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Trump3by Rosalys11/7/16
It’s time for another political thread. There are (at last count) 154 comments on The Two Donald Trumps, and it is just becoming too difficult to keep track of the discussion. There don’t seem to be any new articles coming forth (because of fear induced by the new rules?) and so, at the risk of being chastised, I am offering a new political post, and I’m probably not saying anything new.

On the one hand, Trump is a braggadocious blowhard. On the other, he is so, but not totally without reason; the does guy have considerable accomplishments in business. He has done so by taking full advantage of the rules – whether you like those rules or not. I have not seen any evidence that he has broken laws. Because there has been no evidence forthcoming, I can very reasonably come to the conclusion that he hasn’t broken any. If he had, it would have been front page, above the fold, and in “end-of-the-world” newspaper typeface for the past year and a half.

Hilary is a criminal, an unindicted and (if she is elected) an unindictable criminal; but a criminal non-the-less. Everybody who isn’t mentally retarded knows it. The sad, deplorable, and unescapable truth is, half of us, don’t care.

This election isn’t about The Donald vs. The Witch Queen. It’s about us.

If Hillary wins, she and her entire criminal enterprise will have gotten away with it.

Having gotten away with it, do you honestly believe there will be any restraint on, not just her, but the entire leftist agenda? Do you honestly believe that the republicans will stand against her in any meaningful way? Do you honestly believe that her further – if not total – destruction of anything good left in America, will so disgust the public, that a new, improved, republican candidate will, in four years, usher in the promised land on a landslide? If so, then you have too much misplaced faith in the non-existent “goodness” of man. When the likes of a wicked woman, such as Hillary, can say with a straight face, “America is great, because America is good!” you can be sure of one thing – America is no longer good.

I was unimpressed with Col. Ralph Peters’ assessment of Hillary being the safer choice. He may be “no raging leftist,” but his repetition of the shibboleth of Putin and Trump being a palsy-walsy, mutual admiration society, reveals his true bent. He may be smarter than me, and I’m sure he has more expertise than I do; but frankly, his “argument,” to me, sounds idiotic.

If Trump wins, he may or may not keep his campaign promises. He may do a complete 180, and become the darling of the regressive left. (I don’t really think that, but I must admit it to be a possibility.) The important thing is that he will not have been elected on the promises he has broken, but on the promises he has made. It will show that the majority of people in this country want to change direction.

If Hillary wins, that the majority of Americans are just fine with the satanic turn that the powers that be have taken, bodes ill for the United States of America. The reason we are in trouble is because we have allowed it. Good men haven’t done enough. Good men have allowed evil men too much latitude.

I worry that we might be on the verge of another civil war. I also worry that there will be no civil war, that we will just accept the slide into the cesspit, and call it inevitable. Should Trump pull out a victory, I’m afraid of accepting the (possible) reprieve, and sit back and relax for four years. If Hillary wins (and that seems the more likely outcome) I’m afraid of hunkering down and hiding. Both reactions are cowardly; neither reaction is Godly. Whatever the outcome, the proper and Godly reaction is to be bold in proclaiming the truth and preaching the Gospel.

May God Almighty have mercy on us!

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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    There don’t seem to be any new articles coming forth (because of fear induced by the new rules?) and so, at the risk of being chastised, I am offering a new political post, and I’m probably not saying anything new.

    The New Submission Rules for political articles asks that people write from more of a first-person point of view rather than endless third-person analyzing. The exceptions are for our StubbornFellows (Annie and Mr. Kung) and for anything I wish to pass through the filter out of a sense of fairness or just because there is some extraordinary event.

    Certainly the bizarre and mercurial Trump vs. the corrupt and evil Hillary for the presidency of the United States is an extraordinary event. Plus, let’s make this the thread where we talk about the election results unless someone wishes to write a fair, clear, and interesting article about the results and what they mean.

