Laughing Lesbian Lutheran

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu10/5/15
Today I came across the following article while browsing the web: World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space. I suggest everyone take a few minutes to read this piece and then contemplate the depths of depravity to which some have taken Christianity.

Only an ignoramus or liar could claim to be a Christian while leading the life this woman does. What bishop of any Christian Church could be a lesbian and call out for Churches of her denomination to remove all crosses to make way for Muslims? No, as Brad opined, “Her religion is Leftism…despite the funny hat. There’s no more Christ in her than in a box of Corn Flakes.”

Brad has hit the nail on the head. So the question must be asked, “What is this woman and how is it that she is a bishop of a Christian Church?” The answer is that this woman is a perfect example of a Leftist infiltrating and burrowing into one of the more important institutions of the West, in order to destroy it.  Why else wouldEva-Brunne-Lesbian-Bishop-640x480 she have spent her life in an organization, the tenets of which, she clearly does not believe? The “bishop” is nothing more than a cultural Marxist whose is doing her best to graft the idolatry of her religion, Leftism, on to the ancient and revered root of Christianity in order to produce a different fruit.  Or said another way, she wishes to use the old and trusted bottle of Christianity for dispensing Leftist wine.

To be sure, there is nothing new in what she is doing. In fact, she is simply the product of an ongoing plan by Leftists to undermine and then take over the cultural institutions, which represent the foundation on which Western Civilization is based.

If Christians wish to halt the downward trajectory of the Church, they must stand up and call out such fiends as this so-called bishop. She must be labeled the heretic that she is. And this must be broadcast from every pulpit in the world, particularly from Lutheran pulpits.

As Andrew Breitbart observed, “Culture is upstream of Politics.” To engage in politics is important, but if Christians lose their Churches the war against the cultural Marxists will be lost. Get out and fight and don’t worry about hurting other people’s feelings. Either they believe in the Bible or they don’t. Christianity is not a popularity contest. Christianity should not abandon its core beliefs in order to simply attract pew sitters.

It is time for true Christians to stand up and start separating the sheep from the goats. • (1619 views)

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Who’s this Brad guy? I’d love to do an interview with him. He sounds smart. 😀

    As I understand it, Mr. Kung (and the good Christians here will correct me if I’m wrong), to take Christ as one’s King is to mold oneself to a holy image. It’s not about sanctifying our sins as we currently practice them.

    Like I say, I’m not good enough to be a Christian. (But anyone is always worthy of attempting to follow Christ.) You could say seeing this lesbian fool confirms in my mind that:

    A) Much of this baloney is no deeper than culture.

    B) To follow Christ isn’t about wearing funny hats. It’s about a new heart, a new way of being, a commitment to a way of life not grounded in transient secular politics.

    My gut instinct, Mr. Kung, is that I’m in the wrong profession. I need to become a televangelist, and fast, because I don’t think many Christians have a clue what it’s all about. Instead of delving into this rich tradition they are vandalizing it with the graffiti of Leftism.

    One reason I don’t get offended when some Christian says either “You’re going to hell” or “You’re not diverse enough” is because fools are not my judge. My judge is from a Higher court than the court of jesters of Leftism.

    By the way, thanks for bringing that article to our attention. It just about made my head explode but thankfully I have a reinforced head.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      Sorry, I must maintain limited contact to Brad. Too much of a good thing, you know.

      I don’t think many Christians have a clue what it’s all about. Instead of delving into this rich tradition they are vandalizing it with the graffiti of Leftism.

      Sadly, I think you may be correct. But if Christians are going to have any chance at retrieving the West, they need to verse themselves in the Bible. They need to know it in its totality and not just a piece here and a piece there. Picking at certain pieces is how Leftist confuse the discussion. They lie by omission.

      Christians should already know what to do. “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

    • Rosalys says:

      “To follow Christ isn’t about wearing funny hats.”

      Her bishop’s mitre looks to be made from denim and some cheap, upholstery trim. I guess she’s following Papa Frank’s example of an outward show of humility!

  2. Cardinal Fang says:

    I agree to label her as a heretic and honestly, she should be beaten with her own crosier for even suggesting her idea.

