Lessons to Be Learned from Islamic-Jihad in Paris

IslamoNutsby Jerry Richardson1/10/15
What critical lessons should the American people learn from the Paris Islamic-Jihad massacre?  •  The tragedy of the event should not overshadow the importance of learning life-saving lessons that will assist us (the civilized world) in defeating world-wide Islamic-jihad—western-civilization is at war with Islamic-jihad, whether or not our politically-correct leadership wants to admit it; and winning this war and exterminating Islamic-Terrorists should be a publically-articulated and stated goal of America and the rest of the western-world.  Let us not engage in the senseless policies of appeasement that lead to World War II.

Here are a few important lessons to be learned:

Lesson 1: The root-cause of the Paris Islamic-Terrorists massacre is multiculturalism in France run amok.

If the United States continues to allow Progressive-thought to push us further and further down the road toward uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism, we will find ourselves in the exact predicament of France and much of the rest of Europe.  The efforts by Barack Obama and the Democrats and numerous RINOs to promote amnesty for illegal immigrants, effectively resulting in a US open-border policy, will greatly increase our already growing multicultural problem if not stopped dead in its tracks.

Here’s is a succinate description of France’s multicultural problem:

Multiculturalism.  If you are against it, you must be a dolt, a non-intellect, a heathen stuck in some prior jingoistic era.  Embrace the concept.  Think of all the new restaurants, clothing, interesting people.

But what of the newcomers who, rather than embracing their new nation and melding with the society to which they were allegedly drawn, choose to establish a toe hold for their form of life?  What if there is no “melting pot,” but rather a “salad bowl” of sects that prefer to be separate and demand that their own laws to be implemented?  What happens when the host countries’ authorities are in such fear of interfering with these communities that they choose not to enforce their own laws, and instead allow a metastasis of the intrusion to continue?

The answer is that you are well on your way to losing your country.  France is well on its way.  Within France are areas known as Sensitive Urban Zones, (zones de sécurité prioritaires, or ZSP).  At last count, there were over 700 such zones.  These zones are considered “No Go” zones – i.e., too dangerous to enter for authorities or, in most cases, non-Muslims.
Indications of a Country Lost

Lesson 2: Gun-free zones, aka victim disarmament zones always produce eventually the same result anywhere: Criminals, terrorists, or mental-cases that no gun-laws can possible control acquire weapons and murder innocent, disarmed people in the name of some cause or some discontent or some unknown reason.  This is true whether the so-called “gun-free zone” is a school or a shopping mall in America or an entire nation such as Paris.

Free societies everywhere need to expose, repudiate, and resist the illogical insanity of progressive-thought that pretends and proclaims that a sign, or a law, that states, NO GUNS ALLOWED, is going to make any difference to a determined criminal, terrorist, or unrestrained mental-case.

Lesson 3: The nation of Paris represents exactly what the anti-2nd-Amendment crowd, aka gun-grabbers led by the likes of Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg wish to promote in the United States: A total disarmed and defenseless civilian population.

As obviously counter-productive and detrimental to public safety as a totally disarmed population is, the cry for so-called “gun-control” has become a top political-goal for Progressives and liberals world-wide.  It is usually pushed with rhetoric such as: We need “Common-sense” gun-control! Translated into plain English this means, incrementally but eventually, complete and total disbarment of a nation; not only of private citizens, but also of police forces—as has been done in Paris.

Of course, the only segments of a population that will not be affected by this so-called “gun-control” are criminals, terrorists, and the mentally-deranged; this is the unavoidable, uncorrectable flaw in the gun-grabbers grand utopian strategy: The only people disarmed are law-abiding citizens.

Lesson 4:  Cowards in high-public office endanger the entire nation. Surely the most craven type of coward is the person who refuses to call something what it is—a person who refuses to call evil, evil; such a person endangers anyone under their influence.  President Barack Obama steadfastly refuses to call Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism; and the world is paying the price in human lives.

Lesson 5:  Assaults upon our Constitution’s Bill of Rights must be resisted with unwavering determination.  The assault is not just against the 1st Amendment.