    My own assessment remains the same: Hold your nose and vote against Hillary, but be well aware that you may be the frog crossing the river with the scorpion on your back.

    The point of these submission rules for political articles (say whatever the hell you want in the comments or in a book or movie review) is to escape our own blinkered bubble wherein we get online and bitch and complain as a matter of course, perhaps not even recognizing that we’ve made a bit of a religion of it. But without action, our words are hollow.

    This site will not be a mirror of what I view as the increasingly awful and pandering American Thinker. Nor do I wish to mirror the false and snobbish erudition of some other sites that will remain unnamed. Let’s shoot for baby-bear “just right.” And that includes not getting mindlessly caught up in the daily drama.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    If Hillary wins, that the majority of Americans are just fine with the satanic turn that the powers that be have taken, bodes ill for the United States of America.

    Win or lose, that will remain the same. I view Trump not as a Daniel-like biblical warrior, flawed though he may be, who will champion the cause of the Constitution and liberty (things he rarely mentions). I view Trump as a demagogue whose ego comes first and whose biggest grievance isn’t against Hillary and her kind but with anyone who disses The Donald.

    I view Trump both as a sign of the frustration of the fly-over-country rank-and-file voters and their (again) lack of foresight and wisdom in regards to who they give their allegiance to. It was not by mere chance that a train of RINOs preceded Trump, the ones who are supposedly responsible for the anger. The same lack of discernment kept voting in these frauds.

    So I view our republic as coming half undone no matter who wins. Who will put Humpty Dumpty back together again if the sound of breaking eggshells is sweet music to their ears?

  3. Rosalys says:

    Thanks Brad for publishing this. I had assumed it would go in the Stubborn Blog section, but who am I to argue with an upgrade? 🙂

    I would like to point to an excellent article by John C. Wright, which appear on his site today. It was sort of the catalyst for my writing this article. It is lengthy.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Yikes. That is indeed a long article. I’m trying to skim and to summarize. I don’t think I can. What I will say (something crucial that apparently went unsaid) is that if people don’t want to have masters, they must then not act like serfs. They must educate themselves. They must become involved. They must hold themselves and others up to reasonable high standards.

      • Rosalys says:

        Exactly. Don’t be a slave, at least a slave to evil/sin/the forces of darkness. However, it is very difficult to swim against a tsunami.

        Paul the Apostle repeatedly speaks of being a slave to Christ. Paradoxically, this slavery is in fact the path to true freedom.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          We Americans have always prided ourselves on being independent thinkers and doers. That is obviously changing as we slouch toward moral (and factual) relevance.

          That’s not to say we have never been partisan or drifted toward hero-worship or cults of personality. We are, after all, only human. Our task is to be at least slightly on guard against such things…or if one gets involved in them, to at least know that one is doing so and for a good purpose.

          What has particularly muddied the discernment waters in this regard is the “just do it” vibe over the last forty years or so where “liberty” and (most importantly) being “cool” and “with it” meant taking a sledgehammer to whatever existing structure or restriction was in place. This is the reigning definition of liberty…so much so that I would hazard to guess that 80% of Christianity has been significantly affected by it. People are slaves to “diversity” and “tolerance” not trying to improve their character (by therefore necessarily putting limits on their behavior). The idea that holding people to reasonable standards (instead of rationalizing caving in to feel-good buzzwords) is now dominant in the culture, inside or outside of Christendom.

          And Paul was correct. So was Moses. There is no freedom with the law (without rational standards and limits). But what to allow and what not? When it it being just ass-cheeks-too-puckered judgmental and when is one doing the other person a favor by holding them to a better standard?

          Such judgments require wise discernment. And I think there is little about our culture (inside or outside of Christian churches) that facilitates that.

          • Rosalys says:

            Which is why we are in the horrible position we are in. The foundations are crumbling.

