Life (2009)

Life(2009)Suggested by Brad Nelson • Legendary presenter David Attenborough explains and shows wildlife all over planet earth in 10 episodes. The first is an overview of the challenges facing life. The others are dedicated to hunting, the deep sea, and various major groups of creatures.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Happily one reviewer at said,

    I was expecting this film to have a creationist slant, but it does not.

    Oh, fussy boy or girl. When has any major documentary by the BBC in the last 40 years had a creationist slant? But the teleology is still all there. It just reside in the animals who are said to “want” this or “adapt” to that. Teleology of some kind is unavoidable, even if one is a committed fussy Darwinist/atheist who can’t bare the thought of a Creator.

    These fussy people will be the death of us. Bur for now, life itself is an open question. We have absolutely no idea how animals came to be the way they are, in so many truly ingenious forms. Would or could bland unguided evolution ever create such wonders? It’s doubtful. Still, it’s hard to find the language to describe how things are. And few script writers for documentaries are honest enough to say “We don’t know.”

    This series is currently streaming on Netflix. And at least the first episode (likely all of them) are narrated by David Attenborough. There is a dumbed-down Americanized version with Oprah doing the narration and I would avoid that like the plague.

    The first episode (the only one I’ve watched so far), “Challenges of Life,” is a potpourri of interesting animal (and some plant) behaviors and situations. It’s sort of a “best of” selection of clips with no particular tight theme. But it works and it’s all a marvel. Streamed (on Netflix) in HD, it’s a visual feast as well.

    Just be forewarned that “things evolved” will be the driving world view behind this — although no one has demonstrated even in the smallest way how any of these remarkable animals could have just “evolved.” So keep an open mind and bite your tongue once in a while. The pictures are wonderful. Attenborough is as engaging of a narrator as ever. And who the heck knows how all these complex animals came about? Well, you can just say “things evolved,” the magical materialist phrase that covers it all. But we really do have no idea.

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