    There’s a joke in there somewhere.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I must admit, I used the term heretic advisedly. The word suggests one who holds some of the basic Christian beliefs, but has gone off the rails in one or more areas. An example would be Arianism which denies the Trinity as taught by the Catholic and most Protestant Churches.

      But I don’t believe this woman holds Christian beliefs in any way. That is why I also called her a fiend which is probably a better description of her true self. She is there to destroy Christianity, not to promote it.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        She’s a member of the church of “I’m okay, you’re okay.” But we know this isn’t true about people in general and human nature. Some things are not okay. We need instruction. We need to bend to the will of the Good rather than to just punt and sanctify whatever damn thing we prefer to do. Christianity is not compatible with this kind of narcissism.

        One might not like the tenets of Christianity. But one of the most basic ones is that man and woman were created for each other. Same-sex attraction ought to be viewed in these terms as something to be fixed, not something to be normalized. I’m good with the working definition of homosexual behavior as broken masculinity. As for the lesbians, I can’t help thinking that it’s part broken femininity, part self-hate, and part ritualized hatred of men.

        You could certainly start a church of I’m Okay You’re Okay. But don’t call it Christianity. And I have little doubt that people who are trying to do this to the church do it with all the glee of a vandal. And in this age of “I’m Okay, You’re Okay,” the goal is not to conform to God, to Christ, to the essence of holiness, as best we can understand it. The goal is “diversity,” “non-judgmentalism,” “inclusiveness,” “multiculturalism,” and “equality” — all words that streak straight past the reality that not all diversity is good, many judgments are necessary, some things need to be excluded, not all beliefs are equally good, and not all things are equal.

        So you basically have this church of I’m Okay You’re Okay where the point isn’t to adapt to a rational good standard but simply to bask in the artificial rays of “I’m Okay, You’re Okay.” But it’s self-evident to anyone with half a brain that this one lesbian, in particular, is not okay if she holds her own beliefs in such contempt that she leaves her church open to another faith that has long been its enemy.

        Behind the smiles, evil intent lurks. No doubt Christ would embrace this lesbian and then say “Go, sin no more.” But that’s not what these people want. They want Christ to “Go, do not have objective standards no more.” And many Christians go along with this stuff. And it’s self-evident to me giving the many warnings about false prophets in the bible that one ought to be very skeptical of this garbage, for if there is a God in heaven who actually laid out the doctrine as given in Christianity, then it’s not something to be stretched like Silly Putty to conform to quite worldly and corrupt motives.

  3. Rosalys says:

    The problem isn’t the world’s first, openly gay, female bishop wants to turn a Christian church into a mosque (because that is what is really going on here.) The real problem is that this sodomite and her sodomite lover were accepted as Christians in the first place, let alone being accepted into seminary, and ultimately being ordained as priests! Maybe they hid it for a while, but the moment they poked their heads out of the closet their asses should have been kicked into the Baltic Sea!

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I agree completely with you. She was out to destroy Christianity before there was any thought of giving Muslims pews in her Church. That act of vandalism is only a product of the woman’s animus to Christianity.

      Like the Obamanation here, this hag is just the most outrageous manifestation of a much larger problem. There were plenty of “good” Lutherans in the Church of Sweden who elected her, and others like her, to high positions in their church.

    • Rosalys , you are so correct when you stated that the problem is not this lunatic so-called bishop, but instead it is the people who accepted her in the first place. Just like all the crazy people who end up in leadership positions (whether religion or politics), the problem lies with the people who put them there. I could only stand to read the first paragraph of this article when I first saw it a couple of days ago because it made me so angry (I really need to get control of my emotions).

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        The Church of Sweden was, until 2000, the official church of Sweden. Without going into a lot of detail, suffice it to say that a major problem with such State churches is the fact that the State has too much say in the organization and running of such churches. The State collects taxes on behalf of such churches and as a result, State politics play too much of a part in the operations of the church. One result of this is people who are in no way Christians, but good politicians (generally socialists) gain entry into positions of power that they, likely, would not otherwise attain.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Another problem is that many people take the “I gave at the office” attitude toward their church. This is no doubt one very important reason why religiosity is so much greater in the US than in Europe — particularly if you ignore the religiosity of the non-state churches. (I read that there were more active Catholics than Anglicans in England about 30 years ago. Today there are probably more Muslims.)