            Most churches have problems, (even back when the church was young, and closer to its origins, they had numerous problems – see Revelation 2 & 3.) Satan, being a mastermind of evil, who can’t win with with truth (because being the consummate liar, he has no truth,) operates in much the same manner as leftists; he infiltrates and destroys from within. Not everyone who calls himself a Christian, is a Christian.

            • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

              Satan, being a mastermind of evil, who can’t win with with truth (because being the consummate liar, he has no truth,) operates in much the same manner as leftists; he infiltrates and destroys from within.

              I think it might be more correct to say, leftists operate in much the same manner as Satan. He is, after all, the prototype.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Thanks Brad for publishing this. I had assumed it would go in the Stubborn Blog section, but who am I to argue with an upgrade?

      Well, with the new standard for political stuff being “Don’t bore me to death with armchair quarterbacking,” it’s grown rather silent here. Perhaps beggars can’t be choosers. But if I can’t inspire people to do something other than give rote third-person chattering about The Daily Drama, then so be it. I’m quite fine with the new standards. And if someone has a question or just doesn’t get what those standards are, I say just go over to American Thinker and read a half dozen articles every morning. If your mind doesn’t explode, then you will never get it.

      But if you see how people can become somewhat de-humanized drones by getting caught up in the daily drama then maybe you will understand these new guidelines. I want real people doing meaningful writing, not just the same-old same-old junk that, at least for me, has absolutely no meaning and will sway zero minds.

      And it’s not that minds have to be swayed, per se. I’m okay with documentary-style writing. Just tell it like it is from a first-person standpoint. You’d be surprised, however, how many minds can be swayed when you get out of the armchair and go out there and write about what you see and experience.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Democracy = flabby butt
    Republic = StairMaster

    Just a random observation.

  5. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I worry that we might be on the verge of another civil war.

    A couple more observations. I’ve listened to about all of Michael Medved that I can take. He was replaying a Trump ad on his radio show just now. And it was a good Trump ad. But Medved somehow found anti-Semitism in it. (I’m sure one could find Tinker-bell in it too if one looked hard enough.) And he was disturbed by Trump saying that he would bring us a “new government” instead of, as Medved preferred, “a new administration.”

    I don’t trust Trump for a plethora of reasons. But this kind of nitpicking is baloney and unbecoming of someone who purports to be a serious thinker.

    Second, although I’ve been trying to moderate my emotional reaction to this circus of a campaign that is before us, I have nothing but scorn and contempt for the precious little snowflakes who declare that if Candidate X wins that they will leave the country.

    This shows an immature and spoiled-brat (if not outright fascist) mindset. These kinds of people need to grow up. If you were a Jew in Germany in the 1930’s and witnessed the election of Hitler, you could rightly declare that “I will now leave the country.”

    But the more articles I read about the attitudes of yutes, the more this simmering bedrock of idiocy and intolerance (as in a Puritanical intolerance) scares me far more than the corrupt Hillary or the idiotic Trump. We are raising a generation of little intolerant monsters.

  6. pst4usa says:

    “Hillary is a criminal, an unindicted and (if she is elected) an unindictable criminal; but a criminal non-the-less.”
    I am not sure it matters elected or not elected in so far as “unindictable” The current criminal in chief may just give her that pardon either way.

    • Rosalys says:

      He may, and it is his Constitutional privilege to do so. I almost hope he does; it will mean the admission of criminality without having to go through the messy process. Though if anyone is taking bets, my money says he will not. I’m not absolutely sure why. It’s just a gut feeling.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Obama will almost certainly come to some kind of understanding with Trump. Not to puncture too many sweet illusions after this unexpected victory, but these guys are all of the same class. If Obama isn’t confident that Trump will drop the case against Hillary he will simply pardon her.

        But if he doesn’t, that might certainly be a little bit of payback to the Clintons for doubtlessly much we don’t know about and might never know about.

  7. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    If Hillary wins, that the majority of Americans are just fine with the satanic turn that the powers that be have taken, bodes ill for the United States of America.

