Keeping Victimology Alive

by Tim Jones11/27/14

Could it be possible that Michael Brown was a racist? Can black cops be racist? A way to consider the possibility is with a simple thought experiment: what if Darrell Wilson was black?

Now that everyone knows the facts of the case, that Brown approached Wilson’s patrol car and struck him in the face at which point Wilson immediately said to Brown to back off or that he would shoot him, Brown responded “you’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.” While Wilson had his gun drawn, Brown grabbed his hand and actually tried to turn the gun on Wilson. The forensics prove this all happened as Wilson said because there was Brown’s blood on the service revolver and the first shot had gone through his thumb.

So what if Wilson had been black? Would Brown, who apparently was high at the time and just stole some cigarillos from a convenience store, have started the fracas by punching Wilson in the face. It sure sounds like Brown was itching for a fight. So when he approached the patrol car and had seen a black man, one has to think that he would have backed off quickly. My guess it that it would never have entered into his mind to strike another black man, even if he was a cop. Brown may not have even approached the police car upon seeing a black cop, but rather immediately veer out of the middle of street, where Wilson first encountered him walking with his ‘posse,’ to the sidewalk to avoid a confrontation knowing he just committed a crime.

Then one also has to consider another possibility. What if the entire situation had happened as it did, and Wilson had been black and also killed Michael Brown. Would that make Wilson a black racist? Although this kind of scenario has been talked out many times before, it never rises to the level of outrage in the eyes of the media or the race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson to shine a bright light on the situation. Like the Travon Martin case, this is another example of keeping victimology alive, which in turn keeps division alive, which in turn keeps the loyalty of a massive voting bloc alive, which in turn keeps the Democrats alive.

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One Response to Keeping Victimology Alive

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    One minor correction: Although everyone interested in the case has been exposed to the facts, the Browniacs have no intention of knowing any facts that counter their fantasy scenario. It’s related to the whole issue of black paranoia about the police, which probably stems largely from slanted media coverage of such encounters. John MacWhorter points out how frightened black families are that the police will kill their teen-aged boys — yet statistics I’ve seen indicate that only about 100 blacks are killed by the police each year, compared to 5500 young black males murdered in all. Their fear may be real in the sense that they really feel it, but it’s based on a fantasy stoked by race hustlers aided and abetted by the synoptic media.

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