LGBT “National Day of Silence”

WireTongueby Leigh Bravo4/13/16
Shutting Down All Other Voices?  •  First, let me make one thing clear. I am not a racist or a bigot or a homophobe or even an Islamaphobe. I believe in “Live and Let Live,” and I am a concerned American and a parent wondering what happened to MY rights? Why is one group being allowed to demand their rights while they stomp of the rights of everyone else. This is not “tolerance,” it is height of hypocrisy and “intolerance!”

Imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that my kid’s school was hosting a “Day of Silence,” that is being sponsored by a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) group and has been condoned and fully supported by the school board and the superintendent of schools? To add insult to injury, I also discovered that this “Day of Silence” is a National event and is happening at all middle schools and high schools across the country. What, may you ask, is the problem? We have all been told over and over again that you are not allowed to wear T-shirts that represent the flag, NRA, gun rights, pro-life, Christianity or a litany of subjects that might just offend someone that attends our schools. We have been preached at regarding the separation of church and state. We have seen kids actually arrested for holding their hands in the shape of a gun or sent to the principals office for daring to hug a classmate resulting in charges of sexual abuse. However, for some reason, we are supposed to swallow the fact that the school system is now promoting, supporting and allowing the LGBT community to have a “Day of Silence” in our schools?

Kids that support this group, will wear stickers showing they support LGBT rights and are allowed to spend the day in school not speaking or participating in class. Teachers may also be allowed to show their support for this group by remaining silent or offering a study day or reading day in class. What does the “Day of Silence” mean? They want to stop discrimination and bullying against LGBT kids throughout the school system. But aren’t there other groups who also are discriminated against and bullied? What about nerds, fat kids, autistic kids, acne laden kids, smart kids…..are they not also discriminated against and bullied? Is there a reason why they are being excluded from this “Day of Silence?” Why is the LGBT group allowed to have their say and support their cause in our schools while the rest of us are told to “Sit Down and Shut Up?”

The audacity of our school leaders across this country thinking that it is okay to support one opinion yet stifling the opinions of others is outrageous! If you allow one group to have their say or moment in the sun, then it should be allowed for all groups regardless of what they support or believe. If you shut down the voices of some, claiming schools are no place for the promotion of your personal beliefs, then they should not allow ANY group to promote their cause within our school system.

The hypocrisy of the liberal left is reaching a point of no return. When we allow LGBT groups to speak their mind and advertise their way of life within our schools while taping shut the mouths of those who believe otherwise, then we have lost our way. When we allow Hollywood stars and corporate bullies demand that we allow men into women’s bathrooms because the small minority of individuals feel misunderstood, then we have lost our way. When the liberal left continue to open businesses and have shows and concerts in nations that demean women, persecute and kill gays, and disregard the rights of its citizens, yet cancel their plans or refuse to honor tickets at sold out shows in the United States because the majority do not want men allowed into girls locker rooms and bathrooms, we have lost our way.

We have seen the results of this mentality in our colleges across the nation. Indoctrinated kids who whine and cry and are unable to function physically because of a name they consider threatening written in chalk. A indoctrinated group of kids who have been taught in our school system that socialism is great and America is bad. Now we are allowing our elementary, middle and high school kids to be exposed to the beliefs of one group and restricted access to others. When we allow our school systems to teach our kids what to think and not how to think, then we are a Nation doomed to fail.

Isn’t it time to take back our schools?

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12 Responses to LGBT “National Day of Silence”

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The key to all this is the coercive power of the Lavender Thought Police, which itself depends on the willingness of other liberals (such as the synoptic media) to go along with them. This is why liberal hypocrites will boycott North Carolina without over its new law while ignoring the far worse abuses of foreign nations where they eagerly do business. (To be fair, as liberals they may be totally ignorant of these abuses.) But you should tell the school that the Day of Silence is especially appropriate because that’s what they’re trying to do to everyone who fails to agree with them 100%.

  2. Rosalys says:

    “Isn’t it time to take back our schools?”

    Maybe it’s time time take your kids out of public schools.

    • David N. says:

      “Isn’t it time to take back our schools?”

      They haven’t been ‘our schools’ at least since the United States Department of Education took power in 1979 (Read “the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt, or watch one of her you tube videos, see below). This is when the cultural Marxists were able to start implementing the re-education (brainwashing) of Americas youth on a grand scale.