    One of the tasks of a prospective good writer is to get out there and find out what people were voting for in regards to Hillary (win or lose). I doubt that most of them were voting for Satan (although surely a few Alinsyites were). As much as I love using hyperbole, the fact is that it has become so standard on the right in describing the Left that we’ve simply gotten to the point where we likely don’t understand the motives of those who vote for Hillary.

    • Rosalys says:

      I admit I’m not a good writer. (I really do envy the talent of many of you here.) But I’m not being hyperbolic. I’m basing this on recent revelations from emails found on Human Abedin’s/Anthony Weiner’s computers. I’m not the only one who could see true evil at work on the left. Spirit cooking? Good grief! I would have happily lived out my life never having even heard of this disgusting practice. Podesta has a painting on his office wall, on loan from his his brother, that depicts cannibalism. It was not only Bill that made trips to Epstein’s “fantasy island of the depraved; Hillary herself went there on a number of occasions. I wonder what she was doing there? It’s not just Hillary, it’s the whole crowd.

      I’ll grant that not everyone may have processed the latest revelations. But can’t understand motives? How about the promise of “free” stuff, the likely legalization of every form of depravity your little old heart desires, the need for a woman president? This last one may be the most innocent reason, but it is also the mostly ridiculously stupid.

      This has been going on for a while. Do you remember the Wellstone Memorial? I do. I watched it on TV, and remember witnessing the closest thing to a Hitler rally this side of WWII.

      There is something afoot and it isn’t coming from Heaven!

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        It would appear that the director of the FBI either grew a conscience or was paid off. But I think his late stunt in bringing up the email server scandal was a service to the country and made a big difference in finally tipping many people past the point of no return in regards to Clinton Fatigue.

        Regarding understanding Clinton voters: Because socialism, entitlements, and victimhood (along with identity politics, along with conservative-identity politics) have so invaded our body politic, it’s difficult to find clean boundary lines and explanations regarding Clinton voters and why people support her.

        But as I saw last night in the crying eyes of her supporters at Clinton’s election headquarters, it is clear once again that socialism is both a religion and a means for people who feel short-changed by life to give others their comeuppance. Socialism is the mean street of faux “compassion.” It is the rot of the individual. But it sure feels good to hate “the rich” and be able to sugarcoat it as “social justice.”

        Still, we have just elected Trump and so those clear boundaries and motives remain fuzzy and muddied.

  8. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    George Weigel sounding off briskly:

    Today, the second prayer of Morning Prayer, which used to be known by the happier name of Lauds, was taken from Azariah the exile’s prayer in Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian furnace, as recounted in the book of Daniel: “For we are reduced, O Lord, beyond any other nation, brought low everywhere in the world this day because of our sins. We have in our day no prince, prophet, or leader, no holocaust, sacrifice, or incense, no place to offer first fruits, to find favor with you.”

    If that sense of being “reduced” does not capture the mood of a lot of the country, on what ought to be a day of celebrating the great gift of democratic self-governance, then I’ve been talking to the wrong people for the past 15 months. And that lament about being “brought low everywhere in the world this day” was certainly echoed in the conversations I had with intelligent, engaged people in the United Kingdom and Poland three weeks ago, when the question constantly posed to me was “What on earth has happened to you people? We thought you were the last adults.” Azariah’s prayer in the third chapter of Daniel ends on a note of confidence and hope: “With contrite heart and humble spirit let us be received . . . as we follow you unreservedly; for those who trust in you cannot be put to shame.” As indeed they cannot. But in that Biblical template, confidence and hope in the future follow contrition and the humbling of spirit. So all those who find an echo in Azariah’s prayer of their sadness on Election Day 2016 might well ponder, throughout this day and into the night, that this has been the Year of the Con.

