Is Ryan Right for the Speakership?

by Jon N. Hall10/25/15

Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) appears poised to become the next speaker of the U.S. House; an election is expected this coming week. I’ve always liked Paul Ryan and dutifully voted for him in 2012, but I’ve been reading some disquieting articles about him lately.

On Oct. 21, Human Events ran “Save Us From Paul Ryan And The Kemp Boys” by Ann Coulter. Miss Ann is merciless in her analysis of Mr. Ryan:

Ryan, for example, is a huge supporter of driving down Hispanic wages by endlessly dumping low-wage workers on the country. Empowerment!

Two years ago, Ryan bragged to a Catholic radio station: “I actually campaigned with Jack Kemp against a thing called Prop 187.”

That “thing” was an overwhelmingly popular initiative to prevent illegal aliens from collecting government benefits. It gave Republicans their biggest victory in California in the last 30 years, was supported by a majority of blacks, a majority of whites, a majority of Asians and 31 percent of Hispanics.

Two years later, the Dole-Kemp ticket got only 21 percent of the Hispanic vote. That’s worse than Romney! (These empowerment types really have their finger on the pulse of ethnic America!)

Under Coulter’s harsh light, Ryan comes off as Democrat Lite.

On Oct. 23, National Review ran “Paul Ryan’s Selection as Speaker Represents All That’s Wrong with the GOP” by Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies (website):

Ryan doesn’t just hold these views in the abstract; he’s the most active and committed supporter of amnesty and increased immigration who is anywhere near leadership. As a recent Frontline documentary showed, Ryan was instrumental in almost getting an amnesty/immigration-surge bill passed last year. In fact, I didn’t appreciate how close Ryan came to passing a version of the Schumer-Rubio Gang of Eight bill through the House in 2014.

One of the reasons Donald Trump’s candidacy has caught fire is because of his position on immigration. The two articles above show Ryan as being out of step with the country on this issue. (Republican supporters of progressive causes might soon learn that “primary” can be a verb.)

After Reagan, the most important elective Republican in more than a century is former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Newt presided over the most responsible and successful Congress in ages. If House Republicans want to be successful again, they should seriously consider asking Mr. Gingrich to lead them again as the next Speaker of the House.

Do you hear me, Freedom Caucus?

Jon N. Hall is a programmer/analyst from Kansas City.

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5 Responses to Is Ryan Right for the Speakership?

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Although there is no requirement that the Speaker actually be a member of the House, I doubt they’d go that route. As for Ryan’s primary flaw — his devotion to immigration à l’outrance — the problem is that too many other Republicans share his position. Some do so for fear of being attacked as racist, some because the cheap-labor donors want it, and some because they genuinely favor it. Even many of the Freedom Caucus support it, which is one reason Ryan got the support of most of them. Reports are that he won’t bring the subject up while Barry Screwtape Obama is president, and that may be the best we can hope for from the Stupid Party.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Ryan is a perfect speaker for surrendering to the Left and all the usual “unity” stuff (except where conservatives are concerned). Never forget that these guys are politicians. It is Kabuki theatre. Ryan probably is a decent family man. But when he steps into the arena of politics, he puts on the equivalent of an Establishment clown suit. This isn’t George Washington. This isn’t a man ready to actually fix what is broken. The Republican establishment isn’t for fixing what is broken. In that sense, I can barely hide my contempt for the political Ryan.


    Ryan is a terrible choice for Speaker for all the reasons Jon listed and a few more I’ll get to in a moment. I really hate to see Conservative Republicans trip over their feet (again) when, after first fumbling a great opportunity to get rid of John Boehner, who surrendered to Barry Hussein more times than Monica Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton (see Disorder in the House), they finally forced him out. (And don’t believe the “Party” line that Boehner “stepped down voluntarily”. Sure he did – by coincidence, right after House Conservatives started putting extreme pressure on him and threatened a motion to Vacate the Chair.) Unfortunately, it seems not much has changed, and the Freedom Caucus didn’t seem to have any plan for elevating one of their own to the Speakership.

    Ryan is pure Establishment, one of those accountant-type “wonks” who wants to find ways of bringing in the same old welfare state on the cheap – “dime-store Democrats” as I believe Barry Goldwater used to call them (I prefer “Discount Democrats,” a term which I might actually have made up). Ryan, we must remember, entered into a secret back-room deal with Democrat Pattie Murray to scuttle the sequester, the only halfway decent policy that Barry Hussein ever offered (even then he meant it as a threat he never thought would be enacted!). He had a “plan” to “balance the budget” after 30 years(!) which he later supplanted with another plan that would only take 10 years, but would leave in place Obamacare’s tax increases and Medicare cuts – bold thinking there, Paul! (Forbes’s Avik Roy has the details although they are somewhat boring).

    But let’s go outside of Ryan’s comfort zone – the budget – and look at some other issues of importance to Conservatives:

    1. Abortion – Ryan has been a staunch opponent throughout his Congressional career. I include this fact here not because it indicts him, but because it bears repeating that you can’t identify someone as Conservative simply by this one issue. True, the pro-abortion people are never Conservatives, but some progressive Republicans, in fact quite a few of them, are anti-abortion. Like Ryan, however, they are still more like a dissident faction of the Democratic Party than an actual opposition as they believe in a vast welfare and regulatory state – just one under their control.

    2. Gun Control – no one who believes in restricting Americans’ freedom to keep and bear arms can be a true Conservative. Gun Owners of America has the goods on Ryan: he’s supported the mechanism by which many Americans are denied their gun rights – veterans and people who have visited a psychiatrist, for instance; and agrees with the far Left that we need to close “loopholes” in the current failed system of background checks, one of the greatest wastes of time and effort imaginable.

    Paul Ryan is going to be our next Speaker, but he’s the wrong man for the job. Conservative Republicans have got to get organized, and if the GOP keeps the House in 2016, they need to get a new, Conservative Speaker.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I really hate to see Conservative Republicans trip over their feet (again) when, after first fumbling a great opportunity to get rid of John Boehner, who surrendered to Barry Hussein more times than Monica Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton

      As Woody said, “That wasn’t flying; it was falling with style.”

      What Ryan does is put a nice face on the statism of the Establishment Republicans.

  4. Timothy Lane says:

    Timothy Carney has an interesting piece at the Washington Examiner in which he notes that Ryan has been a recent opponent of corporate welfare and the Export-Import Bank, and wonders what will happen given the recent discharge petition (by a corrupted Tennessee Republican who started out as a Tea Partier). The link is:

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