Kiss of Death

by Glenn Fairman 5/18/14

In waging war against the triune God, the devil unceasingly agitates for his own antithetical morality—proudly calling good as evil and evil as good. But always, his good is consistent with a denial of life: a dead end of pain, of misery, of abortion, of suicide.

Within this radical moral autonomy that Progressives view as unrestrictive freedom, death and despair are weighed in the balance with civil rights, and the adversary would have us believe that by butchering life in the womb, we are accomplishing a mighty thing in the service of social evolution and individual wish fulfillment. For those who perceive their bodies as carnal machines, it is not at all striking that nascent life is viewed as abscessed tissue to be excised through therapeutic volition, since the flesh is our temporal playground and all mistakes can be healed with a scalpel, a pill, and a tender nonjudgmental lover’s kiss.
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One Response to Kiss of Death

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Those who hate humanity hate life, so it’s no surprise that they celebrate abortion as well as euthanasia.

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