    The most obvious con is the Trumpian one. Over the past year, the Republican party was captured by a narcissistic buccaneer who repudiated most of what conservatism and the Republican party have stood for over the past half-century, cast venomous aspersions on Republican leaders and those manifestly more qualified than he is for president, insulted our fellow citizens, demeaned women and minorities, played footsy with the Russian dictator Putin, threw NATO under the bus, displayed a dismal ignorance of both the Constitution and the grave matters at stake in current public-policy debates — and in general behaved like a vulgar, sinister bore. In doing all this, Trump the con artist confirmed in the eyes of a partisan mainstream media every one of its false conceptions of what modern conservatism stands for and is prepared to do when entrusted with the tasks of governance.

    Does any serious observer now doubt that any of several other Republican candidates would have a double-digit lead over Hillary Clinton going into Election Day? Yet Trump is the nominee, conservatism is in tatters, and some very ugly things have been let loose in our political culture in the name of “populism” because millions of Republicans bought the con.

    He goes on to note the Hillary con, the education con, etc. Good stuff about bad stuff. And I’m sure Mr. Kung might note that our total immersion in the unreality of marketing has made us highly receptive to cons, although surely there are other contributing factors as well.

  9. Anniel says:


    Bless you. Your straight spine in what you believe is wonderful to see. You give me hope for America yet.

  10. Anniel says:

    You called it Rosalys, and I’m proud of you. We as citizens now have our work cut out for us as we hold feet to the fire and hope for citizen help in insisting on change. I hope the MSM pays for their malfeasance.

  11. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Has the delousing of the Clintons from our national politics begun? NRO has an article up titled President-Elect Trump.

  12. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    If this holds up, the first question I have: Is Hillary Clinton riot-worthy? Me thinks The Usual Suspects don’t have a deep affection for her.

    If Trump wins, there seem to be 3 main factors I’ve gleaned from the experts (and not the pouting left wing “journalists” … boy, has Tom Brokow aged badly):

    1) The “Bradley Effect.” I think many people who voted for Trump didn’t want to tell the pollsters (or anyone else) they were for him.

    2) That last tactic (or whatever it was) by the FBI pushed a lot of people over the edge in regards to Clinton Fatigue.

    3) As the election neared, a lot of people swallowed their objections toward Trump and voted against Hillary with abandon as the awful reality of a President Hillary sunk in.

    Obviously the FBI scandal, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and other scandals hurt her. But one graph I showed said that the overwhelming number of people were concerned with the economy.

    But as bad as Trump was most of the time, I will say I was ultimately right and wrong (yes…why can’t I have it both ways if all the rest of the politicians can too?). I was wrong (apparently) about Hillary beating Trump. But I have told anyone who would ever listen for the past four years that there was no way Hillary could ever be elected president because she was so fundamentally unlikable. The screwballness and unlikability of Trump made it close, but he apparently has pulled it out.

    Also, thank god people such as Mr. Kung and myself no longer need fear being beaten up by roving crowds of angry Trumpsters. I hope.

    • Rosalys says:

      I voted for Trump, saw him as the only one who could beat the dems, but I object to being called a Trumpster, Trumpbot, or any other name. I did my research and I had what I consider good reasons for backing Trump. He still does not scare me. I’ve been reading many joyous posts on some of the websites, and what one of them said, “This is a historic win. But all it means is that America has the opportunity to defend itself against the global establishment attempting to bury it beneath a mass of foreign invaders.” sums it up nicely. It means enough people care enough to want to turn the direction of this country of ours, but we can’t just sit on our rear ends, congratulating ourselves, and taking it easy. If Trump goes the way of most politicians, there will be a severe backlash. It wasn’t just Trump who won – it was the movement.

      All that being said, I would never want to beat up you or Mr. Zu! I like you too much!

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        To deny there wasn’t much kool-aid drunk (aka “Trumpkins”) in regards to Trump is simply to deny reality. Trump has won and I wish him the best. But none of the reservations I had about a Trump (or Hillary) presidency have gone away. Trump is the kind of person who will need round-the-clock protection from himself, sort of a different kind of Secret Service — the kind who insulates him from his own Twitter account, for example, as happened during the late stages of his campaign.

