almost every Latin American country to America.

  5. Rosalys says:

    Talking Bull is such a great name for this clown! Thank you Selwyn for that. Of course, Talking Bullsh*t is even better (though perhaps should be saved for private moments among friends – so entirely appropriate here at ST.)

    Talking Bullsh*t is a liar, agitator, and coward. Attacking an innocent, polite, Christian, white boy takes absolutely no courage. Bravo to the lad for not taking the bait. If ever there was a punchable face, it was Talking Bullsh*t’s!

    Why won’t someone press charges against this clown? This is no time to turn the other cheek. Passive behavior only emboldens the enemy and will lead to more heinous behavior.
    Pay particular attention to point #4

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Pay particular attention to point #4

      I am surprised nobody has yet been killed. Should things continue down the same path, I am sure blood will be spilled.

      Walsh’s suggestion to sue the bastards, is one way to keep things from continuing on the downward trajectory. If enough of these low-life leftists get sued, they will start thinking about what they say.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        As it happened, the debunking began before I saw it, so I have no idea how I would have reacted if I’d heard about the report first. The video was far more innocuous than what was said, and Talking Bull’s claims were basically the typical hate crime charge that usually turns out to be a hoax, so I probably would have been skeptical.

        But Walsh is definitely correct that this incident proved, once and for all, that the synoptic media are indeed the enemies of the people. I don’t know whether or not they can be charged for their crimes (though Sandmann probably has a decent case for libel), but the reality is that they’re inciting violence, even civil war. And when it comes, as I think it will at some point, I hope they’re the first victims.

  6. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The link is to a good article at Takimag which points out that “conservative” writers at places like NRO are nothing more than whores for money. We at ST have been saying this for years.

    The writer names names and I couldn’t agree with him more.

    These faux-conservatives paint the Trump movement with an extremely broad brush virtually accusing all his followers of being racists. These “conservatives” would rather the country be taken over by the left and for Western Civilization to fail than to have Trump and his supporters succeed. As most of them seem to be neo-conservatives, I believe they see things in a very simplistic way, i.e. Trump and his movement are just a step away from being Nazis so the “Never-Trumpers” would rather throw their support behind the left as even communists are better than Nazis.

    • David Ray says:

      I dropped National Review like a bad habit when the gutless wonders abandoned Mark Styne over the BS harrassment lawsuit brought by Mann.
      Mann’s “upside down hockey stick” graff is a clear fraud, yet the NR bums chose the Republican pass-time of heading for the hills as their response.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Did you see what those clowns have on the front page today? It’s some dumb-ass article about three reasons a carbon tax won’t work. How about “Because it’s based on a fraud?”

        I can’t find that on the front page anymore. Maybe they had the good sense to pull it.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The split theoretically was because of disagreements over how to handle the Mann suit, but by coincidence (or not) Steyn’s last article concluded with an updated version of a Frank Sinatra joke:

        “How do you make a fruit cordial? Be nice to him — or else.”

        I’m sure everyone can figure out which part Steyn added. Sinatra told it at a time when you could say and think such things. Many of us at the time suspected that NR stopped carrying him because of this joke.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        dropped National Review like a bad habit when the gutless wonders abandoned Mark Styne

        I dropped NRO at the same time. I rarely visit the website, and then only when someone like Brad recommends a particular article.

        NRO has become just another conservative moral prostitute exactly as described in the TakiMag article.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I still read Jim Geraghty’s “Morning Jolt”, which I receive (along with many other articles) in daily updates from NRO.

  7. David Ray says:

    This article batted 1000.
    One could point out to that bitter old fool that the reason the Indians didn’t lock their adversaries up behind walls was for one simple reason . . . they put them to death instead.
    Raiding, killing, boiling, cannibalism, etc were quite commonplace.

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