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            For some time now in England, the sophisticates have somewhat jokingly expressed surprise when a high ranking cleric actually expresses belief in the Bible and Christ.

            The Archbishop of Canterbury actually believes in the Bible? You must be mistaken!

      • Rosalys says:

        I hear you, sister! I, too, find it very difficult these days to keep my emotions under control!

  4. oldguy says:

    I can think of no religions that don’t worship creatures. God as an old man in robes or some kind of creature with the body of a man with an animals head is usually the norm. This invariably leads to accepting some other human beings authority to determine right from wrong.

  5. Steve Lancaster says:

    This is why the old main line denominations are loosing members so quickly. The Presbyterian (PCUSA) used to have over 6 million members and is now down to less than 2 million and the median age is 65. These churches have embraced progressivism heart and soul. They seem to believe that younger church goers will flock to the new liberal theology, however, they have not considered that the people they want to attract are secular or atheist and could care less about the church.

    In the meantime the younger families have voted with their feet to evangelical churches. I think historians 100 years from now will be talking about the revivals of the late 20 and early 21 century.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Presbyterian is another word for…well, I think there must be a joke in there somewhere.

      The church my family frequented (relatively speaking) when I was young was a huge brick presbyterian church…which is still standing…and still presbyterian, to the best of my knowledge. But I was at the age where I was shuffled off to a kid’s room where I learned the art of boredom and church-going aversion. I have no idea if that presbyterian church was somewhat libtard back then.

    • Glenn Fairman says:

      I am acquainted with a UMC minister who has gone off the deep end liberal wise. He performs very few marriages and many more funerals in his dwindling and graying congregation. It was once thought that the adoption of the DNC political platform would bring back the people who had sought greener pastures, yet the faithful could not abide their church’s harlotry and the liberated young saw that a God that mimicked their culture was a redundancy. Having reduced the cutting edge abortion question to “a matter of conscience,” and suffered greatly in attendance, the church is attempting to rein in their renegades lest they go the way of the Anglicans and Presbyterians. At least the Unitarians were honest in believing in “only one God, at most.”

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        and the liberated young saw that a God that mimicked their culture was a redundancy.

        That’s a very interesting thought, Glenn. I would pay top-dollar to get a report from the field of a yute who was turned off by The Kardashians in Stained Glass (a suggested title already).

        My own thoughts on the subject are pessimistic. If an AIDS epidemic couldn’t stigmatize (or re-stigmatize) homosexuality, what chance do a few passages in the Bible have?

        Plus, much of church (inside or outside of libtard variations) has become a form of infotainment. I suppose that was always the case, particularly with the spiritual shock-and-awe produced by the great cathedrals and churches. But the stained glass and vaulted ceilings of the 13th century were meant to be an expression of man’s highest aesthetic devotion, producing digs, if you will, fitting for a great and benevolent Creator. But Beyoncé is not Brunelleschi. Not by a long shot.

        “Democracy” is likely the only chance for traditional Christianity to remain alive and relevant as people (as in that article) branch off. The main institutions, like the main political parties, are rotting from within.

        “Lifestyle choices” has replaced “sin” as an organizing principle. People are fat and happy, which isn’t a bad thing unto itself. But the idea of reality having a significant moral element of thou-shalt-nots has given way to a libertarianesque one where the Love of Christ is considered best expressed by smiling at any damn thing people do.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I suspect one reason AIDS didn’t lead to homosexuality being stigmatized is that liberals (including the synoptic media) dd their best to mitigate the connection.

          I think the key to why liberal churches have failed can be found in Bowling Alone. Such churches are nothing more than social groups, and those are in decline. To succeed, churches have to be something more — such as the real thing.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            With proper marketing (which they did in spades), AIDS was used to solidify homosexuals as a proper victim group. Never waste a crisis, I guess.

            I think the key to why liberal churches have failed can be found in Bowling Alone. Such churches are nothing more than social groups, and those are in decline. To succeed, churches have to be something more — such as the real thing.

            That’s crazy talk, Timothy. Now you’re thinking like me. Do you go to church to “feel good” and hear variations of top-40 hits or is it about something else? I haven’t read Bowling Alone and I didn’t offhand find a review for it here. The premise is possibly established by this first review at Amazon:

            …Americans no longer value civic engagement or regard relationships with neighbors as worthwhile. He cites declines in participation in public clubs such as the Shriners and Elks clubs as well as more informal social gatherings like poker playing and family dinners.

