Liberals and Islam: Just a Misunderstanding?

IslamTheWorldby Leigh Bravo6/4/15
Who is Eric Allen Bell?  He is a Liberal described as slightly left of center. I recently came across a video via social media where he was filmed discussing the meaning of Liberalism and his “counter jihad” cause. After listening, I felt it was important to share it. Could it be possible that when it comes to Islam and Muslims that liberals and conservatives  might be on the same side, but just don’t understand each other? If we were not all so polarized, might we have a discussion and discover that we agree on more than we disagree? One issue is Islam and the views that all Muslims support terrorism.  Below is the transcript of the video, but you can also watch by clicking on the link above. It is well worth the listen.

“The tendency of most well meaning moderate liberals is to look at the world through a collectivist’s lens. So when I say Islam they hear Muslim.. If I say I am against Islam they hear you’re against Muslims. The tendency then is to identify with, protect, sympathize, with who ever you perceive to be the minority or the victim. If I say I am against the belief system of Islam,  a collectivist is hearing that I am against an individual and so they say you must be a hate monger, a bigot, an  Islamaphobe and why not throw in right winger? What we have is a perceptive disability.  If we are to succeed in the counter jihad movement, instead of saying, ‘well they should just think differently,’ we need to speak their language. We need to explain that counter jihad is about human rights. If you are a real liberal you are against Islam. If you are a real liberal and you care about women’s rights, gay rights, and free speech and religious freedom you must be against Islam. If you are against xenophobia, nothing is more xenophobic than Islam. So to truly be a liberal, you have to be counter jihad or you are just a phony.”

What is distinction between counter jihad and counter Islam?

“There is no distinction [ between jihad and counter Islam] at all because Islam and jihad are inseparable. There is no such thing as radical Islam. It is a complete myth. Thank God the majority of the worlds 1.6 billion muslims are not devout. Thank God, Because the devout ones are the terrorists.”

“Islam has not been hijacked by radicals. The ideal man in Islam, the highest moral example is Mohammed. He married a 6 year old girl, had foreplay with her for 3 years then had sex with her when she was 9. He beheaded poets who offended him. He killed an entire Jewish tribe. He was a slave owner.  He was a blood thirsty tyrant. This is the ideal man who all Muslims are supposed to emulate? How do you find a moderate Islam in there? It doesn’t exist.”

Unfortunately, Liberalism is connected at the hip with multi-culturalism. So you have to believe that there is such a thing as superior and inferior, not racist, but belief systems are cultures.  And its a lie. Now we have one or two generations that have been educated and indoctrinated into that lie through our public education system and our culture and our media. So that’s a problem. Also to so many liberals to think to yourself that a minority group could possibly be in the wrong, I can’t even have that thought.  No one is more victimized by Islam than Muslims. Hundreds of millions of Muslim women live under Islamic gender apartheid.  So when we talking about humans rights, first and foremost, the people who are victimized by Islam is Muslims. we are standing for their humanity, their rights and their dignity in “counter jihad.”

Who is Eric Allen Bell?  He was hired as a screenwriter by John Leguizamo and Dennis Brooks to rewrite dialogue. He went on to become a working screenwriter, including adapting two novels – one of which was a best seller, for an Oscar winning Producer and a major studio. His directorial debut was in 2004 with “Missing Sock,” which was named by Film Threat on the “Top 10 Short Films” that year. Bell went on to write, produce and direct “The Bondage,” and directed the documentary “American Infidel,” which caused a great deal of controversy and was written about in USA TodayThe Huffington Post, Breitbart, Examiner, Front Page Magazine, The Blaze, Media Matters and numerous other publications.

American Infidel is a documentary by Eric Bell that originally started out as a film about, what he considered, “Southern Christian Bigots,” who were protesting a planned mosque being built in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, but ended up joining the anti-Islam movement. “I want to communicate that the biggest threat to human rights is Islam,” he said.

“When the self-proclaimed “prophet” of Islam wrote the Quran one thing he did not count on was the information age.  Why are the Taliban fighting so hard to stop girls from going to school?  The enemy of Islam is truth.“- Eric Allen Bell

“Liberty and Islam cannot coexist. Free Speech and Islam cannot coexist. Women’s Rights and Islam cannot coexist. Human Rights and Islam cannot coexist. Critical Thinking and Islam cannot coexist. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Islam cannot coexist. The future and Islam cannot coexist.”- Eric Allen Bell

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6 Responses to Liberals and Islam: Just a Misunderstanding?

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    All very true. And he should consider the implications of the liberal refusal to understand the case against Submission aka Islam. Might it be that they really aren’t very liberal (in terms of the favorable associations of the term) at all? Allen Drury pointed out decades ago how illiberal the professional liberals of that time were. Nothing has changed, except to get even worse.

  2. Pst4usa says:

    Someone with that much clarity about islam, will eventually come to understand to be a true liberal, you are what is called a conservative today. The modern liberal cannot believe that they will be the first ones killed if the islamist achieve their goals.

    • Leigh says:

      You are so right. I have had so many discussions with self professed liberals, who in reality, when discussing the issues are against abortion after 12 weeks, believe Obama has done a horrible job with foreign policy, can hardly wait for his term to be over. I actually had my nemesis in bookclub…two opposite ends of the spectrum, begin criticizing Obama. These past several months she is singing a different tune. She actually said she was looking at Republican candidates to vote for but was not thrilled with any of them so far. This gives me hope! I also love seeing the black pastors stepping up to the plate as well as many other black activists. With the amnesty situation, blacks are feeling left behind and immigrants who stood in line and came legally are pissed off with Democrats as well. Liberal media paint s a horrible picture about Republicans which I believe does not represent what the people are really feeling! HOPE!

      • Timothy Lane says:

        It’s important to remember that the ordinary voters aren’t the tribal zealots (generally speaking) that the Inner Party are. They mean well, but they’re mostly ignorant. But ignorance is curable, and sometimes this happens.

  3. Rosalys says:

    Wow! A leftist with a functioning brain, who can reason, and with whom one may be able to have a real conversation! He is probably being targeted for marginalization by his “friends” right now. I will pray for him.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Yes, we see examples of this. Let a feminist activist express any doubt about the rape paranoia, and she comes under attack from the avant-garde left. (This has led to some liberal concern about political correctness, though so far only in its targeting of liberals. They still don’t care what happens to their conservative enemies.) I’m sure Kirsten Powers has received a lot of liberal hate-mail as well. I see this as the difference between genuine liberals and modern liberals (i.e., radical leftists). As I once riddled in FOSFAX: What do you call a liberal with an open mind? Eventually you will call him a conservative.

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