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SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/4/19
Gov. Northam and the Guy Who Said: Kill People in Mixed-race Relationships  •  It’s certainly a sign of the times that Governor Ralph Northam’s resignation has been demanded not because of an apparent endorsement of infanticide, but because of a 1984 yearbook photo. Yet another sign is how, while Virginia’s Northam is condemned for having appeared in blackface or a KKK costume, another man is being honored despite having actually appeared before a KKK rally and preaching strict racial separation.

This man expressed affection for notorious segregationist governor George Wallace (D-Ala.), regularly taunted adversaries with racial insults and even insisted that people in mixed-race relationships be killed. This man’s name was Muhammad Ali.

While Northam’s political future has apparently been aborted, late boxer Ali was just given the honor of having Louisville, Kentucky’s airport renamed after him.

The airport probably won’t honor him to the extent of having separate facilities for whites and blacks. Yet in accordance with his Nation of Islam doctrine, Ali did consistently preach racial separation, as in the below 1968 interview produced for PBS’ THIRTEEN (relevant portion begins at 12:20).

Ali was already in his 30s when, in a 1975 Playboy interview, he insisted — adamantly — that people in black-white relationships should be killed. No wonder Martin Luther King Jr. once called him “a champion” — of segregation.

That said, I may shock you: I probably like Ali more than Northam. Not a political prostitute, the boxer was likely far more sincere, and it appears he generally treated people well on a personal level (he was very close to his white trainer, Angelo Dundee). Although, the black boxers he showered with contempt for not sharing his racist views — such as Joe Frazier, whom he called an “Uncle Tom” — might not have agreed.

But here’s the point: In this age where careers are ended and statues rended because someone way back when harbored a now unfashionable racial view, how can a man with Ali’s past be honored? Because he really was a “nice guy”?

Perhaps he was. Yet Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) appears a nice guy, too, but that doesn’t stop people from demanding his scalp for recent comments he made; at the same time, they also tolerate Democrat Minnesota attorney general and ex-congressman Keith Ellison’s past association with the Nation of Islam. The real answer is quite different: In today’s identity-politics world, it’s not what you’ve done.

It’s what you are.

Certain qualities help your cause, such as being non-white, female, non-Christian, “LGBTQ,” left-wing and Democrat; the more of these qualities you possess, the more protected you are. You’re practically bulletproof if you have them all.

Then there are qualities that hurt your cause, such as being white, male, Christian, straight, conservative, Republican and a Trump supporter; the more of these qualities you possess, the more jeopardized you are. The slightest hiccup can ruin you if you have them all.

Thus did newswoman Megyn Kelly lose her NBC show in 2018 for making rather innocuous comments about darkened skin and Halloween costumes, while a couple of months earlier one Sarah Jeong was hired by The New York Times despite having sent vile anti-white tweets (today’s résumé enhancers), replacing a white woman fired for, yeah, alleged bigotry. Thus did a hapless Catholic teen become a national symbol of hate for a “Facecrime” while the American Indian left-wing activist with a criminal record who confronted him was portrayed a victim. And thus did the national media beat the “racism” drum after a grown “white Hispanic” man shot a 17-year-old black kid in self-defense, while being silent after a grown black man shot a 17-year-old white kid (who never laid a hand on him) in alleged self-defense.

The leftist Thought Police couldn’t care less about prejudice and equality. They’re simply informed by and are acting upon their own particular vile prejudices and discriminatory standards, which their institutional power gives them the capacity to enforce. This results in whites being demeaned, demoted, derailed and taken down while leftists elevate and exalt their preferred bigots, as their cultural revolution continues apace. So forget about getting woke — just wake up.

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4 Responses to Klu Klux Kooks

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    It’s all tribalism, and a crucial aspect of it is leftist politics. This is why Clarence Thomas is an “inauthentic black” — it means they don’t have to apply the pro-black identity politics rules to him. It’s actually even worse, because the assumption is that all “persons of color” should be Demagogues, thus making Thomas not merely a heretic but an apostate.

    Incidentally, it’s “Ku Klux Klan”, possibly deriving the first part from kyklos, though Doyle did refer it as the “Klu Klux Klan” in “The Five Orange Pits”. (I remember this because it turned up on one of the Holmes trivia quizzes at the Holmes-Doyle Symposium in Dayton. Naturally I missed it, knowing the correct name, unlike Doyle.)

  2. Steve Lancaster says:

    There are scores of politiations, mostly democrat, but some republican who were either klan members or associated with the klan. The most notable was Robert Byrd, but also Hugo Black. Speculations about Harry Truman, and Warren Harding are still going about. The worst you could say about Truman was his association with Pendergast crime family and Harding was in office too short a time to make an influence.

    By far and away the most racist president we ever had was Wilson, who was not a known member of the klan.Everyone here knows his pedigree. If it is Northam in the picture, IMHO it is him under the hood, then he is guilty of extreme bad judgment even for the 80s. It was a stupid prank, likely without racial malice.

    What we should be proud of is that in the 20s membership in the Klan exceeded 4 million roughly 4% of the population. Today Klan members number perhaps 10,000 or .03 of the population. As a political and philosophical force the Klan is more dead than Naziism.

    The little town of Harrison AR. used to be known as a hotbed of klan activity. Out of town by sundown was a real threat to Blacks traveling north to Springfield or south to Little Rock. Today Blacks sit on the city council. Horror of horrors, many of them are republicans.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      A friend of mine who came from Anderson, Indiana told me that the nearby town of Noblesville used to have a sign advising “niggers” not to let the sun go down on them there. Indiana was a real Klan hotbed in the 20s. He also mentioned that the Klan leader in Pittsburgh in that era was a black guy. The Klan there was more concerned with immigrants from southern and eastern Europe than with race.

      Truman’s mother was an unregenerate Confederate, so I wouldn’t rule out his being involved with the Klan back then. Harding is a lot less likely. He showed no evidence of Klan-like racial malice, though the Harding-Coolidge era was when the first major restrictions on European immigration began. The issue of the Klan split the Democrats in 1924 (when they nominated a conservative, John W. Davis, for the last time). Wilson cabinet member William G. McAdoo was a big supporter of the Klan, and Al Smith naturally led opposition to it.

      • Steve Lancaster says:

        Interesting, my maternal grandfather is from Anderson as was his father from Henry County.

        I doubt Truman was affiliated with the Klan. Pendergast was his vice. When he was senator he was known as the “Senator from Pendergast”

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