That Itchy Hair Shirt

HairShirtby Anniel   7/29/14
Some folks can’t get over their need for a cause, so they have donned public hair shirts and continually beat their breasts over the children flooding our border with Mexico. That is to say, they’ve donned the shirts, but only if someone else takes the children.

The appearance of wearing such a shirt is de rigueur in many upper crust circles. “Look,” they cry loudly, “how caring and compassionate we are. What’s wrong with you?” So now they would bully the rest of us into sackcloth and ashes to repent for not rushing to the border to welcome the children, take them into our cities and homes, and become proponents for them.

The biblical equivalent of a hair shirt for Israelites was sackcloth, woven of coarse goat hair to be itchy, but not harmful, because Jews are forbidden to willingly hurt themselves. To further show penance, Jews would sit in ashes and wail before God for forgiveness.

In non-Jewish circles, there were two other types of hair shirts and two ways to wear them. Some penitents chose to wear their hair shirts interlaced with sharp little bones or twisted wire to abrade their skin and cause them to bleed, thus making them more visible in their suffering. There were others who wore their shirts with the hair on the outside (and probably with silk underwear beneath) presumably showing that their sins were minor compared to their neighbor’s.

The two groups are still active today amongst the nation’s leaders. There are those who show us their dripping pain, crying loudly and beating their breasts. They are the ones who say we must pass comprehensive immigration reform in order to clean up the mess on the border, and bring people in from the shadows, and save the beautiful and saintly children, ala Nancy Pelosi and crew. All the while we are also being told by those who are comfortable in their self-righteous inside-out shirts that, “The border has never been more secure,” Harry Reid, and we “need more guest workers” Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc.

Either way, so-called comprehensive immigration reform is the aim. The loss of our border and our sovereignty as a nation is of no concern to these people and groups. Every job taken by an illegal alien is a job not available to a citizen, which is a lesson so obvious one wonders how anyone, including the buffoons in Congress, needs to be told so. One has to wonder if that’s the real purpose of all this turmoil, to get more people on the dole and bring in the voters. Or is something even more sinister afloat? The problem is that no one knows.

Political Correctness in all areas is the measuring stick of hair shirts to punish the masses. Say something unapproved and the media and politicians pull out all stops to help determine the size and type of the hair shirts our leaders would have us wear. Some soul blessedly speaks truth, then retreats and willingly dons the shirt when the fingers begin to point. If the elite have their way, none of us will escape and will get to wear only the government approved skin tearing shirts and never be allowed to turn them inside out.

The only way to stop the fools taking our measure is to take theirs in return, and to stop being afraid of them. Speak out with the truth about them every chance you get. Don’t worry about the furor you cause. We can be brave and laugh aloud at the PC fulminations.

Tell your Congressmen NO, NO, and NO again on immigration reform and all the other jerk PC crap. Demand enforcement of the immigration laws. Expel illegal immigrants as the law breakers they are. Punish the other law breakers who hire them. Let it be known to all other nations that Americans will no longer tolerate breaches in our border. Blow up the tunnels and build the fence. Stop the drug traffickers and all traders of the most innocent of human flesh, the kidnapped and abused children brought to our land.

Once that problem is addressed Heaven only knows what we need to do next, and only Heaven can help us.

Did you know you can purchase a hair shirt today? If you really want one that is. Ashes are easy to come by. I personally think we need to reject sackcloth and ashes and repent before God privately.

We can best serve all the children, our own included, and save them from their tormentors by insisting on return to the rule of law. Equality for citizens under the Rule of Law, in large part that’s what our Constitution and this Republic were founded on. • (1396 views)

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3 Responses to That Itchy Hair Shirt

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Call your Congressman immediately and tell him to vote against Boehner’s proposed law to give Obama $600 million for the “border crisis”. Tell him no money should be given to Obama until the border is secure and all the “children” are sent back.

    The only way to stop the criminality of Obama and his crowd is to force Congress to fight back.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    The easiest way to deal with these fake hair shirts is by throwing their hypocrisy back at them. Nancy Pelosi bleats that she wishes she could take care of these children in her own home; take her up on that, and fill it with a bunch of lousy (I use the word in its literal meaning) scabid drug-gang members. And do the same with Bill Gates, George Soros, Harry Reid, etc. Let their homes, their friends, their families, and their neighborhoods face these problems instead of inflicting them on the rest of us. And when they refuse to take them in, demand to know why the rest of us should have to.

  3. “Once that problem is addressed Heaven only knows what we need to do next, and only Heaven can help us.” Amen — our national confusion about what is private and personal and what is public and governmental is half our problem today. Thanks for a great piece.

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