The most assaulted item in our Constitution, especially by Progressives, is the 2nd Amendment. If we ever waver in our resistance to the gun-grabbers we will be no safer than the 17 defenseless, unarmed French citizens who were butchered by Islamic savages.  As a reminder here’s the text of the 2nd Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
2nd Amendment of the US Constitution

Of course the nations’ attention at present, after the Paris massacre, is primarily upon the 1st Amendment, primarily the phrases that deal with “freedom of speech”:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
1st Amendment of the US Constitution

The reason that I mention both of these Amendments together is for the simple reason that if we, the citizens of the USA, ever surrender the right—not a granted right, but a protected right—by the 2nd Amendment we will lose a major means of guaranteeing the continuance of the 1st Amendment.

There is also another way we can lose our 1st Amendment rights—again not a granted right, but a protected right.

That other way we can lose our 1st Amendment rights is described in Lesson 4: Cowards in high-public office.

We, the people of the USA as well as the rest of the western-world are in grave danger when the President of the United States refuses, or is unable, to see the obvious fact that war has been declared upon the USA and all western-civilization by perpetrators of Islamic-Jihad.

President Obama’s ignore-the-problem-and-hope-it-goes-away attitude is amply evidenced by his adamant refusal to properly connect, in any of his public comments, Islam to the terrorism conducted by Islamic-Jihadist.

Furthermore and worse, he has provided no evidence of taking any comprehensive offensive-action (drone or air-strikes alone are not comprehensive) or even of believing in the necessity of having a plan to defeat the growing Islamic-Jihad threat to civilization—truly a coward in high-public office.

I pray we learn these lessons without having a Paris-penalty enacted upon American soil.

 © 2015, Jerry Richardson


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4 Responses to Lessons to Be Learned from Islamic-Jihad in Paris

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Yes, many people (including most libertarians) fail to see that freedom of expression can be taken away by “private” action as well as direct government censorship. Since this is the consequence of the toxic combination of multiculturalism and political correctness (e.g., the Rotherham gang rapes), especially when combined with a disarmed citizenry (though all the arms in the world would do nothing to stop a truck bomb), it’s always well to remember that the Left opposes free expression (or at least the freedom to disagree with them). To liberals, freedom is the freedom for them to behave as they choose; restrictions on others are irrelevant to them.

    Last year I did a review of Jean Raspail’s prophetic Camp of the Saints as a response to the immigration crisis, and especially the deliberate failure of national leadership to do anything to stop it. But his basic concern — the demoralized failure of the West to defend its civilization against third-world invasion — is equally applicable to the failure to confront the jihadists in our midst. The collapse is slower than he had it, but it may be just as inexorable if we don’t get leaders willing and able to confront the enemy.

  2. Jerry Richardson says:

    The article referenced below provides an excellent discussion by Charles Cooke of NPR on the immorality of gun-laws that render innocent citizens defenseless in the face of barbaric killers.

    …Noble suggests, “you have to ask yourself, ‘Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?’”

    This question is one that the authorities in Paris have thus far answered with a shrugging “Non.” Likewise, in New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, it is now so extraordinarily unlikely that ordinary citizens will be granted permission to carry a firearm that most of them will never so much as try.

    Bluntly, I consider this to be immoral. As we are told in the Declaration of Independence, governments exist not to render as helpless victims those whose liberty and security they are there to protect, but to ensure that all those that they represent fall heir to their basic, unalienable rights. Among those rights — without question — is self-defense. Where are thou, John Locke?
    France and the United States are culturally dissimilar, and, by choice, the French enjoy a different relationship with the state than do Americans. The rights involved here, however, are universal — ripe to be claimed by all. In consequence, we have to ask in sorrow whether it is really too much to suggest that it should have been as easy for the targets at Charlie Hebdo to get hold of a firearm and a means of carrying it as it was for the barbarians that killed them. We have to ask, too, whether it is really too much to ask that our provocateurs here at home be permitted to give themselves a fighting chance without having to get down on one knee and beg their employees in City Hall for access to a right that they never agreed to relinquish in the first instance. Should I tomorrow elect to trade my stapler for a Sig Sauer, in violation of the city’s laws, I would end up in Rikers Island. If I do not, I will be left at the mercy of barbarians who believe that it is appropriate to execute people who are rude on the Internet. Like so many people in America, I ask little of the government. But I do ask this: For goodness sake, get out of the way, and give us all a fighting chance.

    …At the Mercy of Barbarians

    • Timothy Lane says:

      But Eugene Boobinson is SO concerned that if such a Muslim attack happened in an area where citizens are armed, there might be carnage. Of course, there was carnage anyway, but I guess it only matters to Boobinson when the victims are racial minorities (regardless of whether or not those minorities were trying to kill those who shot them).

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