  13. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I had no idea that Arizona was so populated. It has 11 electoral votes.

  14. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Random Thoughts about the apparent Trump victory:

    My goodness, Andrea Mitchell is a strikingly ugly woman.

    These “journalists” on ABC, NBC, CBS are the biggest bunch of unprofessional buffoons I’ve ever seen, although the younger white guy on NBC (with short hair) seemed reasonable enough.

    Call me petty and small-minded, and certainly uncharitable, but one reason I resist getting on anyone’s bandwagon is, well, did you see those pathetic people at the Clinton headquarters? These are people for whom government and their party is their lives and identity. That’s scary. I’m very glad that apparently Hillary has lost. But shedding tears over this stuff is unbecoming of a republican (small “r”). Yikes, that kool-aid kind of stuff really bothers me, and the Democrat Party is the headquarters for this kind of creepiness.

    Congratulations to Trump. The election is (hopefully) over. May he govern with wisdom. Okay, stop laughing. That will never happen. Let me just say then, May he get lucky and not blow anything up by accident.

    • Rosalys says:

      “My goodness, Andrea Mitchell is a strikingly ugly woman.”

      Isn’t this the kind of comment that y’all were criticizing Trump for?

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Good god, Rosalys. I didn’t say it was a noble comment. But it would be odd for you or any Trump supporter to throw this in my face because, after all, the rules have changed. The understood morality about these things has changed.

        Still, my goodness, she does not have a face that works well on TV. And it’s not exactly new for me to be making fun of the liberal media….something I was doing while Trump was attending Hillary’s wedding and giving vast sums to the Democrat Party.

        • Rosalys says:

          I didn’t say I disagreed. I am teasing you, Brad. Don’t be so touchy.

          BTW, I agree that Tom Brokaw hasn’t aged well. Also, his speech is slurred. He should go home and enjoy his grandchildren.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I don’t mind a good ribbing. 😀 I often deserve it.

            And the most pleasing part of the night for me (I was up until about 1:00 Pacific time) was watching the journalistic tramps on ABC, NBC, and CBS prevaricate and basically thumb-suck and emotionally group-hug each other as they watched the results unfold.

            • Rosalys says:

              I watched Chuck Todd around the time that everyone was beginning to get worried, and while analyzing that “the road to 270” was still possible for Hilary I heard him say, “We can still do this.” No bias there, huh, Chuckie?

              I went to bed at 11:30 p.m. (EST) when it was looking good, but not certain, for Trump. I still was not convinced, and so it was with trepidation that I turned on the computer. When Google appeared with its usual logo – not a joyous cavalcade of leaping letters, trumpeting the historic election of the first female president – I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew. I just knew.

  15. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Do you suppose the most relieved person in the United States is Bill Clinton? Imagine being diminished to first husband after being president (and while living the life of Riley as a playboy) and having to, presumably, fulfill some of the boring first husband duties while your wife proceeds to further screw up and diminish your legacy. Now Bill (and Hillary) are free to go their separate ways (Bill’s likely being to some small island full of nubiles) and I’m sure formal divorce proceedings will be leaked in the next month or so.

    Frankly, good riddance to both of them.

    • Rosalys says:

      I don’t think Bill’s happy. It’s not just Hillary, but the whole Clinton Empire that is crumbling.

      I wonder who Hillary is screaming at right now? I suspect she is having a major amygdala hijack meltdown. I wouldn’t be surprised if she winds up in the hospital.

      We should pray for Hillary. This has been a big blow to her. It is an opportunity for her to re access her life and come to repentance.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Frankly, the Clintons both remind me of Darth Vader desiccating behind his dark mask. I don’t think the emotional or spiritual prospects of either are particularly good, although they could continue to receive vast sums of money for speaking engagements and such. But it could be that this could dry up now that their true asset — the ability to sell government influence — has now dried up.

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