Interrogations: The Nazi Elite in Allied Hands, 1945

Suggested by Kung Fu Zu • Acclaimed historian Richard Overy opens a new window into the Third Reich, providing an intimate glimpse of the savage dictatorship in its death throes. More than thirty transcripts of the interrogations are reproduced here for the first time.
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3 Responses to Interrogations: The Nazi Elite in Allied Hands, 1945

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Thanks for what sounds like a worthy addition to the bookshelf. I have a few of my own I need to put up here sometime.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      One reason I thought the book worthwhile was because it gives a clear description of the way the Allies had to invent international law in order to try the Nazi leaders. There had been nothing like the Nuremberg trials in history. Generally speaking those who lost such wars were simply exiled or given a bullet.

      The other reason why I liked the book was that it gives the actual transcripts of interrogations and written comments of many of the Nazis being held. As is the case in most situations, I prefer to read what people actually said rather that read what someone else claims they said.

      An interesting case in point is Robert Ley who was the Nazi Minister of Housing. Everything one reads about the man says he was disgusting, insane, unstable and disliked by the Nazi elites as well as the Allies who held him. But when you read his writings and transcripts of his questioning by the Allies, the man does not come across as nutty.

      In the end, he was one of two Nazi leaders who cheated the hangman as he committed suicide while in prison awaiting trial. Goering was the other who committed suicide.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    There was a rather farcical effort at war-crimes trials after the Great War, which at least provided a precedent of sorts. Some of this was also covered in Bradley Smith’s The Road to Nuremberg.

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