It’s Not About Me

by Fashqn5/24/17

I’m not enough, a flawed human and that’s why

You had to come to earth; You had to die

I will never be ‘right’ in every way

So You chose to give up Your life that day

Knowing I could never gain a royal crown

If You didn’t in compassion lay your body down

Knowing my sins could not be washed for good

Without the pain and suffering You withstood

And a million ‘works’ could not ever impart

What You have done since then inside my heart

Nor can any attempts carry me above

But You made me a Home with Your mercy and love

Thank You, Lord Jesus, God’s precious Son

Please help me to live in all You’ve done

Finding purest grace for every hour

Transforming daily by Your perfect power

Hungering for more and more of You

To help me stand; and to get me through

This life is hard; and I am so very weak

But peace You give and peace You speak

Stirring up joy in the darkest days

Revealing Your most miraculous ways

Reminding me with each morning’s sun

It’s Not what I do, but what You’ve done

You cried “It is finished” and meant each word

The sound chains breaking forever heard

And it is You, Lord Jesus, and You alone

That sought me,bought me, made me Your own

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