Light, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hemlock

HemlockThumbby RobL
I’d like to dedicate my first article to briefly explaining the reasoning behind my column’s title: Light, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hemlock. It represents a personal ode to the pillars of Western Civilization and its greatest political tradition currently represented as modern conservatism.* The pillars being the ancient Hebrews, ancient Greek Civilization, and the accumulated wisdom, writings and works of our Founders.

Light refers to the ancient Hebrews (may thou be a light upon nations).

Liberty refers to the ideals of our founders as manifest in the Declaration and Constitution.

Hemlock refers to the poison Socrates swallowed rather than surrender his virtue (nails down classical Greek civilization in one action).

Ideally, all my postings in the column will relate to the ‘trinity’ in some fashion, and discuss points related to our Judeo-Christian heritage, the Classical Greek (and Roman) legacy, and the brilliance of which our Founding Fathers encapsulated the two, along with the Western tradition to establish the greatest nation the world has ever known (and likely ever will).

*In future articles I’ll expand upon the definition of modern conservatism. But to allow a bit of closure to this piece, I’ll offer that modern conservatism is what was previously defined as classical liberalism…And that would be a societal philosophy based on limited government (best encapsulated by the nation-state), individual liberty, free markets, and the free expression and exchange of ideas. • (640 views)

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