            And here I am preaching that the only way to stay sane is to disengage from popular culture. Granted, many of the traditional institutions (Rotary, The Lions Club, Elks, Shriners) have not caved to PC nonsense (that I know of).

            Every couple of years a “game changing” book like this comes along that typically makes some important points but misses some big ones. One reason people may not be joining typical civic institutions is because technology has made it easy and affordable for one’s home to be an entertainment center. Are people also not entertaining other people at home (dinners, BBQs and such), perhaps transferring external social contacts to internal ones? Maybe that book addresses that. It’s an interesting question.

            And brainless as it may be sometimes, the internet and texting has allowed socializing at a distance. Ever more specialized groups can than thus develop, if perhaps not meet in person.

            Part of this surely has to do with the loss of fatherhood. Who are young boys, in particular, going to learn about these traditional institutions from and make them seem important, if not cool?

            Also, the Temple of I has replaced most notions of helping others (beyond environmental exhibitionism). We add to our tattoos instead of helping a neighbor. We gleefully shout on Facebook “I’m having coffee now at my favorite coffee shop” instead of, well, doing anything worthwhile.

            Another reviewer writes:

            The crux of the matter is that our social connectedness is diminishing. Social capital, or the value that exists in the level of trust and reciprocity between individuals, institutions and communities needs to be strengthen.

            Again, I haven’t read the book. But I suspect it doesn’t see the forest for the trees. But who knows? But surely the crux of this matter is: What did you expect in a culture where group is typically pitted against group and one word out of line with the hyper-sensitive can mean loss of job? What did you expect would come from an ever-more socialized society which inherently puts people into a competitive and adversarial relationship with other groups as they race to get their little piggy noses up to the entitlement trough?

            And, really, what did you expect in a culture where “altruism” has been scientifically proven to be nothing but baloney by the libertarians and other “rationalists”?

            • Timothy Lane says:

              I haven’t read it either, but a friend reviewed it for FOSFAX many years ago. Putnam later admitted that diversity exacerbates the problem, though he had been reluctant to admit this until he thought he had an answer.

          • Glenn Fairman says:

            A people that lives off a diet of signs and wonders is a hateful thing to a God that desires faith an obedience-the latter being a fruit of that faith.

            The Israelites, despite having witnessed the plagues of Egypt, a parting of the waters, being spared the Angel of Death, a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night, manna from heaven and a host of innumerable miracles and deliverances–could not contain their apostasy. A fallen humanity will perform fallen acts. And even if God were to place His own signature on the cell (which in de facto terms, He has) people would grumble about a totalitarian busybody (as they do now) who objects to his creation indulging in a bit of fun.
            If God be hidden, he is hidden to those immersed in their various idolatries (putting a sensation, ideal, or object before God in the soul’s primacy) and can’t be bothered with the surrender of will that accompanies that serious joy that comes from walking, however clumsily, with Christ.

            That they are ignorant to the sublime blessing of this very personal endeavor, we can only ascribe to the laziness of His church, a stiff-necked humanity, and the droning maelstrom of the world that promises all.
            Like a slick carnival barker, the desiccated life leaves you in the end with empty pockets and more than a little regret at having not seen through the illusion of Vanity Faire.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              A people that lives off a diet of signs and wonders

              I’m not familiar with that band. Is “Signs and Wonders” a Pop or R&B group?

              I had a groovy spiritual moment in church yesterday. I furnish God’s people with all the tomatoes they can eat. I hand them out (or leave them out, actually) for the takin’. This is the church that rents a spot on the floor above my office.

              Every once in a while they have an after-church feast and often invite me (if I’m around…which I was yesterday). So I’m standing in the food line and this cute-as-a-puppy-dog-tail-and-snail ten-year-old black kid in front of me says, “Are you the guy who grows the tomatoes?” I answer in the affirmative. And then he says, while moving back behind me in line, “You go ahead.” The kid loves his tomatoes.

              By the way, from what I can hear, this church specializes in a host of thou-shalt-nots.

