Last Dregs

by Glenn Fairman9/6/16

We are living off the last dregs of America’s cultural and financial capital. Like the guy who impoverishes himself by perpetually refinancing his home, we are becoming desperate wraiths of our former selves, and are tearing into each other because we know that something is terribly wrong, but most cannot see behind the veiled cause.

When your manufacturing disappears, you can only shuffle around a ginned up currency for so long until your service industries begin dropping like canaries in a coal mine. We are living in that advanced state of affairs. And as government at all levels uses their coercive power in order to make up the shortfall through inventive tax schemes, you will begin to see more plainly that the servant has become master.

Moreover, if you will not assume the yoke of the managerial political class, they will bring in a multitude of the ignorant and unwashed who will. Because you would not listen to reason and have become drunk with seducing doctrines, everything you love will be put to the torch.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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One Response to Last Dregs

  1. Tom Riehl Tom Riehl says:

    Glenn, I maintain a touch of optimism. More than half of our citizens know we’re on a dangerous and terminal path. If the Left can be declawed in this upcoming election, there is an element of hope. If Hillary prevails, then your scenario is predictive. There is nothing in our nation more important than preventing her and her almost infinite web of criminal operators, such as Comey, from retaining power over us. Trump is certainly not the Fifth Element, but he could manage an inflection point in our moral trajectory.

    This is why I have so little tolerance of all the nuanced discussions and arguments about ideology, conservative purity, and a host of other secondary or tertiary issues that cloud our effort to actually win an election for a change. Trump is beginning to mature into the role he has chosen, and it would be far better for all the available energy in the commentariat to be focused on helping him and his team in their efforts, and then hopefully advising and guiding him as he undertakes the gargantuan task of righting our ship of state.

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