Lying as Strategy and Tactics

CrossedFingersby Anniel   9/11/14
Any doubt about IRS Commissioner’s John Koskinen’s false witness and lack of Sisu has now been completely removed. He lied to Congress, he lied to the Court, and to the American people. He lied to protect this ruinous regime and his own sorry hide. He lied about lying. And he has caused some members of Congress and the bureaucracy to condone the lies.

Before a Congressional Committee on September 10, 2014, John Koskinen said, “Whenever we can we follow the law.” Isn’t that helpful to know? If they come after you, or Breitbart or your Aunt Maggie, they’ll sure try not to lie, but you know how it is.

And the people who work for the IRS who have failed to pay their taxes? Well, didn’t Mr. Koskinen say they needed their bonuses, and they’re so, so hard working – all underpaid soldiers in the army saving the nation from those pesky Tea Partiers. Always fighting America’s enemies – Tea Partiers are right up there with our other enemies – climate change deniers, racists and Christians, or whatever is on the agenda today.

WAIT, wait just a minute. Mr. Koskinen might be telling the truth this time, so maybe he’s not lying about lying. Maybe he’s telling the truth about lying, or lying about telling the truth. How are we to know? What are we to depend on?

Yes, Lois Lerner’s e-mails were lost, or destroyed, or not. Yes, we can retrieve them, but it might take months, or years, or never. That’s entirely up to you to believe or not. Yes, other e-mails were lost, but that’s just happenstance, or not. Can you trust even their lies at the IRS?

When lying becomes a strategy for warfare against domestic enemies/citizens, that strategy comes directly from the commander-in-chief. However, everyone sees his mouth moving so they know he’s lying, and his minions know they are permitted to lie as a tactic. Mr. Koskinen has inadvertently, or maybe openly, as the case may be, swerved into a confusing truth here. He is permitted to lie, or not, as a tactic. So, he is either a liar by trade who sometimes tells the truth, or vice versa, a truth teller who sometimes lies.

Perhaps we have a new schizophrenic psychiatric syndrome here. Shall we name it after Mr. Koskinen? How does KOSKINITIS sound? It has a slightly sinister slipperiness to it, something begging to be described and to receive a psychiatric DSM-IV Code and Diagnostic Criteria.

KOSKINITIS. This syndrome is characterized by the ability to believe anything one says at any given time. Facts and objective truth are disregarded by the patient. He/she may even appear to find that being caught is humorous and no embarrassment or guilt arerequired. The lies may be publicly exposed, but no change in perception or behavior occurs. The lies told may change from moment to moment but there seems to be no moral component involved for the psychiatric patient as he/she whiplashes between truth and fiction. At the present time there are no effective treatments for this disorder.

The only defense normal people have when confronted by the KOSKINITIS tactic is to recognize it for what it is, just a small part of a grand strategy designed to deceive the electorate. The only cure for the syndrome is relentless pursuit of the truth and voting the facilitators of the strategy out.

It is sad when we cannot trust our elected President, representatives, or bureaucrats to be honest liars, when even honest men who maybe tell the understandable white lies are also suspect, but that is the world we live in now. And maybe we are safer if we believe no one without a personal record of truth telling to their credit.

Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun, so you can be sure KOSKINITIS has always been with us, but it seems that there is a new level of arrogance about the perpetrators. They laugh as they tell you the truth about themselves. As the President said in the middle of an interview with Chuck Todd, “Now, I’m going to tell you the truth. . . ” Probably not, and what were you telling before?

Do any of the leaders with KOSKINITIS really care that they are known? It doesn’t seem like it. The sad thing is so few really care about the lies anymore.

While the ballot box may be the cure, VIGILANCE, TRUTH and PRAYER are the only known defenses against KOSKINITIS. • (1462 views)

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7 Responses to Lying as Strategy and Tactics

  1. Glenn (the lesser) says:

    Unfortunately it takes a lot of lo-fo voters to sway the vote one way or the other and although I like the term Koskinitis I fear it may have too many syllables to catch on with the unwashed hordes. Besides, they think all politicians are afflicted with Koskinitis so they may as well vote for the guy who promises them goodies.

    Course, it would help if the 4th Estate would wake up and stop “lying” with the liars.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Oh, you can rely absolutely on Koskinen (who’s Scalise to Obama’s Capone, just as Eric Holder is Anselmi). The problem is what you can rely on him to do. (My thanks to Richard Powell and Don Quixote USA, where Carlos Veleta memorably explained this notion to the narrator.) But I’m not so sure about calling this peculiar mental disorder Koskinitis, given that so many liberals (including Obama) suffer from a severe case.

    As for the IRS, it should be defunded completely, having completely forfeited the trust of the public. (Actually, I can think of even better ways of dealing with it, but I don’t want the FBI coming after me after the NSA tells them what I wrote.)

  3. Anniel says:

    I join with NSA in consulting my crystal ball to read your brain. Your thoughts are transparent. Sorry that mine are more opaque. I find Koskinen so repugnant I just had to name something after him, and his name does sound more slippery with a whole-hearted Finn pronunciation.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Well, that certainly shows your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, there is no right place on Earth for Koskinen (though many people believe there’s a suitable place elsewhere, and not just for the slimy IRS boss).

  4. Misanthropette says:

    Koskinitis is incurable and has no known protocols. I look forward to its addition in the DSM!

  5. Anniel says:

    I forgot last night to tell you my take on why the IRS will never be abolished. Many years ago, before the net and stuff, when a few people started pushing for a “fair” or “flat rate” tax I realized how much CONTROL and INFORMATION is gained through our tax returns and our fear of audits. Even with all new methods of snooping on us, think how much MORE the government learns from our returns. Unless and until we get folks in Office who are true patriots with staying power (incorruptible) the IRS will remain a permanent fixture in our lives. Sigh.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Quite true. Another thing to remember is that every special loophole has a constituency that will donate heavily to preserve it. Sometimes they even propose special taxes for the sole purpose of persuading those who would be victimized to donate their protection money (at least for Democrats, campaign donations have been an extortion racket for over 30 years minimum). So there will always be some organization to collect the money — but defunding the current IRS is a way to eradicate a totally corrupted criminal organization. Whether we can come up with one that isn’t equally corrupt and criminal, at least as long as the Gangster-in-Chief is in charge, is problematic.

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