Lefties for Trump?

by Bill Kassel6/6/16

If I were of a more conspiratorial turn of mind, I might suspect that agents of Donald Trump are secretly hiring illegal aliens to foment violent demonstrations like the one witnessed in San Jose, California last week.

Such is the ease with which The Donald’s case is being made for him — a point noted by this graphic currently in circulation online.

Mexico may or may not be sending us its “best,” as Trump so controversially explored. But assaulting Trump supporters, burning the U.S. flag, aggressively waving the flag of Mexico, and calling for California to be restored to Mexican territory make Trump’s impolitic words and elaborate wall-building schemes hard to dismiss as the ravings of a jingoistic paranoid.

Indeed, The Donald is sounding more prophetic by the day.

One might even suspect San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo of being on Trump’s payroll. The Associated Press reports that His Honor complained…

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.”

Trump needs to take responsibility?

This after a crazed mob was throwing eggs, fists and police barricades at folks attending his rally.

Fox News business analyst Stuart Varney summed it up succinctly…

“The left is using the tactics of fascism.”

And in that, I think, lies a hint of what’s really going on.

Fun as it is to picture The Donald as a Machiavellian political mastermind, what all the violence is actually about is radical boot camp. It’s pretty clear that the Progressive leadership expects Trump to win this fall’s election, or at least gives him a better-that-even chance.

What the leftist street troops are getting now is light combat experience in preparation for bigger action to come.

Of course, a bit of street theater might still be called for, even if Hillary should squeak through. (Or Biden — and with Bernie chipping away at California and the release of that Secret Service agent’s new tell-all Clinton book, Joe looks increasingly like the party savior.)

Saul Alinksy acolyte though Hillary may once have been, she’s old hat by the standards of today’s Left. And what do they think of Biden?…

Good job carrying water for Obama, Joe. Thanks much. But you’re still just an old, white, Establishment fart. We’re beyond that now.

It’s possible that radical leaders want a Trump presidency. After all, what an easy target he would make for those handy, all-purpose charges of racism and xenophobia.

And that wonderful Trumpian spontaneity! Political incorrectness doesn’t get any better than that. They gotta love this guy.

I think lefties are taking their cue from the Islamist playbook…

Force the enemy into over-reacting and shooting everybody in sight, thereby radicalizing the populace.

Hey! It works in the Middle East. Why not here?

The Donald and his undisciplined tongue make it seem like a cakewalk. Take his blast at U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel who’s presiding over the Trump University class-action lawsuit. Trump handed a hostile media the perfect sound bite.

His insistence that Judge Curiel has a conflict of interest due to “Mexican heritage” led every news report.

For awhile Trump’s complaint seemed plausible because of Curiel’s membership in an association of Hispanic attorneys called La Raza Lawyers of San Diego. There was confusion over whether this organization is affiliated with the National Council of La Raza, a radical Mexican nationalist group that advocates “reconquista” of the American Southwest by Mexico.

Despite the similarity in names (La Raza means “The Race,” incidentally), there apparently is no connection.

But that’s The Donald, for you. And it might just be that the Left is hoping Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip inclinations persist when he’s in the White House — the better for Progressives to exploit them.

Alright now. Is this scenario a case of letting my anxieties run away with me?


You got a better theory?

The Left leadership ain’t dumb. And in normal political times it would make no sense that they should hope for their opponent’s victory. After all, a Republican triumph could wipe out gains achieved through Barack Obama’s free-wheeling disregard of the Constitution.

But if ever political times can be called “normal,” they sure can’t be this year.

So how to explain why radicals don’t see that their frighteningly violent tactics work to Trump’s advantage? After all, back before the 1968 election, during the so-called “Children’s Crusade,” even hippies realized they had to present themselves as normal middle-class kids while campaigning for Eugene McCarthy. They called it, “going clean for Gene.”

But, if what you’re concerned with isn’t so much winning an election as starting a revolution, then why not support the guy you assume will make the easiest target? There’s a certain logic to that, no?

Of course, Progressives ought to be careful what they wish for.

As wild a wild card as Donald Trump is proving to be, our Lefty friends might not get the revolution they want.


Writing on Salon, Camille Paglia assesses Trump’s strengths and Hillary’s weaknesses…

“There’s an absurdist, almost Dadaist quality to Trump’s candidacy, like Groucho Marx satirizing high society swells in A Night at the Opera or the radical Yippies trying to levitate the Pentagon at their 1967 antiwar protest. Trump routinely deploys all the subversive transgressiveness that campus Leftists claim to value. He goes straight as an arrow to the forbidden and repressed….

“Trump’s boisterous, uncensored id makes a riveting contrast to Hillary’s plodding, joyless superego. Listening to her leaden attempts to tell rehearsed jokes is collective torture.”

I’m becoming quite a fan of this Bernie Sanders lefty. She has some extreme idiosyncrasies, but she’s very clear thinking. Check out her thoughts.


Meanwhile, the Washington Postreports one interesting effect of the Trump candidacy: citizenship applications are up. The article’s implication is that people fear a Trump win. My take is: So what? Trump is bringing illegals out of the shadows, which strengthens our immigration system.


Illegal immigrants aren’t the only people coming out of the shadows this election year. Republican activists have established a political action committee that aims to rally the Amish behind Donald Trump. FaithZette LogoWhile politics among the “Plain People” is usually pretty low key, the hope is that their traditional conservatism can be mobilized to deny Hillary several key states. Will it work? Stay tuned.

BillKasselBill Kassel is a writer, communications consultant, and media producer based in Michigan. His essays and random rants can be found online at www.billkassel.com.

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I believe some liberals have tried to suggest that the rioters are in fact led by Trump agents provocateurs. Anything to avoid the reality that mob violence is natural to modern liberalism. A lot of voters are going to realize this, and I think it will help Trump against the candidate of the mob.

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