It’s a Package Deal

by Kung Fu Zu7/15/15

Everyone knows the Left hate Western Civilization and particularly the United States. But I believe it is worthwhile making a list of what the Democratic Party actually stands for and has, through their policies, promoted for many years. The following points are in no particular order of infamy.

1. Homosexual marriage
2. Higher taxes
3. Massively increased intrusive government regulation
4. Increased childbirths outside of marriage
5. Corruption of morals and destruction of marriage and the family
6. Higher crime rates
7. Race baiting
8. Destroying the USA culture
9. Insane environmental activism
10. Undermining American power through international bodies and laws.
11. Abortion and the sale of baby parts
12. Drug addiction
13. Destruction of our education system
14. Common Core
15. Anti-religious bigotry and restriction of religious rights
16. Confiscation of guns
17. Concentration of power in federal government
18. Growth of unelected bureaucracy
19. Perversion of legal system
20. Soft on terrorism
21. Anti police
22. Illegal immigration
23. Destruction of nation through massive third world immigration
24. Increased welfare spending
25. Racial quotas in all sectors of life
26. Sexual quotas in all sectors of life
27. Destruction of middle class
28. Weakening the military

Of course, readers could expand on this list, but I believe I have made a good start.

What never ceases to amaze me is how some people, who claim they are against most of the above mentioned outrages, will vote for a particular Democrat because of a single issue such as abortion “rights” or “equitable” taxation or the legalization of marijuana. Apparently, they are not able to figure out that if they vote Democrat, they don’t get just their pet policy. They get “all of the above” and worse.

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2 Responses to It’s a Package Deal

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Liberals are expected to think alike. Nancy Pelosi mocked the GOP for having to win the votes of its congressional membership because her lackeys don’t think for themselves. And no one ever expects any of the liberal “justices” to defect on key issues such as Obamacare, homosexual marriage, or abortion/contraception. This is why all liberals are far-left Orwellian fascists no matter what they say. There are very rare exceptions, but they generally don’t last long. (“To get along, you have to go along.” And that means going along with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.)

  2. John Neese says:

    You could add they have made It difficult for their minions to relate to what is true and what is false. But then again maybe it’s because they don’t care?

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