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flagparodyby Glenn Fairman   11/9/16
To take a bit of gloss off the evening, California will continue to sink into the 3rd world mire it has destined for itself. It will demand background checks to purchase ammunition, and tax its smokers and wealthy ad infinitum, yet it will legalize recreational pot. Remember this as your taxes rise for bonds and your children are immersed in a Spanish based curriculum. But at least you can feel satisfied with carting around your own grocery bags as a salve to your conscience.

Silly Californians had best begin their pilgrimage to the pot dispensaries as soon as possible. Having traded the labor of their forefathers for a diet of kale, sodomy, cheap (but ultimately ruinous) Mexican labor, and an unsustainable public employee system, The Golden State looks increasingly like iron pyrite.

A people who have forgotten the first things of the abundant life will find that intoxicating images and substances are the only antidote for reality that will power them through their grey days of serfdom. California is 1000 miles long and half an inch deep. When the party’s over and the check is due, the rigged system will collapse like a Jenga tower and there will be no one left to maleducate your children or to blow smoke up your parched and sundrenched asses. So roll one for the road, because the night draweth near, and morning is a furtive tear in a dead man’s eye.

Glenn Fairman returns from the wilderness and writes from Highland, Ca.
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8 Responses to Left Coast Laments

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I hope Glenn doesn’t mind, but his one post on another thread was of such high political humor and satire that I thought it article-worthy. As usual, Glenn says a lot in very few words. There is a sort of “state of our nation” to be seen in the bleeding edge of California (and Seattle as well, if you ask me).

  2. Glenn Fairman says:

    Once again, the short sightedness of special interests and the idiotic love of nebulous pleasure blinds us to the true wages of California’s pot legalization. Indeed, it is perhaps one thing for mature people to use it in the sanctity of one’s residence. But the youth of America will suffer vehemently for our chronic will to intoxication. Already, we have kids coming to school stoned out of their minds. Now, as pot has been raised to a legal and moral level above even that of cigarettes, the government’s tacit assent to the intoxication of fledging minds will spike the development of generations. Undoubtedly, pot will be cheaper and more readily available for teen consumption. Imagine the emergency room costs for kids who have overdosed on edibles or who have driven through the red light of an intersection. Whatever the sanguine benefits of such a foolish law, they will pale in comparison to the utter waste that will ensue from our relentless and indiscriminate love of escape. No greater curse exists for the stunting of the human mind than the normalization of this gateway drug on the community at large.

  3. Anniel says:

    Bear’s father offered to deed us some land on the Silverado Trail near Calistoga, but the expense of building there, to say nothing of the taxes, seemed too costly. I’m very glad we couldn’t afford what looked attractive, but would have left us so vulnerable in the end.

    • David Ray says:

      No need to have worried about the expense of living there!
      Just become a useless government employee like they did in Bell, CA and retire well into the 7 figures! Yippie!!!
      However, a buncha conservative scumbags bitched about it and sad to say, that sweet deal is momentarily off-line.

      P.S. – Those lethargic, gov’t employees were ALL democrats, yet the only Dem named in the news was future governor “moon pie” Brown who vowed to bring them to task. (He’s yet to act on that campaign promise.)

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Speaking of Left coast madness, there are movements in both California and Washington to secede from the Union. Only a snarky dillwad would say “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” This is because the problem of liberal fascism and forever childhoodism isn’t going away. (And we have yet to see how obnoxious and destructive Trump fascism may be.)

    I don’t know to the extent the anti-Trump “protests” are rent-a-mobs. But it seems pretty clear that there are a lot of young people without strong fathers. Fathers, after all, are needed for children to grow up. This is my explanation for this. We see pampered and spoiled children protesting to keep life’s realities at arm’s length.

    No one has written the definitive account of why Trump won and Hillary lost. The election was close enough that it’s likely no definitive answer can come. But if I were to offer one, it would be twofold: One, Hillary was so unlikable. Two, people were looking for a “strong man,” having basted so long in the kind of vacuous and wimpy Kindergarten politics of “safe spaces” and so on. Instead of rejecting Trump for saying “pussy,” for many it was refreshing. This has been labeled being “politically incorrect.” But I would more accurately say that it was “anti-feminist.”

    Arguably, what lost was feminism (and identity politics, in general). Feminism has been at the heart of the attack on our country by various grievance groups where every damn good thing that has always made this country work was demonized. That the Trumpkins seem to be yet another grievance group who cannot even be happy in victory is problematic. But we’ll see if this moderates.

    But these forever-children are going to be more and more influential as bastardy becomes standard (it already is) and “single parent motherhood” continues to be glorified instead of being seen as helping to unleash all these little monsters upon us.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Guy Benson, in an e-mail cited in a Town Hall article on the Demagogues’ determination to continue to die for Obamacare, noted that Hillary had the DNC clear the way for him and got the GOP candidate of her choosing — and still lost. It’s a nice article chronicling the fall of the Plunderbund under Obama. For example, in this last election 4 states went from mixed partisan control to a GOP trifecta — New Hampshire, Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa. No state did the reverse. The link is:


      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Put me down officially in the same attitude regardiing Obamacare as I have for Brexit. I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Either way, the socialists/Communists win because the argument has irretrievably moved to: What can the Federal government do to fix healthcare?

        Here’s the main problem. When Obama came into office to “fix” the economy, I told anyone who would listen that his presidency would be a poison to the economy (it was) because his “fixing” would simply put further burdens on the real job creators: the free market.

        The tangle of regulations and incest between government and insurance companies is so thick, I doubt even His Majesty Trump can untangle it all. And that really gets to the main problem. Trump is FDR without the manners. He will “do something” and has no instinct or cognizance whatsoever regarding some of the government things that must first be taken out of the way. His mindset is government action, the special (liberal) belief that government can cure all things if run by the right man.

        If Trump can reduce what needs reducing while putting in (if we must have a state solution) something like health saving accounts, that would arguably (from what little I know about it) be an upgrade. But it seems just as likely to me that they will either do nothing or simply add more layers of gunk without getting to the real problem: the strangulation of the free market, including the needed and necessary reality and discipline of costs/prices (something that health saving accounts apparently bring back into the equation).

      • Timothy Lane says:

        There’s another Town Hall piece on the subject of how Trump won. It seems there really were a lot of new voters among the working class who came out for Trump, many of them women (a female construction worker was in tears as she discussed a recent job — helping tear down a large GM factory). But he also won many who had remained Democrats as recently as 2012, but perhaps finally realized that the Democrat elites despise them and don’t care at all what happens to them. The link is:


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