Is This The Party You Signed Up For?

RedMenaceby Leigh Bravo8/5/15
Recently, Debbie Wassermann Shultz, the Chair of the Democratic Committee, was asked the difference between Democrats and Socialists. She was unable to answer the question; not once, but twice. Why? Could it be that there is no difference? I can remember a time when any Democrat would have been insulted to be called a socialist. Now there seems to be pride associated with the label. Thousands of Democrats have turned out to support Bernie Sanders for President even though he is a self-professed socialist.

What is a socialism and why has the Democratic party aligned itself with this destructive form of government? Webster’s definition is as follows:


noun so·cial·ism \ˈsō-shə-ˌli-zəm\: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies. Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. a system of society or group living in which there is no private property

Are Democrats really lobbying for the government to take complete control of all businesses and private property? Are private citizens really considering supporting a candidate that supports socialism for the United States?

As history has proven to us again and again, government is not capable of running a profit-making entity nor successfully choosing those businesses that will succeed. They have tried and continue to try, but have proven over and over to be unsuccessful. The Obama administration gave millions of taxpayer dollars to green companies, though loans and stimulus monies they thought could succeed. As of 2014, 32 have gone bankrupt and taxpayers have lost over $3 billion to the bad choices by government. How can we ever forget the Obamacare website which, alone, has cost taxpayers over $2 billion. A lack of government awareness and acumen has also resulted in the hacking of personal records of millions of Americans, with no end in site, yet they want to take control of all American’s healthcare information and force us into a one payer healthcare system. The embarrassing failures of the Veterans Administration, the IRS, and other government agencies that have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars continue to fail and still refuse to fire or reprimand those who approved, caused or encouraged the failures. Add insult to injury, the Obama administration, without any real business success or experience has already imposed over 21,000 regulations on small business, with more promised to come in 2015. The majority of which were imposed without the consent or notification to Congress.

Some say Democrats only want the government to care for and give a voice to women, children, the elderly, and those who are incapable of taking care of themselves. But is that who they are truly supporting today?

Let’s look at caring for those without a voice, those who are definitely our most vulnerable citizens of the United States. Babies. Democrats are now supporting the right of mothers to abort their babies up to and including nine months of gestation. They claim that life does not begin at conception and in fact does not count until the baby is actually born. However, in a recent interview with Steven Crowder, a political commentator, Abby Johnson, an ex-Planned Parenthood Director explained why she left her job and changed her opinion on abortion. She claims that one day, a new doctor wanted to use an ultrasound machine to assist him with the abortion, and asked her to assist him,

“My job with to hold the ultrasound probe on the woman’s abdomen so he could see what was going on during the abortion, and I watched a 13 week old baby fight and struggle for his life during that abortion procedure, and I knew then that I had been lied to. I knew that because of that, I had, in turn, lied to thousands of women who had come through my facility.”

We have seen multiple videos showing Planed Parenthood discussing the dismemberment and sale of aborted baby organs and body parts for profit. Is this really giving a voice to our most vulnerable citizens? Democrats support a woman’s right to have an abortion though nine months of pregnancy but since when does the law allow anyone to take the life of another human being in order to accommodate their own lifestyle or to simply stamp out what they consider an inconvenience? Even in the light of the atrocities of Planned Parenthood dismembering and selling baby parts for profit, Democrats still refuse to stop taxpayer dollars from flowing freely to an organization steeped in illegal behavior. The Department of Justice refuses to investigate their behavior but instead have decided to investigate the company shining the light on their despicable behavior. When a vote to defund Planned Parenthood was raised in the Senate, every Democrat, except two, voted to continue forced taxpayer funding of this despicable, illegal behavior, claiming it takes healthcare away from women. However, the funding of women’s healthcare still flows freely to every other organizations offering free, and legal healthcare to women who need it. Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren accuse Republicans of losing their moral compass and their sanity for objecting to this horrific behavior. Who are these people and do they really represent the new Democratic party and their new vision the United States?

What about a voice for our Veterans? These men and women have fought, sacrificed their families and their lives to give all Americans the freedoms we enjoy. Yet the government seems incapable or unwilling to do what is necessary to fix the VA which has abused their power and wasted taxpayer money by refusing to offer the services our Veterans have earned and the lack of said services which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our wounded veterans. Obama and Democrats have fostered an environment within the United States that encourages disrespect and abuse of our veterans.

So who is this new Democratic party truly fighting to support?

They trust and support Iran on its quest for Nuclear weapons while refusing to trust our own military with carrying weapons on base. even stooping so low as to charge an officer for firing his weapon while trying to disarm a terrorist in Chattanooga.

They trust and support illegal immigrants, even to the detriment of those who have jumped through all our hoops to become legal citizens. We all know there are good and law-abiding immigrants who have come into the country illegally simply looking for a better life. But how are we to determine who is coming into the country for a better life or who is here to escape prosecution for crimes within their own country, or to sell drugs within the United States or to do us purposeful harm? We can’t. Our borders are porous and our government, under Republican and Democratic rule, have refused to secure our sovereignty. However, under the Obama administration and Democrats, our immigration laws currently on the books are not enforced, and they have threatened those who follow the rule of law with law suits and the withdrawal of federal funds. They support sanctuary cities that protect criminal illegals who have killed innocent Americans, and continue to offer up driver’s licenses, homes, education, healthcare and now the vote to illegals all while forcing “we the people” to pickup the tab. Now, a California city is even appointing illegals as city commissioners. Where has the common sense gone.

