Ishmael, I

by Glenn Fairman   2012

Flung from the hinge of Master’s thigh
Ignoble born, Ishmael, I
Of Father’s eye and Mother’s hue
My tale, I now recite to you

And in that land called Canaan Dread
A woman took her Keeper’s bed
To bring the promise that was planned
The legacy of Abraham

And how he loved me as his Son
For I would be his only one
Whose seed would be as star filled night
A blessing ever bathed in light

But blessings were not meant to be
A rightful heir supplanted me
And we were sent away to die
In desert haunts far from their eye

I loved the Man who held my hand
Who exiled me to a barren land
His love I cannot call my own
Rejected for a crime unknown

One day I will be multitude
With enmity of attitude
Our houses will forever vie
For the blessing that had gone awry

When Men presume the Mind of God
through machinations rash and flawed
they reap the bounty of the curse
of faithlessness, of schemes perverse

A waterless and hellish sand
Will be the place I make my stand
And I will not curse the arid sky
I will abide, Ishmael, I.
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5 Responses to Ishmael, I

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I might have mistaken that for Kipling.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Yes, the Arabs are thought to be the descendants of Ishmael, so that the enmity between them and the Jews has a long pedigree.

  3. Glenn Fairman says:

    Any resemblance between my writing and Rudyard’s……oh hell……what a compliment! Thanks…….

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