      Let’s call the public schools what they are now…G.I.C.’s…government indoctrination centers.

      And there is no ‘maybe’ about it, home schooling is the answer. Unless you can afford a really good private school, that you have vetted from stem to stern, as being a fit for your child’s educational development. You know, like the ones the politicians get to send their kids to.

  3. David N. says:

    Brad – Excellent graphic accompanying Leigh’s article.


  4. Bell Phillips says:

    When I was in college, circa 1990, the campus fag squad organized a gay pride week, culminating in “blue jean Friday,” where you were supposed to wear jeans to support the cause. Of course, on most days, it was pretty rare to see a student on campus not wearing jeans, so you can see their plan.

    So Friday rolls around, and nobody, *nobody*, is wearing jeans. I wore a suit and tie. Cammo was pretty popular. Women wore dresses. A couple of people showed up wondering why everyone was dressed so oddly – they went home and changed. People taped “Exit Only” signs over their butts. There were hand made and illustrated tee-shirts that said “Don’t Bend for a Friend.”

    Around noon, about the time some speakers were supposed to appear outside the Student Center, a spontaneous march erupted and went around campus. I still laugh when I think about the crowd passing the spot where they just had a big ceremony to plant a tree for some reason. One of the guys at the front of the march yelled out “SAVE AMERICA! PLANT A TREE! KILL A QUEER!” (Disclaimer: I don’t advocate that, just in case anyone reading this is stupid.)

    The whole thing made the network news that evening. It was totally spontaneous. There was no centralized planning of the counter protest. We certainly talked about it in the prior week. No one was particularly outraged at gay pride week. You have to be almost numb to that stuff on college campus. It was all about “reverse free speech.” What people were outraged about, was having words put in their mouths (or, rather, draped over their bodies). It’s way past time for this to happen again, but I think what I witnessed was just the dying gasp of sanity and civilization.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I could imagine something like that at Hillsdale, perhaps, if they would have a “gay pride” event there in the first place. And there are probably plenty of people even at colleges like Emory, Mizzou, etc. who would like the idea. But today it might be a lot riskier given the unity of the various leftist mobs.

    • Rosalys says:

      Ha, ha, ha! That must have been something to behold. But, oh, how far we’ve descended into the abyss in only twenty-five years!

  5. This “Day of Silence” has been going on for years. I started having fits about it several years before I retired and I retired 8 years ago. It was terrible just from a teaching point of view. Those involved refused to answer questions, to present assigned speeches, or take part in class discussions, and, while screwing up the class, managed to make their superiority complexes quite visible. The LGBT group was sponsored by the school librarian and sanctioned by the administration. None of us could do anything about it.

    Thanks, Leigh, for your impassioned article. This needs talking about.

    • Clive says:

      Of course you could have done something: all protested at the principal’s office; petitioned the school board and congressman, ignored ‘silent’ chln and staff, wore ‘free speech’ t shirts, organised parents to occupy the school grounds…its endless.

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s what an idiot sounds like when he puts pen to paper: Trump and the Contest to Control Conservatism. Why “idiot?” Why so harsh? Because of this:

    You might not agree with any of this, you might not like it, it might even threaten your place in the “movement” and you surely are not happy that Trump is the one who is riding this wave.  But don’t say it is not conservative.

    Apparently “conservative” (American conservatism) is a word as fungible as reality TV shows. Mr. Trump may be this or he may be that. He may have good ideas or he may have bad ideas. But just because Finch thinks the “conservative movement” shifted in the 70’s to 90’s to something else doesn’t mean that wasn’t a bastardization of conservatism as well.

    We’ve discussed what being a conservative means here and here. If you disagree with any of these points, or think we’ve missed some big ones, let’s talk about that. But we have been as specific as possible.

    When the President of the David Horowitz Freedom Center is a low-information voter, that’s not good news. A man who supports something as frivolous as the gender-bending agenda (as Trump does) is no conservative. Call it what you will. But there is no objective reality, nothing to “conserve,” if something as basic as boy/girl is considered arbitrary.

  7. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The link is more proof, if any is still needed, that the deviant Left is out to subjugate all others to their beliefs and destroy Christianity in the effort.

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