Democrats and the Obama administration have refused to call out ISIS as Islamic terrorism while persecuting Christians within the United States. The government has allowed other countries to make their fortunes trading within our borders, while refusing to reciprocate. We have had our economy destroyed, our sovereignty ignored, our jobs killed, our hard-earned dollars stolen and spent against our will, and our freedoms taken. We are required to follow the rule of law all while the political elite refuse to tell the truth, spin the facts to confuse the masses, and under the auspices of security force us to forego our privacy and then force us to pick up the tab.

Is this really the future you want for the United States? Is this truly the Democratic party you signed up for?

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5 Responses to Is This The Party You Signed Up For?

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    It’s a good question for any Democrat who’s willing to look at what the party has become (though, sadly, many are quite happy about it). They’re the party of the ruling class (note that Bernie Sanders insisted that VA reform protect the interests of bureaucrats as its top priority, not the veterans it exists to serve). As for the proles, there the liberals rank everyone on the basis of how much of an underdog they are — hence criminals and illegal aliens rank above legal residents.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    That definition of socialism is the technocratic one. It says *how* socialism is carried out, but not why.

    So who is this new Democratic party truly fighting to support?

    This gets to the dirty little secret of *why*. And it is still not easy to understand. We should first understand that The New Man is what the Left is trying to construct. And their means of constructing it is by changing and controlling all the major institutions of society, both governmental and non-government (but the private sphere necessarily shrinks with this method until most things are government or controlled substantially by the government).

    The New Man:

    + Is atheistic (euphemistically called “secular”)

    + Is dependent upon the government

    + Believes in material equality rather than merit or liberty

    + Has a Utopian mindset whereby expectations of life are radical and the idea of needing to make trade-offs is dismissed as mere pessimism.

    + Desires to mooch off of others because he considers himself a deserving victim.

    + Learns to hate achievement and dismiss it as either due to unfair advantages or exploitation.

    + Does not believe he is in charge of his own life…or should be.

    + Gains his morals and sense of self from the state.

    + Lies to himself about his motives and those of others as easily as most people breath.

    + Believes in whatever villains the state declares are the enemy of the day.

    + Has no moral center other than constant distraction and entertainment.

    Now for the *whys* of it all (which relates to the upper tier, to those who actually implement socialism):

    + Power

    + Control

    + Revenge

    + All the above is filtered through the belief that one is actually working toward the betterment of society. This belief is so strong that anything and anyone is expandable in the cause.

    Overall, nothing about socialism appeals to man’s better nature, thus it is always destructive.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Basically, the ideal liberal is either Symes or Parsons from 1984. Both came to bad ends — Symes an unperson, Parsons visiting Room 101. As they say, revolutions eat their young. Many liberals complaining about PC today are learning that bitter lesson.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Revolutions do indeed eat their young.

        Another way to view socialism is as a secular religion. Every culture needs a sense of itself, why it exists, what it’s for, etc. In the socialist model, the state gives that meaning. It’s not a transcendent meaning, for socialism is inherently atheistic, for one of the first things that has to be put down is religion. Even better if you can subvert it from within as they are doing now. My God, just look at this fraudulent pope, for example.

        The state might not offer you eternal life, but your life can contribute to the eternal state (that is their hope, whether a thousand year Reich or whatever) which will go on existing after you have gone. And although the secular Left and Randian right tend to see religion as the porthole of regression (for various and different reasons), nothing but doom has befallen a people who have made an idol of the state.

        Today’s secular crowd (and much of the religious crowd as well) has made an idol of nature. You can kill unborn babies (humans are considered a despoiler of pristine nature) but not lions. You might have wondered in the past why you saw so many people wearing small crosses as jewelry. Was it a gimmick? A fashion statement? A profession of belief? But you need have little doubt about the fashions of pagan man: tattoos.

        This is one of the advantages the Democrat Party has. We can live without Republicans. In fact, most of us would prefer to. Most of us do not get our sense of selves from a party, from the state, or from crying over lions. But the Left does. The Party is one of the arms of their religion. Abortion, as Rush notes, very much becomes like a Sacrament. And for others, crying over lions is their way to show solidarity with their nature-god.

        So if you attack Ted Cruz, I may disagree with your characterization, or with the policies you differ with. Or I might agree. But it’s unlikely (as in the case of Lincoln) that you’ll send me home crying. I’ll defend what I think is the truth, but Lincoln is not my religion (or anti-religion). The same can’t be said of the Left.

        Granted, there are various degrees of the looniness in the general population. But overall, you see this looniness seeping in to the common and everyday level. New Man is being created before our eyes and he is a dumb-ass.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s a good quote from Steyn:

    As Neil Cavuto and I also discussed the other day, when Rand Paul says “Washington is broken”, he’s mouthing the hollow slogans of the brain-dead. For liberals, Washington isn’t broken: it’s always pushing, pushing, pushing on to the next front, to deliver the world Democrats want to live in. Whereas in a Congress “controlled” by Tweedlejohn and Tweedlemitch, all Republicans do is explain why nothing conservatives want can even be attempted.

    So the answer is, “Yes, that’s the party they’ve signed up for.”

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