            • pst4usa says:

              Great comment Glenn! As I was reading your comment this verse came to mind, I think the first 3 really apply to the topic at hand, but it is the 4 through the 6th that I though applied to your comment most closely.
              James 4: 1-6 (NIV)
              What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? 2 You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.
              4 You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. 5 Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us? 6 But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says:
              “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

              Go ahead you foolish churches, be proud of your false compassion’s and your cowardly ways; see how that works out for you in the end.

  6. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The link below is to a short piece which shows some Christians are fighting back against the blasphemous teachings of the modern Church of England.

    These people, who are Anglicans, are standing up against the queer marriage being condoned by the Church as well as other non-biblical teachings which have crept into the choir.

    Good luck to them.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This sort of thing has been going on for years. There’s been some degree of a split here among Episcopalians, and many in the Anglican community worldwide look to the Nigerian archbishop for conservative religious leadership.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        It has been going on for years, but this is the first time I have seen those involved in the U.K. say that they might finally split from the Church of England. That would be much bigger than simply looking to the Nigerian archbishop for leadership.

        • Glenn Fairman says:

          100 years ago, that great empire in which the sun never set, sent missionaries throughout the pagan world – bringing the light of love to infidels, animists and Mohamet’s spawn. How ironic that the children of this endeavor are returning the blessing to a generation that in a short span of time, as reckoned by the brittle heart of man, has gone completely haywire.

          The Nigerian and Ethiopian converts have not forgotten the despair from which they were awakened from, and if they must venture overseas now to awaken the White apostate from his dark juju of drug and mammon, then History’s burlesque has taken a cutting turn indeed.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            The Nigerian and Ethiopian converts have not forgotten the despair from which they were awakened from, and if they must venture overseas now to awaken the White apostate from his dark juju of drug and mammon, then History’s burlesque has taken a cutting turn indeed.

            With the Ethiopians, we would be going back to a time long before the British Empire, in fact to the beginnings Christianity.

            Think Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. I find that very poetic.

            • Timothy Lane says:

              And of course the Ethiopian kings claimed descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. I once saw a show suggesting that the Ark of the Covenant ended up there.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              Christ is toast. He doesn’t have the marketing savvy of the Kumbaya crowd. I appreciate the traditionalism expressed around here, but the jig is up. Ethiopians won’t be able to save Europeans (or anyone else) from themselves.

              It’s one thing for advanced Europeans to go into a backward and savage land and convert people to a better way of life. But when people think they already are on the leading edge of a better way of life (the socialist utopia), this is a different situation.

              Look for Islam to convert a whole lot of people though. But all Christians can do is talk. And I mean no disrespect. I just mean you can analyze this situation to death but it’s not going to change it.

  7. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    More proof that a large percentage, perhaps the majority, of mainstream protestant denominations are run by secular humanists pretending to be Christians as they parade around in funny outfits.

    These people have nothing to do with Christianity. Wrecking leftist bureaucrats posing as religious Christian shepherds. The destruction of Christianity is their goal.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Having been raised Episcopalian, I continue to observe the old faith with interest, and I rather like that Nigerian archbishop, who has become the effective leader of traditionalists in the Anglican community as a whole. He has a lot of support in America, for example. Too bad he’d never get named Archbishop of Canterbury.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Just smile, pretend it is normal, and chant “diversity.”

      One way to look at this, particularly those who believe God can make anything work for the good, is it could cause an entire reevaluation on the need for “church.” If the institutions become little but the product of culture and bureaucracy (and let’s assume that neither are the be-all, end-all of life), this represents an opportunity for clarity. Is Christianity real and not just a “religion,” as or own Deana insists, or is it just another product (now) of the entertainment/personal-fulfillment culture?

      If the former, we can laugh at the absurdity of whatever these leftwing denominations or churches are doing. But laughing is not enough. This also has to prompt one to get back to the basics.

      That’s what Chuck Knoll counseled after the Steeler’s 1-4 start in 1976, the year following back-to-back Super Bowl wins. He put the emphasis back on the very basics of football: blocking, tackling, protecting the ball, etc. They then reeled off 9 straight victories, including five shutouts, allowing a paltry 28 points in those 9 games (as many as many teams, even good teams, can give up in a single half of play).

      If Christianity is real, it’s arguably off to a 1-4 start in this century. Getting back to the basics and bypassing the baloney is an opportunity for people who want more than the culture of entertainment/personal-fulfillment. They could use some leaders, too, yes. But considering that these leaders will be working inside a system that is arguably beyond saving, there is an opportunity to think outside the box.

      The Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl that year. They creamed the Baltimore Colts in the first round, 40-14. But with injuries to both Franco Harris and Rocky Blier, they could not overcome the eventual Super Bowl winner (and a great team in its own right that year), the Oakland Raiders. But they set a standard for defensive excellence that has never been matched, before or since (including their own Super Bowl winning years).

      Mixing Jesus and football is hardly unique. But there is a lesson there about what you can do when you dispense with all the peripheral junk and get back to basics. And no one need be beholden to what a bunch of kooks are doing in some fringe church. If anything, escape it and start your own bible study group.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        The Left has just about completed its “March through the Institutions.” To save the West, the rest of us must fight to throw them out and, at the same time, create new institutions.

        An example would be the Boy Scouts which now allow queer scout masters which is the equivalent of allowing heterosexual i.e. normal grown men to lead Girl Scout troops. Who thinks that would be a good idea?

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          To save the West, the rest of us must fight to throw them out and, at the same time, create new institutions.

          There does seem to be a strategic vs. tactical methodology. No doubt the strategic thing to do is the retake the institutions. As a practical matter, I don’t see the popular culture changing back anytime soon (at least not until Islam grabs control of it…then all bets are off).

          The immediate tactical thing to do may be to do an end run around this stuff and create new institutions, to wear the equivalent of a cultural condom. But I suspect that any institution created will soon reflect the culture at large. We have to become insurgents, the underground to some extent, with the sure knowledge that this stuff will eventually blow itself apart.

          Or it might not. The alternative is to be forever barking at the moon. I don’t want to go there. And neither will I just put on a shit-eating grin and go along to get along.

          Don’t like queers in the Boy Scouts? Pull your kid from it and start your own group. This is America. We’ve become way too beholden to the idea that we have to make sure that all public entities reflect our point of view. Do the end run. If you get sued, well, then persevere. Or cave. Those are the choices. But there can be little doubt that normal orthodox thinking has no place in this culture that has gone loopy.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            I don’t know the details, but there is at least one scouting alternative that maintains sensible morality. It’s not very large yet, of course.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            Don’t like queers in the Boy Scouts? Pull your kid from it and start your own group.

            That is exactly my point and the example I had in mind when I mentioned the Boy Scouts.

            The Mormons have withdrawn all support from the Boy Scouts which means, as I recall, a one or two hundred thousand less Boy Scouts. A good start.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              I don’t sit at home and night and wring my hands over the fact that there are lesbians leading and/or being married into a Christian church. I understand the threat this has to liberty, including the opportunity for all sorts of thought crimes.

              But at this point what’s done is done. And I don’t want to be part of a Jim Jones-like cult of “true believers” who hold faithfully to the old ways and look for (even hope for) Cosmic payback to the Forces of Confusion and Vulgarity.

              Some do, and I suppose I can respect that. But how do you cope when the ridiculous is now commonplace? You laugh. You laugh at it while you can. The ridiculous deserves ridicule.

              At the same time, let’s not let these kooks, nuts, and flakes live rent-free in our heads. The best revenge is living well

              And good on the Mormons for pulling out of the Boy Scouts. It’s the sane thing to do. That organization has just given the green light to child abuse, so I wouldn’t want a son in that politically correct indoctrination mill either.

              • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

                But how do you cope when the ridiculous is now commonplace? You laugh. You laugh at it while you can. The ridiculous deserves ridicule.

                I agree one should laugh at the liars and fools, but even more important is mockery. Those who push P.C. understand this and they do their best to silence all such speech because they know it is effective.

                Yes laugh, but ridicule, mock and fight these bastards wherever they pop up. Don’t ignore them hoping they will go away. One should not become one of those who are even sometimes encountered on ST who say “we must respect those who are trans-gender, push queer marriage, etc., etc.,” No we must not respect these wreckers.

                The Left is driven by their hate of Western Civilization, and they won’t stop on their own. They must be opposed at every opportunity.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I wonder what Lord Baden-Powell would make of them today. No doubt he’s rolling heavily in his grave.

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